What Happens When a Man Is Not Sexually Satisfied?


Hey there! I’m here to help today. If you are reading this, there are common questions we have in our mind right now. What happens when a man is not sexually satisfied? What is sexual satisfaction? How can I assist my man in getting sexual satisfaction? Am I doing something wrong? How do I pleasure a man?

Well, we are going to answer all these questions. We’ll be looking at the concept of sexual satisfaction. What happens when a man is not sexually satisfied? I will be giving you ten tips on how to sexually pleasure a man. We will also be answering FAQs. This is going to be a very enlightening session. Seat back and take notes.

Let’s go!

Sexual Satisfaction

When you hear sexual satisfaction, what do you think about it? Being sexually satisfied, right? Well, that’s an easy way to see it. Sexual satisfaction is an indicator of a healthy sexual life and a good romantic relationship.

Sexual satisfaction is subjective and can be viewed from different points of view. But, one thing is common, that is, sexual satisfaction is a state of being sexually pleased. People take sexual activities differently. What it takes for Mr. A to be satisfied might not be what it will take for Mr. C to be satisfied. We all have our turn-ons and sexual points.

That being said, for sexual satisfaction to be achieved in a relationship, it takes two people. As you might know, a romantic relationship involves two people either of the same sex or opposite gender. For a man to be sexually satisfied in a relationship, it will require a certain level of input from his partner and vice versa.

That’s where the problem comes in…

What happens when a man is not sexually satisfied?

As earlier stated, sexual satisfaction in a relationship requires the input of the two partners. It should be noted that having sexual intercourse doesn’t equate to sexual satisfaction. Likewise, having an orgasm doesn’t mean one is sexually satisfied. What then happens when a man isn’t sexually satisfied?

We can look at this from various perspectives. We can look at the emotional, mental, psychological, financial and social effects. Some might even say it has spiritual effects, but we are not to discuss that, are we?

Not being sexually satisfied brings an emotional divide in the relationship. Being sexually satisfied means that your partner understands you and knows how to keep you wanting more. If you’re sexually satisfied, you’ll see sex as an intimate and adventurous moment with your partner, not a routine.

When a man isn’t sexually satisfied in a relationship, below are a few things that might happen:

  1. They will stop initiating sex.
  2. They will often go to bed before you or after you.
  3. They don’t respond during sex.
  4. They only want to pay attention to you.
  5. At some point, even you don’t enjoy sex with them anymore.

How to pleasure a man?

When you begin to see the signs mentioned above, it indicates you need to improve something somewhere somehow. You should note that before you sexually pleasure your man, you need to know his sexual desires and preference. This way, you can get through to him easier.

Let’s look at 10 tips you can use in pleasuring your man. These tips will help you to boost your man’s libido, thereby increasing his chances of being sexually satisfied.

Let’s go!

Head massage

This might sound strange. How does a head massage help? Well, giving your man a head massage will help relax him and show that you really care about him. Ensure to spice it up, you know. You can whisper sweet words into his ears while at it.

Thigh rub

A thigh rub will go a long way in getting him hyped up and aroused. Ensure the thigh rub is as sensual as you can make it. You can dim the light, sit him on the bed and crawl to him in a seductive manner. This will get him turned on and will increase his libido. Thus, ensuring sexual satisfaction.

Erotic massage

As you might know already, an erotic massage goes a long way in arousing your man. It breeds intimacy, thus increasing his libido level. You can make it a little out o the ordinary. Put on candles, and use lightly dimmed light bulbs. You can play a piece of sweet but gentle music beneath. All these will set the mood right and increase his chance of getting sexually satisfied.

Be expressive

One of the reasons your man might not be sexually satisfied is because he doesn’t know how to get through to you. Most men are generous during sex. All they want is to sexually please their partner. When they notice you aren’t enjoying it, they also feel down. What can you do? Be more expressive. Tell him what you like and want. This way, he feels more intimate with you.


Foreplay is a set of emotionally and physically intimate acts between one or more people to create sexual arousal and desire for sexual activity. Foreplay is underrated and underutilized by the majority of people. Good foreplay makes sexual intercourse more sensual and longer.

For example, if you’re a man and know that you cannot reach the point your partner needs, to satisfy her. One thing you can do is use foreplay to bring her closer to your point of orgasm through stimulation.


There is nothing a good handjob cannot fix. One of the most effective ways to pleasure your man is with a good and sensual handjob. How do you go about this? Add moisture to it. Ensure you pay attention to the tip of his penis. That’s where the nerves are located. Paying extra attention to the tip will make it more sensitive for him. This way, his libido level will increase.


As you already know, a good blowjob can never go wrong. Ensure you know the details your man likes during a blowjob. Some men might like you to play with their balls while giving a blowjob. Some like it when you look into their eyes while sucking the “life” out of them. So, it is important to know what your man likes during a blowjob. Also, adding more moisture never goes wrong.  


A striptease makes your man feel aroused. You should make him feel like he’s got the whole world in his hands. You shouldn’t just go straight to sex. Try to tease him and make him adore your body.

Play with his lobes

During sex, you can play with his earlobes and whisper things you want him to do to you. You can spice it up using ice cubes, making your lips ice cold. This will stimulate him more and increase his libido level.

Allow him to be a man

Allow him to be in control sometimes. Let him feel like he’s the one in charge, and allow him to dominate you. All men want to feel like they’re in charge and they are making you feel good.


Now that we have discussed what happens when a man is not sexually satisfied, you can now pleasure your man perfectly.

The tips discussed are proven ways you can make use of to ensure your man is sexually satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are men sexually satisfied?

Not all men are sexually satisfied. Research carried out in 2017 showed that up to 60% of men aren’t always satisfied sexually. But men can be sexually satisfied if things are done right. How can men be sexually satisfied? Well, you can make use of the above-listed tips and get things right.

What happens when a man is not sexually satisfied?

When a man isn’t sexually satisfied in a relationship, below are few things that might happen:

  1. They will stop initiating sex.
  2. They will often go to bed before you or after you.
  3. They don’t respond during sex.
  4. They only want to pay attention to you.
  5. At some point, even you don’t enjoy sex with them anymore.

How to pleasure a man?

There are several ways through which you can pleasure a man. You have to know what he wants and desires first. After knowing that, you can work on it and make his fantasies come to life. I would recommend a blowjob personally, but you can check the tips.

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