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Guides To Sex Doll Torsos

How To Buy Clothes For Your Sex Doll Torso?

How To Buy Clothes For Your Sex Doll Torso?

Buying clothes for sex dolls can be a headache if you don't know where to start.If you are an average adult male, the reality is often that you know nothing about women's clothes....
Tantaly Sex Doll Torso Options and Functions

Tantaly Sex Doll Torso Options and Functions

A simple but clear product introduction will help you better choose our company's products.When you are browsing our website and looking for a favorite doll, you may just want your doll to look...
Things You Should Know Before Buying A Sex Doll Torso

Things You Should Know Before Buying A Sex Doll Torso

There are people who have communication issues and there are people with severe anxiety and depression which make it hard for them to find a real sexual partner. However, shouldn’t they have the chance...

Customer Reviews

Amazing part 2 featuring Britney

Man what a trio my 3 have been these last few days. It’s been amazing laying in bed after work with them. I bought 2 Britney’s and an Aurora and I don’t regret it one bit, the weight has been a great workout, the care and maintenance is a good routine, you need to care for them, and it’s worth it. Sleep has been better, dick has been wetter. If you’re curious about owning a doll (or 3) and think you’d be into it, then I can bet you’ll adore these girls.
Purchased:Aurora :55.12LB Doggy Style Fit Sex Doll

Mar 10, 2021

Arousing All On Its Own!

I have to say 100% that this is an awesome product. It's realistic enough I don't even feel like watching porn anymore, just spending time with the doll is fun all in itself and very rewarding. I will say the 30lbs or so of the Britney is perfect - weighty enough to full very good in bed, but light enough to make cleaning her very easy. I bought a wig and a lingerie set offand they fit great (34B bra and small panty. She's very arousing, and I can believe I am lusting after a toy like this ;-)
Purchased:Britney :29.76LB Huge Tit Best Male Masturbator
Randy T.

Oct 14, 2021

Sex toys have come very far.

I've had torso toys before but I've gotta say this takes the cake. For anyone looking to lose themselves in the fantasy, this can really get you there. Sitting it on a hard surface in doggystyle position will allow you to better position the legs, you can squeeze them together and place them on the hard surface and her legs will stay together in doggystyle, instead of being slightly spread. The bounce is real, you can barely touch it and it bounces back, which is pretty awesome if you want to go hands free during use.
Purchased:Rosie :34.17LB Full-Sized Durable Big Ass

Nov 24, 2021

Monroe is so sexy!!!

Monroe is incredibly realistic! I've played with her for hours so far, and haven't even entered her yet! Her breats are phenomenal! So jiggly and soft. I love how her skeleton is so movable. I didn't know the back arches and hunches, as well as twists. Very fun for exploring positions. Her thighs feel great. Nice and meaty in all the right places, but not too much. Her weight is cumbersome, but with a little shifting, she can be moved around just fun. Her weight feels so hot when she's on top of you! Just as good as the real thing.
Purchased:Monroe :68.34LB Plump Hot Sex Doll

Oct 22, 2021

What an amazing Doll

Jennifer for starters is larger than life in terms of photo to reality. I was astonished at how amazing she is and I still am amazed. Every little detail is beyond perfect in regards to her skin, the design and added weight. With that being said she can be a bit heavy sure but with practice and some added lifting and moving time with her it won't be as bad. She'll always be heavy no matter your strength and that's because it's dead weight but that's no problem as it adds to the realism of this doll. A must buy!!!!!!
Purchased:Jennifer :62.08LB BBW Realistic Sexy Sex Doll
Sabastan W.

Aug 3, 2021

Great Investment

Love Cecilia. Fleshlight user before and this purchase was well worth the money. Feels great and so many more lifelike positions available now. Surprisingly heavy, and like a very petite woman. The holes feel great. Cleaning is a hastle but not horrible and certainly worth it. Big thumbs up. Posting this recommendation because I hope it helps someone make a decision. More expensive than the cheaper toys, but its worth it in my opinion. May get a bigger size when its time to retire this one.
Purchased:Cecilia :19.84LB Realistic Cute Sex Ass

Jul 14, 2021

Featured Influencer Pictures

In order to enhance the popularity and influence of our products, we invited many celebrities to take exquisite sexy pictures for us.

“Just as the slogan says, Do Real Be Real, Tantaly offers the most realistic sex doll on the market. Its latest sex dolls called Monroe and Jennifer are just the thing for you. They both come in sexy curvy body and have bigger size, which is a perfect upgrade from small dolls. Made of elastic, body-safe TPE, they feature comfortable and realistic feeling.”

“Both men and women can improve their love life with the best sex dolls & education.With that in mind, you can consider Britney, Jennifer, Cecilia and Edward to fully meet your desired sex. Life’s too short to not have really fun sex! No need to say more. Let the products do the talking.”

“If you're standing outside the door of sex dolls and itch to try it, then, you can't miss the sex doll called Britney from Tantaly. The company’s hottest doll is perfect for beginners. It features realistic full breasts which is really soft, and the detailed pussy and realistic tunnel are really your thing.”


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