Candice: 43LB Most Realistic Pussy Sex Doll - Fair
Candice: 43LB Most Realistic Pussy Sex Doll - Fair
Candice, who is a 1: 1 scale reproduction of perfect female figure. So it is easy for you to dress her up in your desired way. Moreover, she has two big tits with nicely-made nipples which means you can definitely...
Monica: 40.7LB Best Hentai Sex Doll Torso for Breast Fun - Fair
*(Free storage bag) Monica has just got divorce and feel a little lonely. So she need some passionate comfort. You will be deeply attracted by her big soft jiggly breasts when she is exercising in the gym. Besides, her sexy...
Monroe: 67.0LB Plump BBW Sex Doll - Fair
Monroe: 67.0LB Plump BBW Sex Doll - Fair


Tantaly is committed to creating a wonderful sex world for more people. We have established a sex doll warehouse in Australia, and the warehouse has some best sellers to ensure that you receive sex dolls faster.

5-7 business days delivery: The latest Australian stock sex dolls are now available for immediate shipping!
Free shipping: Use the code AUFREESHIP to buy AU in stock sex doll and enjoy free shipping.
Discreet shipping: Utilizing Tantaly's second-generation discreet packaging to ensure 100% discreet delivery of your package.

Visit the product page you desire, select the color option, and click on "Fair / AU in stock" to immediately order an Australia in stock sex doll. Please note that the Australian warehouse currently stocks only the white color for some sex dolls, so choosing "Fair/AU in stock" indicates availability in Australia.

If the sex doll/accessory you want to buy is not available in the AU stock series, you can pay $250 for air shipping and the doll will be delivered in 7-12 business days

Alternatively, if you prefer not to pay for shipping, you can contact customer service at to inform us of the doll you desire. We will consider stocking these dolls in the next shipment to the Australian warehouse, and notify you when the desired doll is available in the warehouse for a postage-free purchase. Thank you for your understanding!

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Partial Tantaly popular sex dolls now available in Australia for immediate shipping. Say goodbye to stock shortages, long waits, high shipping, and taxes. Tantaly Australia stock sex dolls delivery estimated in 5-7 business days, free shipping, and 100% discreet. Shop your favorite dolls with confidence!
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Thanks to the builders of a better future, we are pleased to introduce the Tantaly Care Program, which offers students, teachers, military, first responders, paramedics and valued seniors 65 and older an exclusive 15% discount on all products. Thanks to your hard work, let's embrace a more comfortable lifestyle together.
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