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FDA approved medical grade materials

Discreet Packaging


The sleeping beauty-Aurora

Aurora, the super realistic medium torso sex doll, has pert bouncy breasts, a super slim waist and big booty. Delve into her deliciously textured vagina and ass to experience amazingly authentic pleasure. Bring your fantasies further to life with her wonderful, life-sized breasts, slim torso and two penetrable orifices for your pleasure.

Flexible body for various sex positions

Aurora can be put into various sexual positions thanks to the metal skeleton in her body. Missionary, doggy style, spoons sex position, scissors position, Aurora can do it all. Aurora can lie on her back, open her thighs, and let you into her tight vagina. Aurora can kneel down on the bed with her hips up and taking you to a wonderful experience of the back backdoor fun. Aurora can lie on one side with knees bent while you lie with her front pressed against their back, hug her slender waist and enter her body from the side. But most of the time, she will still lie quietly in bed waiting for you, just like a sleeping beauty.

Realistic Vagina Tunnel and Anal Tunnel
The vagina Tunnel has a super stretchy opening and is textured to squeeze and caress your penis during penetration. The tight anus, also leads to a textured tunnel filled with stimulating nubs and ridges for fantastic backdoor fun.

Skin-Like TPE Material

Aurora is made of medical grade TPE materials that feel close to real human skin. Ultra-realistic in look, feel, and texture, the TPE material is detailed with goosebumps — like a living person! It’s also very soft and can stretch without losing its shape. The metal framework inside her keeps her sturdy and prevents the parts from falling apart. It also makes it weigh like the real average woman’s torso.

Key Features

❤ Life-size body for realistic feelings.

❤ A nice gripping pussy and a tight ass.

❤ Two big tits with nicely-made nipples.

❤ Big ass ready to grab and spank her.

❤ Medical grade TPE materials.

❤ 3 In 1 Pleasure- Vaginal sex, anal sex and breast sex.

❤ The framework inside her keeps her sturdy.

❤ Flexible body for various sex positions

Body Measurements

❤ Total length: 34.2”

❤ Shoulder width: 12.2”

❤ Waist: 20.4”

❤ Bust: 31.8”

❤ Hip: 34.6’’

❤ Weight: 53 lbs