Dita: 9.25LB Big Boobs C Cup Dual Tunnels Male Sex Toy (Pre-sale, ship on Dec 30
Dita the star stripper Your first visit to a local striptease bar was a success. The bar itself was awful, and drinks were even worse, but girls… Girls lured with their smooth moves around a pole. Someone announced that the...
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Brooke: 4.4 LB TPE Perfect Female Booty Mini Dolls
Realistic Vagina Tunnel Brooke’s vagina opening is tight, smooth, and constructed with medical grade TPE materials for a lifelike experience. Her bright red pussy is fleshy, can stretch without losing its shape, and is durable to withstand the hardest fucking....
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Stacy's Mom : Mini Dual Tunnels Torso Sex Doll for Beginner Masturbation(11.9LB )
Realistic Vagina Tunnel Stacy’s Mom’s tight pussy feels like the real thing. Constructed with medical grade TPE materials for a sensational feel and built with extra-durability to withstand the hardest fucking. Tease your dick on the outer parts of her...
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