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Tiger :60.19LB Realistic Male Torso Dolls 2 reviews
Need a hot male sex doll to revive your sex life and fulfill your fantasies? The male doll Tiger is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a white American male companion. Tiger is a talented male doll model and...
Jessica : 13.89LB Mini Sex Doll for Beginner Masturbation 5 reviews
Jessica is a cute, hot and passionate patriotic girl. With her full breasts and sexy nipples, you will be easily attracted by looking at them. She is warm, open and easy to get along with, and you enjoy spending time...
Monica :41.34LB Best Sex Torso Doll For Breast Fun - Fair 23 reviews
*(Free storage bag) Monica has just got divorce and feel a little lonely. So she need some passionate comfort. You will be deeply attracted by her big soft jiggly breasts when she is exercising in the gym. Besides, her sexy...
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Joanna :13.7LB TPE Female Booty Mini Dolls 1 review
Joanna is a sporty hottie. She loves exercising and enjoys all kinds of different sports.If you are also a sports lover, she will be a good companion for you.The long-term exercise keeps her in good shape and full of energy,...
Channing :33.07LB Threesome Male Torso Sex Doll - Fair 4 reviews
Channing is a multipurpose realistic doll. Thanks to decent anal and erect penis, he is equally popular among homosexual men and couples. He is so gentle, caring, and submissive, so his whole body is full of male hormones. Realistic Body...
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Lisa :26.46LB Sports Strongly Sucking Butt 7 reviews
This Human Skin Elite Butt Realistic Vagina And Ass Machine is the consent of intense and realistic sensations. Made of realistic TPE material, it naturally brings a life-size female beautiful buttock, as well as a penetrable vagina and anus. This...
$589.99 $471.99
Tantaly Transparent Lace Bra Set
2 reviews More sizes available
Tantaly Transparent Lace Bra Set 2 reviews
This exciting lace bra set can add some mature style to your glamorous sex doll. Decorated with ornate flowers and lace, the body curve of sex dolls will be shown clearly. And you'll love your sex doll more for this...
Tantaly Sports Underwear Suit
2 reviews More sizes available
Tantaly Sports Underwear Suit 2 reviews
The stretchy, low-waisted sports bra is made from two different fabrics. The split design makes your doll show off her beautiful and sexy curve.There is a special Tantaly logo at the border, which is tailored to add a stylish uniqueness....
Tantaly Gauze PE Style Underwear Set
2 reviews More sizes available
Tantaly Gauze PE Style Underwear Set 2 reviews
In this fierce fishing net, the doll will become a seductive siren of your dreams. The underwear is white, sheer and elastic, which fits your standard doll’s curves well. With simple top straps and triangular design, it is perfect for...
Tantaly Pure White Fitness Panties
1 review More sizes available
Tantaly Pure White Fitness Panties 1 review
When you dress your doll in this demure white gym underwear, you will find it becomes very pure. The all-white color design and microfiber material, paired with transparent lace inlay, your sexy doll changes from angel to devil in an...
Tantaly Doll Repair Kit 2 reviews
Does the doll peel or tear after a period of use? Did the doll accidentally get some dirt on its surface that was difficult to remove? Don’t worry, that’s what Tantaly Doll Repair Kit is for.Tantaly Doll Repair Kit contain...
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