Secretary Dita's Promise


I was the company's top salesman. Today, I had a meeting with our European distributor, Vernon. Just as the appointed time arrived, I was shown to an elegant suite of rooms. A heavy wooden door was soon pushed open and, with a crisp ringing of the doorbell entered a small lady. She wore a pair of red high heels with black soles; her calves were wrapped in a black halter dress, outside of which was a light purple shawl with a belt tied at the back, leaving the hems slightly open with her steps; her blonde curly hair was tied in a bun on top of her head, with a few strands of on the side. A look that was casual, laid-back but capable and professional. After we had introduced ourselves, I learnt that her name was "Dita" and that she was the secretary to the General Manager. After a moment's silence, she said: "They all say their rums are excellent. What makes your product so special?"


"Our rum has an oriental touch." I suddenly remembered my teacher's training session yesterday.

"Is it classical or moderate?" She asked carelessly.

"It's all in there if you taste it the right way." I said, following her lead.

"The way to drink can demonstrate its special potency? Interesting. Go on." She said with interest.

"Shakespeare said that drink provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance."

"The Orientals believe that alcohol can add to the ‘desire’ and can also defeat it." I said, looking at her boldly and directly with my own handsome, manly charm.

"Oh, what do you mean? Tell me all about it." she said with a teasing smile.

"Our rum, with its moderate alcohol content, has an eroticizing effect. Men will have an increased libido and pleasure when drinking it, making them more manly and harder. Of course, this is not an advertisement." I continued on a professional level.

"For women, it eliminates sexual anxiety or guilt during intercourse, reduces self-control, allowing for better enjoyment of a wonderful time."

"Of course, there are always two sides to the coin, too much water will drown the miller. " I said, a little apprehensive to go on.

Before I could finish, Dita smiled and pulled out two unusual shot glasses from the liquor cabinet, gestured for me to open the rum I had brought, and filled the two shots. Our glasses clinked lightly, then she downed hers and drew a long sigh of relief. Seeing that I was still in surprise and hadn't drunk mine, she frowned slightly, seemingly displeased.

"What's the matter?" she asked in a complaining tone, but picked up her glass and filled it again. "Alcohol and sex can be combined, can you be more specific about it?" She teased, supporting her chin with the back of her hand and tilting her head slightly. Her eyes looked playful and charming, the ring on her index finger matched her diamond earrings, while her face gradually flushed scarlet.

"You can lose control of sex when you overdrink. The Orientals believe that if you have intercourse while drunk, the cold air and cool wind will hurt your spleen. Like trying hard at lifting weights, having intercourse to excess and sweating like you're in a shower can hurt your kidneys."

She finished her rum once more, approached me, lowered her voice slightly and asked: "So...are you interested? See if it can actually hurt your kidneys?"

"Heh," I smiled, looking down, "Sorry, I'm here to talk about distribution." I held out my left hand, which still had a white mark left by a wedding ring.

"Oh, you're married." She retreated to a basic social distance, "You’ve talked about so many theories just now, so I suppose you're an expert?"

"Miss Dita, I’ll certainly work hard to merit that praise." I bowed my head in return.

"Here," another glass of amber rum was pushed over, with a black olive dotted around the top. She picked up her glass and shook it gently, "Tell me how it feels when it intoxicates you."

"Is it…appropriate?" I was at a loss as to what to do.

"Well..." She lapsed into a brief silence, finished her drink in a few sips, smiled and put the glass back on the counter.

"Excuse me for a moment."

After a while, she came out of the bathroom. The shawl was gone, and her white skin under the halters, as well as the roundness under her collarbones, were particularly conspicuous. Dita walked lightly on her feet with both hands behind her back, as if she was hiding something, and came slowly to me with light swings of her waist. "It is fate for me to meet someone capable here today, and this is a gift for you, Mr. top salesman, for our first encounter." "My dress," her right index finger which hooked the black halter dress moved to my eyes, letting go all of a sudden, letting the dress slide onto my lap.

"My bra," the black lace underwear in her left hand was shoved into my hand. "And my underwear." black lace panties were pulled out of her pocket and shoved into the breast pocket of my suit. Smiling softly, she turned away and closed the door. That smile swept me away completely.


Then, in Dita's office, I experienced misty eyes, luscious body, hot bosom, bouncy buttocks, tight vagina, and ecstatic passion, finally blending into the patch of sunshine in the room.

I was convinced that my rum was very potent.

"Your product is really good. The contract will arrive by post afterwards."

I drifted back in a trance not knowing how, remembering only the promise of Dita the secretary.

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