Britney: Tantaly Torso Sex doll for Man with Huge Tit & Best Male Masturbator (29.67LB)
A real sex experience, discreet storage and easy cleaning have always been a strong demand from customers. Thanks to our customers for providing us with many valuable advices on the product, we created Britney together which has soft breasts and...
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Scarlett: 15.14LB Big Boobs Mini Sex Doll for Male Maturbation
Double Pleasure With Two Holes Both holes will amaze you with the numerous buds and ribs, with sections of different stimulation following one another. All the natural particularities are preserved: you’ll find Scarlett’s ass much harder to stretch than her...
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Candice: 43LB Life Sized Realistic Torso Sex Doll
Sex doll suitable for couples Your sex life will get better with the sweet Candice. You can go as far as you like and come up with something you’ve never tried before with your loved one. If you don’t know...
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Aurora: 53LB Full Size Torso Sex Doll With Big Boobs
  Realistic anal and vaginal tunnels The torso sex doll Aurora has a double tunnel design with a super stretchy vagina and a tight anus for you to thrust your hard cock inside her and feel the most extraordinary sensations....
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Rosie: 34.17LB Big Ass Realistic Sex doll Torso For Men
Taste and Play her  Sometimes, you want to first drive her on and make her wet with your playful tongue. For this, she has pretty things waiting for you to lick them.   You can cover her with some lace underwear,...
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Cecilia: Intense Stimulation Portable Lifelike Torso Sex Doll (19.84LB)
Beaded vagina The soft vaginal wall of Cecilia is inlaid with 6 elastic large beads covered with lines that strongly squeeze the penis. It is super-elastic. Every twitch will show you how good the 6 beads massage your hard member...
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Louise: 24.25LB Doggy Style Life Size Realistic Sex Doll
Louise is happy to help you make any of your hottest fantasies real. We offer not just another sex toy but a complete sex-simulator to make your orgasms way more colorful. All you need to do is let Louise behind...
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Eva: 55LB BBW Mature Plump Sexy Sex doll With Real Big Butt
About Eva Real BBW body design, this is a big butt of a mature plump sexy woman, soft and flexible. Your grasp, slap and spank give the pleasure of truly controlling your lady when sex. A gorgeous pick The super stimulating tunnel design allows your penis to...
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Loved By Our Customers


I have bought smaller dolls in the past so I wanted something a little bigger, and this one looked to be a good size up. When I opened the box and lifted it out I was blown away by how big this thing really is. Don't get me wrong, the specs are correct but it's just much bigger than you'd expect. The weight and thickness of it is intense and the body proportions are fantastic. I knew the breasts would be like like and they don't disappoint at all. The ass on the other hand I wasn't expecting to be this amazing. Doggystyle with this toy, with its weight and thickness, I'm not sure there's a toy that offers a better feeling. Well done by Tantaly on this product.
Purchased:Britney: Tantaly Torso Sex doll for Man with Huge Tit & Best Male Masturbator (29.67LB)
Brad .


Amazing. Very happy. Buy her!

She is better than I hoped. She feels as good as the real thing. Her legs give it a real feel. I love touching her tits during my frequent sessions especially with the bra I bought her She looks so sexy I get aroused just thinking about it. She feels so real she makes me cum so hard. Just heed the warnings and don’t leave dark clothing on her. It will stain. And she is HEAVY. But that is what makes it feel so real. I can’t say I have anything negative to say. I’m super impressed. Best money spent in a long time. Buy the doll care kit as well and a lot of lube. Do it now!
Purchased: Home All Products 12 reviews Aurora: 53LB Full Size Torso Sex Doll With Big Boobs Previous product Next product Aurora: 53LB Full Size Torso Sex Doll With Big Boobs


Rosie Review

After receiving a Halloween promo code, I decided to get Rosie. I love a woman with a big ass, so she was what I wanted. Even though the weight was significant (about the same as the full torso I nearly bought), she was much smaller, which helps with storage. Upon my first time with her, I knew I made a good purchase. The feel is great, both inside and out. The two holes give you multiple options, and the weight is honestly perfect for me. She’s good in many different positions. She. Feels. Amazing!!! My schedule is pretty busy, I find myself constantly thinking about the next time I can have some fun with her.
Purchased:Rosie: 34.17LB BBW Big Ass Realistic Sex doll Torso For Men


It's time for my fleshlight to retire

She is my first sex doll, so much better than a fleshlight. First of all, she was in great shape, and indeed, as they say, a life-size doll. Her pussy(or lady part) is also very beautiful. Who doesn’t like fucking such a pretty pussy while squeeze big boobs? She is a little heavy, but it is not a big deal . I think any man can pick her up easily. No need to say more. Let the pics do the talking
Purchased:Candice: 43LB E Cup Life Sized Torso Sex Doll
Anonymous p.



It was AWESOME for both of us!!! We’ve been married 31 years and this has been some of the best sex we’ve had in all these years!!! The size of the penis is perfect and feels so realistic! WOW!!! I like to have this one in the front and hubby in the back, and OMG!!! I thoroughly enjoy the ride!!!! These dolls have added SO much fun to our personal lives & we are both VERY happy with both purchases!! We highly recommend these dolls! They are realistic feeling . Don’t give it any second thoughts...get one for yourself & enjoy!!!
Purchased:Edward: 18.74 LB Half Body Male Torso Love Doll with Huge Dildo


Next time, a bigger one!

This is my first sex doll, I am so excited!!! I found her vagina was really amazing. It's so comfortable. She had some magical balls keep squeezing my Dick. The moment I got inside her, my waist went numb.. I have an ass fetish, and this ass meets all my fantasies and needs. So soft and elastic that no matter how hard I spank her, she won't warp or fall. Such a wonderful ass, I am so lucky to have her!!!! I think I'll fuck her again tonight.. And I'll buy a bigger ass to play threesome with her Thank you tantaly for makeing such a wonderful ass!!!!
Purchased:Cecilia: Increase Sexual Stamina Intense Stimulation Torso Sex Doll (19.84LB)
Ass l.

06/21/2020Ass l.



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