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In Tantaly's Reddit community, we can see that fans share exquisite photos and videos of dolls every day. We are honoured that our products are so well received and loved by everyone. Sharing is a joy and we are happy to see and encourage fans to share pictures/videos of Tantaly dolls or their experiences with them.

Therefore, Tantaly FIRST photo and video campaign with MONEY prize has officially opened! This event is open to all fans with Tantaly dolls permanently, unless the organizer has officially notified the event to stop.

The follows are relevant matters and details:

  • Who can participate in the event?
    This campaign is not only available to customers who buy in tantaly store but also to customers who buy in Amazon and other distribution channels.
  • How to participate?
    There are two ways to participate.
    1. Take videos, pictures, or Gifs of your Tantaly doll and upload them to any of your social platforms. Requirements and corresponding cash prize are as follows:
  • FormRequiementsSpecificationsDetailsMONEY Prize
    Video1.1920*1080/rectangle 2. HD≥3 minutes1. Site address should be included at the top of the video description box.(Except Pornhub)
    2. With hashtag #tantalydoll
    $15 for each video, we will increase the reward amount according to the excellence of the video, up to a maximum of $50
    GIFHD2-3 GifsYou can show the most beautiful side of the doll in your eyes, such as slapping the chest/hips, the curve of her body, or the best posture you think, etc$3 for each Gif
    Fotos1. Ratio: 1:1 or 4:3
    2. HD
    2-5 images1.Tag Tantalydoll if you post images on platforms with hashtag, such as Instagram, Twitter, etc. 2. Suggested scenes: bed, bathroom, sofa...$1.5 for each image
    Story1. Ratio: 1:1, 16:9 or 4:5/Resolution: 1920*1080
    2. HD
    15-60 secondsYou can show the most beautiful side of the doll in your eyes, such as slapping the chest/hips, the curve of her body, or the best posture you think, etc$5

    ①The social media to upload videos, images or gifs must be registered for more than 6 months.
    ② We understand that you may not want to show your face in the video considering the particularity of the product, we hope that you can talk about your thoughts on our product packaging, show the curve and details of the doll, and also pat her body so the viewers can feel the real human truth of touch of our sex doll torso. If you have other ideas, feel free to show them in the video.
    ③If the resolution of the photo you provide is 1920:1080, please display the key content of the picture in the center.
    ④If you post the same video on different social medias, we will evaluate it according to the excellence of your video, but you need to note that you can get up to $50. If you post the same image to different platforms, the rewards will not overlap.
    ⑤Because Porn hub does not allow URLs in the title of videos, you can simply add #tantalydoll when you upload a video.

    2. Because of the particularity of the product, we understand that you may not be willing to post information about our products on your social media. Don’t worry, you can also get cash rewards by directly sending videos, images or gifs to us. You will get $2 for a gif and $1 for an image. As for a video, you will get a minimum of $10. Additionally, we will increase the reward amount according to the excellence of the video, up to a maximum of $45. 

  • How to submit?
    Please send the post links, images, videos and gifs you have taken to mail headers are unified as “Tantaly+order number+post link/video/gif/image”.
  • When you will get the cash bonus?
    Once you have emailed us your post link/video and pictures, we will review it within 5 days and transfer the reward to your Paypal account once it has been approved. Each customer can only make one final settlement after all conditions have been verified. Notice: We only support Paypal transfers for rewards, so please note your Paypal account in the email.
  • Other rules:
    ①All videos, pictures, gifs must be original work and not violate anyone’s proprietary or intellectual property rights.
    ②By entering this Program you understand that Tantaly, anyone acting on behalf of Tantaly, or its respective licensees, successors and assigns will have the right, where permitted by law, with kind notice, review or consent to publish and use, worldwide in any media now known or hereafter in perpetuity and throughout the World, your entry for trade, advertising, public relations and promotional purposes without any further compensation.
    ③Information submitted with an entry is subject to the Privacy Policy stated on the Tantaly Website. Read the Privacy Policy here: We will not disclose any personal information of the customer during this contest. The email address submitted by the customer is only used for award notification. In subsequent publicity we will only use the client's entry and will not reference any personal information of the client. 
    ④The final right of interpretation of this event belongs to the organizer. Participation in this event is subject to event rules.

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