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Britney: Tantaly Torso Sex doll for Man with Huge Tit & Best Male Masturbator (29.67LB)
Thanks to our customers for providing us with many valuable advice on the product, we created Britney together which has soft 32B cup breasts and sexy hips, weighing only 29.67 pounds. This lets our customers perfectly experience the true feeling...
Monroe: Tantaly Full Breast Sex doll Exquisite Body for Man with Realistic Tunnel (68.34LB)
Monroe was a sexy mature woman.Her full figure instantly puts you into a fantasy world.She's also by far the biggest sex doll on our website, so if you're looking for a real big doll, Monroe is the one for you.In...
Jennifer: Tantaly Plump Mature Sex Doll with Huge Breast& Sexy Booty(62.08LB)
Jennifer is our second largest sex doll.She is a collection of qualities.Her sexy breasts, for example, are specially crafted to feel soft and real and will give you the ultimate breast pleasure.In addition, her big butt will allow you to...
Scarlett: 15.14LB Big Boobs Mini Sex Doll for Male Maturbation
Scarlett is a young girl who has a juicy and cute butt. While Scarlett can’t be called a flat-chested girl. She is proud of having two bouncy boobs. So you will quickly enjoy her provocatively tensed nipples and perky boobs....
Candice: 43LB Life Sized Realistic Torso Sex Doll - Fair
Candice, who is a 1: 1 scale reproduction of perfect female figure. So it is easy for you to dress her up in your desired way. Moreover, she has two big tits with nicely-made nipples which means you can definitely...
Aurora: Full Size Doggy Style Torso Sex Doll With Big Boobs(53LB ) - Fair
Our first life-size doll, Aurora, has a perfect female figure and remarkable body curves. Coupled with the high quality metal skeleton design, she can be adapted to any position you crave for. After you dress her up in the clothes...
$629.99 $565.99
Rosie: 34.17LB Big Ass Realistic Sex doll Torso For Men
Rosie from Tantaly is an athletic woman about 5'4" tall with a big sexy butt. Her slender waist makes the big butt have a stronger visual impact. The prominent pores, goosebumps and skin structures are so realistic that it's hard...
Cecilia: Doggy Style Intense Stimulation Torso Sex Doll (19.84LB)
Cecilia, who is a young girl, has a cute and small butt weighing 19.84LB. Therefore you can have doggy sex with her more easily. Her tiny body and unmatched tight tunnel are perfect for your need of real sex, and...

Loved By Our Customers


Perfect curves but very heavy

The Britney Torso is perfect for men looking for extra meat in the right places. That does however come at a price. It can be heavy and hard to position until you find the right position.It came in 7 days as scheduled and I'd recommend buying the the whole Washing kit and the Drying Sticks. It can get dirty and covered. Despite the maneuvering and weight it's very much worth every penny.
Purchased:Britney: Tantaly Torso Sex doll



Apr 8, 2021


Perfection in a box

Its hard to desribe Rosie. Only because there's so much to say. The touch is real enough to be satisfying but of course it still feels like TPE aka rubber plastic. I literally had her in bed with me shike watching TV and just randomly smacking her to watch the jiggle. Her weight is a bit of a hassle when it's cleaning time but it's absolutely worth it when it's fun time. She bounces back in so many positions.
Purchased:Rosie: 34.17LB Big Ass Realistic



Feb 25, 2021


Better than what I expected

The doll is so lifelike. Just like others’ reviews, she is soft, and jiggly in all the right places. Baby powder makes her feel like a woman, just out of the shower, soft and in bed ready for you. Having her back against your chest while holding her hip with one hand, and rubbing her body, with the other, from her thigh to her breasts, is the best feeling. Spanking any part of her, will cause her to jiggle so lifelike.
Purchased:Aurora: Full Size Doggy Style



Jan 26, 2021


Britney is da bomb!

As others have said the quality of Britney is excellent. The feel of her breasts is amazing. Very soft, bouncy, and suckable. And that butt begs to be spanked. The entire doll is a masterpiece. I started slow with mammary sex just straddling her on my knees, and then I entered her vagina missionary style.If you’ve been just masturbating or using a handheld toy, Britney is next level. The experience is just fantastic. Cleanup was easier than expected.
Purchased:Britney: Tantaly Torso Sex doll 



Mar 20, 2021

It's time for my fleshlight to retire

She is my first sex doll, so much better than a fleshlight. First of all, she was in great shape, and indeed, as they say, a life-size doll. Her pussy(or lady part) is also very beautiful. Who doesn’t like fucking such a pretty pussy while squeeze big boobs? She is a little heavy, but it is not a big deal . I think any man can pick her up easily. No need to say more. Let the pics do the talking
Purchased:Candice: 43LB E Cup Life Sized Torso Sex Doll
Anonymous p.


Next time, a bigger one!

This is my first sex doll, I am so excited!!! I found her vagina was really amazing. It's so comfortable. She had some magical balls keep squeezing my Dick. The moment I got inside her, my waist went numb.. I have an ass fetish, and this ass meets all my fantasies and needs. So soft and elastic that no matter how hard I spank her, she won't warp or fall. Such a wonderful ass, I am so lucky to have her!!!!
Purchased:Cecilia: Increase Sexual Stamina Intense Stimulation Torso Sex Doll (19.84LB)
Ass l.

12/21/2020Ass l.


It was AWESOME for both of us!!! We’ve been married 31 years and this has been some of the best sex we’ve had in all these years!!! The size of the penis is perfect and feels so realistic! WOW!!! I like to have this one in the front and hubby in the back, and OMG!!! I thoroughly enjoy the ride!!!! We highly recommend this doll! It’s realistic feeling . Don’t give it any second thoughts...get one for yourself & enjoy!!!
Purchased:Edward: 18.74 LB Half Body Male Torso Love Doll with Huge Dildo




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