13 Sexually Intimate Questions to Ask a Girl You Like


Whenever you're chatting with a girl, either online or physically, you might need to ask intimate or flirty questions from her. Asking sexually intimate questions from a girl you like will eventually make her more open to intimate sexual acts with you.

However, you cannot afford to go wrong with these. This article will show you sexually intimate questions to ask a girl you like.

Read on to find out, and share with your male buddies.

13 Sexually Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner or A Girl You like

Where Do You Like to Get Kissed?

The best time to ask this question is when you're both in the mood or want to put her in the mood. This will make it possible for her to tell you or show you where she wants to get kissed on her body.

Kissing is an action that leads to other actions. Asking her this question can lead to some fun-filled moments. So, whenever you're with your girlfriend or the girl you like, ask her this question and let her lead you.

What Do You Like to Be Called in Bed?

Some ladies like to be called certain pet names when you're with them in the bedroom. They like it because those names turn them on. However, there are some names you should avoid calling them because it might be a total turnoff.

This is why it's expedient to ask questions so that you can find out the name your girl prefers ahead of time, so you don't ruin the moment.

For instance, your girl might not see anything bad in calling your girl a bitch, but she might term it insultive. So, it's an important question to ask your girl.

Do You Believe That Three Isn't a Crowd?

This is also one of the sexually intimate questions to ask a girl you like or your girlfriend. However, before you ask this question, you must ensure your girl is comfortable with you. If not, you might end up shooting yourself in the leg.

You should be careful how you structure your statement so that she won't think you have someone in mind already. A threesome is a good sex adventure, but it has to be with your consent.

It would be best if you asked so that she will know you're asking her about how she feels about them in general. Some people don't like talking about it, so once you bring it up and she doesn't like it, just let it go. In essence, ask politely and pass if she doesn't agree.

Have You Ever Tried Anal with Anyone in the Past?

When it comes to sexually intimate questions to ask a girl you like, this is one of the most explicit parts. Don't expect a girl to give a straight answer when you ask her this question.

However, her reaction will be a great factor in figuring out the answer. Asking her about it might provide an opportunity to try it out with her. Once she confirms she has tried it before and she likes it, you can go ahead.

What Is Your Best Position?

There are many sex styles worldwide, and it's possible that the girl you like or your girlfriend isn't comfortable with some of them. Hence, the need to ask questions about her best position.

If you know her favourite position, it will be easy for you to use it whenever you what to have sex with her. You shouldn’t be shy or afraid to ask. Ask her!

She will gladly tell you because most girls like this kind of question. It will show her that you're interested in pleasuring her.

Do You Like Watching Porn?

Some partners are watching porn together, and you might want to try that in your relationship too. But before you try that, there's a need to ask your partner to know if they're interested.

It will be unreasonable and irresponsible to play porn videos and expect your girlfriend to watch them with you. She may be interested but too shy to admit she is.

However, when you ask her, she will be sure you're also interested in it and will be free enough to watch it together with you. This is why it's one of the important sexually intimate questions to ask a girl you like.

Also, even if she accepts, you have to filter what you watch carefully, and measures aren't inconvenienced at any time.

Where Is the Riskiest Place You've Ever Had Sex?

Talking about sexually intimate questions to ask a girl you like is also one of the best questions to ask her.

This is the only way to find out if she fancies the idea of being watched, caught, or watching others during sex. When you ask her about this, she might share an amazing experience with you or not even have one at all.

Anyhow it pans out. It's still beneficial because it will help you spice up your sexual life.

What's Your Biggest Fantasy You'd Like to Try?

The truth is, your girlfriend has something sexual she would like to try out with you, but she might be timid about it. That's why you should make her comfortable with you.

If she doesn't take the lead, you can take the lead by asking her what her biggest sexual fantasy is. What will you like to try out? Where will you want to have sex? Ask her questions so that you can know how best to spice up your sexual life.

To make it better, you can also share yours or even share yours first. That will make her more convenient with you.

Do You Prefer Lights on or off?

This is also one of the sexually intimate questions to ask your girlfriend to understand what makes her feel comfortable in bed.

Not everyone likes the light being on during sleep, so it's expedient you ask to be sure.

If she tells you to turn the light off, make sure you obey that to make her feel that her convenience is a priority to you.

Do You Like the Idea of Tying Me Up or Being Tied Up?

This is also one of the best sexually Intimate questions to ask a girl you like because most girls like a guy that's proactive during intimacy.

They always want you as the guy to be in control. Bondage is one of the ways you can be in control as a guy. However, you should know how she feels about it by asking her first.

If she likes it, you can explore together in a slow romantic way.

Do You Like the Idea of Being Spanked?

Most ladies find spanking a serious turn-on because it makes them feel wanted by their partner. However, as much as that's true, this is also one of the sexually intimate questions to ask a girl you like.

Even if she's your girlfriend, if you've not tried it before, don't just spank her because most girls like it. You have to ask her if she likes it before doing it.

As sexy as it is, it's expedient to ask beforehand, so you don't ruin your relationship.

When Did You Lose Your Virginity?

Okay, maybe you are scared to ask your partner this question. Your fear or worry, however, doesn't negate how important it is. Asking someone you like for the level of their sexual maturity helps you in predicting their sexual expectations and fantasies. If they are a virgin, you know that while they probably do not have any preferences, their expectations will be pretty high.

Also, if they are not a virgin, you can then proceed to ask about their sexual preferences. You should never shame a girl or anyone you like for having wild sexual escapades or for being a virgin. Accept whatever answer they give in stride and continue the flow of the conversation.

What's Your Biggest Fantasy You'd Like to Try?

Everyone has different sexual fantasies. Some want to have sexual experiences in bed, while others prefer wild experiences like a quickie in the car park or even in the office toilet.

The exhilarating feeling of having sex according to what you have imagined will make the sex even better. Also, when you already know your partner's biggest sex fantasy, it is easier for you to set targets and hit them.

Take, for example, when she often fantasizes about sex in the plane toilet, you can book a short flight with her and have a quick rump in the toilet. You already know where to touch, when to touch, and how to best touch these parts. Feel free to ask this question and take your relationship to greater heights.


There is no denying the fact that asking sexually intimate questions help to build and strengthen your relationship with a girl you like. By now, you should know how best to ask sexually intimate questions that always hits the bullseye.

Summarily, find out what she likes and doesn't, and play your games according to those. Don't forget to share this article with your best buddies and grow your relationships together.

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