How To Spice Up Sex Life? 8 Ways You Should Try


Sex is amazing and vital for building intimacy in your relationship. Healthy sex life will not only heighten your connection but will also improve your overall well-being. However, maintaining your sex life in a long-term relationship can be quite challenging. You will easily fall into routines that make you forget how to spice up your sex life.

Sex is good for your whole body, and the feeling of satisfying sex does wonders for your mind. But how do you keep up the consistent steamy sex when your relationship has been going on for months, even when you have sex? It would be best to find new spots without forgetting the old ones, which can be quite draining.

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. This article contains all the ways to spice up your sex life in the bedroom. Read on and see as your sex life undergoes a complete renewal.

How to Spice Up Things in the Bedroom?

Shake It Up and Try Something New

The longer you stay with a partner, the easier it is to fall into fixed routines and patterns. You need to shake things up and try something new with your partner. You can easily spice things up in the bedroom by up some routines or even simple things like wearing a new type of underwear.

Women are even more attentive to patterns, and a change from the perceived pattern can easily ramp up their heat. Move to her when she least expects and introduce new patterns. For example, use a blindfold to build anticipation while touching different parts of her sensual organs. You can also use sex toys like Tantaly sex torso to spice things up and multiply the fun.

Additionally, flirting with your partner helps to reawaken the emotions. Flirting does not have to be done vocally; besides dirty talking and punchlines, other actions will help. You can get her random gifts. Some general options are surprise flowers, date nights, dress gowns, lingerie, and scented baths.

Go Wild

Boring sex is bad sex. Sex is meant to be reinvigorating and fun instead of being done as just another task to tick off your to-do list. You should spice up your bedroom life by taking things to another height. Change your sex positions, use sex toys, play dress-up or cosplaying, or even give BDSM a chance.

You can reflect on your earlier days together and reenact some of your most memorable sex. Your partner might need you to grab her roughly and kiss her with a hunger for her primal sexual desires to kick in. This will erase the established routine, and things can easily escalate from there. Before doing this, list all the wild sex ideas you think your partner would like and seek their approval.

Lube It Up

Your penetrative sex might not be as fulfilling as you would prefer because you have not tried lubricants. Sex lubricants will make not only make penetration easier but will also increase sensitivity. You can use CBD-based oils to achieve a “high” with your sex, even before the climax. You will feel every sensation deeply because your sensations are now fully activated.

Your partner will certainly have reduced pleasure from dry sex, and sex lubes eliminate this issue. However, it is not an alternate solution. Natural lubricant is, after all, the best for penetrative sex.

Mark Sex Dates

As said earlier, anticipation works like magic in spicing up bedroom sex life. Although many think it is unnecessary and takes away the fun, scheduled sex is amazing. An unmarried couple fixing sex dates builds up the excitement and gives the partners a heads up to prepare as necessary. You can shave, clean up, detoxify, and even get your special sex enhancements ready.

Marking sex dates is even better for married couples who need to make their bedroom plays interesting. You can start the foreplay with subtle actions earlier during the days fixed for sex and even take a break from work to keep your energy fresh. It is advisable to avoid picking consecutive dates, as that can easily burn you out.

Create Sex Fantasies Together

Instead of watching porn and other activities to spice up your sex life, making use of imagination goes a long way, even better as it helps to create and reinforce your erotic mind as well as your partner's.

This method of spicing things up in your bedroom is very effective because, as it is said and known, the most powerful and proactive sex organ in the body is one's mind. The mind and imagination you have set up make you even more ready for sexual activities.

Fantasizing in and of itself does not mean it is happening in real life or sense, but who says you can not think it and have it? The effect of every sex fantasy that you create with your sexual partner shows up in your actual sex life.

Society often makes it look like there is a certain way or position which aids sex. While this is true, you will agree with me that when you fantasize, what turns you on and sets you in the mood might be the opposite of what you think you would have.

Experience the Shared Fantasies Together

Spicing up your sex life does not just stop at the imagination level; there is a need to go all in with the magic you and your sex partner have created in your minds. While creating the fantasies, you must have learned what turns you on, where you will love to be touched, when you love to have sex, the style, and other things that you once didn't know.

You must be able to share them with your partner and, in turn, experience what they share with you and what you share with them. Each one of you fulfilling the interest of the other. That is real sex. Sex is not just about repetitive penetration, ejaculation, and what people often think. Many other elements work together to set and build the sexual tempo to climax.

There is a need for a personal survey as this helps you to know what sex is to you and your sexual partner. Don't try to move on or get content with what the world says. Everyone is different, and our bodies respond to touch differently.

Take It Out of the Bedroom

It is a major misconception that sex is only meant for the bedroom. Sex is more exciting in random places. You and your partner can frequently take that game out of the bedroom and explore spots like the couch, kitchen, and especially in the bathroom.

Bathroom sex gives you the added advantage of water splashing over your bodies which stimulates your bodies. The water immediately washes away sweat, aids lubrication, and offers easy penetration. Sex outside the bedroom does not have to be penetrative; you can have a quick oral on a lonely highway or have fun with a Tantaly sex doll torso while watching a sex movie together.

Also, you can book a vacation and explore your fantasies at different locations. The sandy beach at night with waves lapping your backs while you gaze at the stars, the hotel room and tub, or even the private swimming pool.

Sexting and Post-Its

Sexting is directly texting sexually. All the sexual fantasies are described in vivid detail. This takes a unique touch of imagery and deliberateness, and it is even more personal when you know your partner’s body so well that you can talk about it while sexting.

Sexting is beyond sending nude pictures and videos; you must be capable of arousing your partner’s interest for the actual sex time. This is a good way to spice up your sex life, especially if you are working or living far apart.

Post-its are better for physically closer couples. You can leave a random love note on the fridge door or bedroom handle before going out and watch her reaction when you get home. Alternatively, you can drop random flirty handwritten notes in her bag to steadily build up the sexual energy.


There are many ways to spice up your sex life, but they are all somewhat interconnected. To spice up the bedroom sex life, you need to work on the mood, which requires you to set new routines and explore new things. Remember that communication is still the best way to know your partner's preference for spicing up sex.

Moreover, you are already setting the mood for good sex when you ask your partner the right questions about how best they would love to be pleased. Lastly, you might ultimately need to see a certified sex therapist. Contrary to public opinion, you can see a therapist to get educated, not just when you have a severe challenge.

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