Why Does My Girlfriend Feel Loose Sometimes? Best Solutions


Sex with your girlfriend is beautiful, but it can sometimes feel not as fun as it should. You then start dealing with different concerns and worries in your mind. Perhaps you have asked yourself, "why does my girlfriend feel loose sometimes?"

Your worries aren't baseless and should be addressed. Ensure that you do not jump to conclusions and read this article with an open mind.

Read on to find out why your girlfriend feels loose sometimes and how you can solve the issue.

Why Does My Girlfriend Feel Loose Sometimes?

There has been a major misconception that ladies with loose vaginas are promiscuous. However, this myth is birthed by jealousy, insecurity, and a lack of adequate sex education. The truth is, no matter who you have sex with or how often, penetration won't cause a loose vagina.

To start with, there's nothing like a "loose or too loose" vagina. The vagina is a muscle that changes over time due to some factors. Any muscle in the body tends to relax and contract, making it feel tighter or looser (vagina inclusive).

It's possible to feel it when you're having sex with your girlfriend. So, if you're having sex with your partner and she feels very loose, it doesn't mean she's promiscuous. In essence, your girlfriend feels loose sometimes due to the contraction and relaxation of vagina walls and not frequent penetration.

How to Tighten Vagina for Your Girlfriend?

As stated earlier, there's nothing like a "loose" vagina, but if your girlfriend feels loose, there are

some exercises she can engage in to help her feel tight the next time you're having sex with her. However, it's important to note that a tight vagina can be a concern, especially when your girlfriend experiences pain during penetration.

When the vagina muscles are too tight, it can cause pain when you want to have sex with your girlfriend. Here are some exercises your girlfriend can engage in to tighten her vagina.

1. Kegel Exercise

To do this effectively, the first thing to ensure your girlfriend does is to know where the muscles in her pelvic floor are located. She can detect that by intentionally stopping urine flow at some point while urinating. If she does it successfully, she has figured out where the muscles are.

After that, ensure she has chosen the best position before starting the exercise. It's

recommended that she lays down on her back when engaging in this exercise.

When she is in the most suitable and convenient position, tell her to tighten her pelvic floor muscles for 5 seconds and then relax them. She should then repeat the process at least five times a row.

When she builds more strength, she can increase it to 10 seconds. She should ensure she doesn't tighten her thighs, abs, or butts. The focus should be on her pelvic floor muscles.

2. Pelvic Tilt Exercise

This is also one of the ways to help tighten the vagina for your girlfriend. To do this, you should ensure that she stands with her shoulders and butt against a wall while keeping her knees soft.

After this, she should pull her belly button and flat her back against the wall. Then, she should tighten her belly button for 4 seconds and repeat. She should do this several times daily.

3. Electrical Stimulation

This stimulation can also help your girlfriend become tight and make your sex life pleasurable. It's done by sending an electric current through the pelvic walls using an electrical probe.

When this is done, it causes a contraction in the pelvic walls of your girlfriend, hereby resulting in the contraction and relaxation of her pelvic floor. The exercise can be done at home or by a professional. However, it's recommended that it should be done by a professional.

4. Vaginal Cones

Your girlfriend can also tighten her vagina by using a vaginal cone. You might be wondering

what a vaginal cone is.

It's a tampon-sized weighted object that can be inserted into the vagina and held. They are mostly used to train the pelvic muscles and make them tight.

To do this, your girlfriend should insert the lightest cone into her vagina and contract the vagina muscles around it for 15 minutes. The exercise should be done twice a day.

After holding the lightest cone successfully, the weight of the cone can be increased slightly, and then the exercise should be done again. When this exercise is done regularly, it can help your girlfriend become tight.

What Can You Do If Your Girlfriend's Loose Vagina Persists?

One of the things to do if your girlfriend's loose vagina persists is to communicate with her

without making her feel judged. Let her know how and what you feel without making her feel bad.

Also, you can practice deep breathing when you're together and engage in a lot of foreplay.

This will help strengthen her pelvic muscles and make her tight.

In addition, you can also try out sex toys with her and consult a doctor to get a solution to the loose vagina.

Check the tips to increase sensation.

1. Use A Sex Doll

If your girlfriend isn't sensitive enough before or during sexual intercourse, you can try a sex doll.

You don't have to stress while trying to make her sensitive with your dick during sex.

Let the sex doll do the work for you. However, this should be with her consent because it's not everyone who believes that 3 isn't a crowd. Once she consents to it, you can use a sex doll to increase sensation.

2. Your Girlfriend Can Try Pleasure Mapping

Pleasure mapping is the process of taking time to explore your pleasure spots. This makes you know how and what makes you sensitive and can increase your sensitivity.

You should allow your girlfriend to try pleasure mapping to increase her sensation. To do this, allow her to examine her genitals dutifully for as long as she wants to and make sure you don't interfere.

When this is done efficiently, she will discover what makes her sensitive and make your sex life more pleasurable.

3. Permit Her to Experience Sensation Differently

It's quite helpful in increasing sensation. The increasing sensation isn't all about having regular sex. Besides, you should allow your girlfriend to experience her sensation differently. Doing this will make her know what you should do while having sex with her to increase sensation.

You can still have sex once in a while experiencing her sensation, but you should give her adequate time to explore her erogenous zones that used to be insensitive.

When this is done regularly and efficiently, it can make those parts that used to be insensitive become super sensitive.

4. She Can Also Use Dilators

Dilators are essential tools in increasing sensitivity. If your girlfriend has a tight pelvic floor that causes pain and insensitivity, she can use a dilator to stretch and relax the pelvic floor muscles.

Also, if your girlfriend has weak pelvic floor muscles, dilators can be used to increase vaginal

sensitivity and strength.

5. See A Doctor

One of the best ways to increase vaginal sensation is to chat with your doctor regularly. Lack of sensation can be caused by hormonal imbalance or your body's reaction to a particular thing. Instead of self-diagnosis and self-treatment, it's important to consult your doctor and

communicate your concern. The doctor, as a professional, will tell you exactly what to do.

6. Create Time for Intimacy and Spice Up Your Sexual Life

It might sound odd, but the truth is, scheduling or setting apart a time for sexual intercourse or intimacy with your girlfriend can help increase sensitivity and even make her super sensitive.

Also, you shouldn't have sex on the bed or inside the bedroom. You should have sex outside of the bedroom sometimes. For example, try locations like kitchen cabinets, sofas, etc.

Doing this can also help boost sensitivity. In addition, according to research, too much smoking and drinking can make an individual become sexually inactive and lack sensation. It's advised to stop habits like smoking, drinking, etc., as they can also hinder sensitivity.


A loose vagina is not caused by multiple sex periods or duration. So, be rest assured that your girlfriend's loose vagina is not a result of promiscuity. You should let go of that myth.

Seeing sex as a pleasurable activity rather than a duty will go a long way through the vagina-tightening process. This will not only help you to discuss the issue with your girlfriend lovingly but also help her in knowing that your concern is not out of insecurity. You only want to enjoy sex with her, and this will, in turn, help her react to the whole discussion.

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