• Eva’s Happy Time in The Bathtub

    Eva and her boyfriend Johnson have just moved into their new home, and they need a hot bath after a busy day. Johnson was lying in the warm bathtub enjoyably, and he was lazy. Through the frosted glass that separated the dry and wet spaces, he vaguely saw Eva showering outside. She was a mature young woman with great taste, like flowing water, quiet and not...
  • Jennifer Story 1: Jennifer is in the AV film

    When the best friend Jennifer talked about sexy underwear can enhance her heartthrob, Jennifer recommended Britney a job in an AV film. The first trial scene made her panic, and the stage manager helped her change into a high school girl's uniform. The plot was about having sex with a male teacher in a classroom. Britney flinched when she saw this. At this time,...
  • Knowledge of Sexual Law

    In August 1999, The World Association for Sexual Health adopted the Declaration on Sexual Rights, and a healthy society should recognize, promote, respect and protect everyone's sexual rights through various means. AV actresses naturally have their own rights to sexual freedom, sexual autonomy, sexual integrity and physical security rights, sexual private rights, sexual fairness rights, sexual pleasure rights, sexual expression rights, and right to...
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