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The sex drive and sexual safety during adolescence

Teenagers who bravely express themselves have a strong desire for closeness and desperate sexual drive that can be aroused at any time. This kind of uncontrollable behavior makes impulsivity irrational. The impulsivity of sex is reflected in its fast emotional ignition, a strong explosive force combined with a lack of self-control.

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Knowledge of Sexual Law

A healthy society should recognize, promote, respect and protect everyone's sexual rights through various means. AV actresses naturally have their own rights to sexual freedom, sexual autonomy, sexual integrity and physical security rights, sexual private rights, sexual fairness rights, sexual pleasure rights, sexual expression rights, and right...

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Types and characteristics of buttocks

The buttocks are even and smooth.This kind of women’s sexuality is docile and kind. Their sexual experience is worthy of appreciationand sexual passion is slow and not easy to ignite, but it can last for a long time. Their sexual movements are casual, and they can accommodate any position of the partner. They are conservative in sexual life, not active, but they are single-minded in love and suitable for clerical work. --Joanna

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Spanking during Sexual Intercourse

Generally, when people have an orgasm from sexual intercourse, they will involuntarily express the state of "outbreak" and "unbearable". When enjoying the pleasure of sex, there will be a lot of disobedient actions, such as shouting, yelling, and unconscious "grasping", "biting" and "pinching"; the "emotional biting" belongs to these. These actions are the subconscious responses of individuals to extreme pleasure.

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Everything you need to know about titty sex

The male penis does not contact with the vagina but rubs back and forth in the cleavage formed by the gathered double breasts, contacting with the breasts to gather pleasure until it reaches orgasm, which is different from the process of contacting with the vagina but has the same effect. 

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All you want to know about men's penis

There is no unified standard for penis length. The average penis length of the baby boy is 2.5 cm, and the average incremental length is 0.2 cm per year after that. The average length in static state is 6-8 cm and 13-21 cm after erection for adult. 

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