The story of Candice in the sea


My memory drifted back, and the sun was setting on the beach in Hawaii, Candice was lying lazily on her chair under an umbrella.  Her slender legs were exposed to the air, and the enviable curves of her body turned the heads of passers-by. Candice looked youthful and energetic, especially with her wavy chestnut hair tied into a ponytail. She wore a light purple swimsuit with a thin strap tied around her back and neck. The waist of the swimsuit had a large blue bow.

I remember I was Candice's boyfriend and her securities broker at that time. Only after I had made a large sum of money, did I dare to ask Candice for a date, as I now felt I was worthy. So now we find ourselves holidaying in Hawaii.

We had been chatting about "futures" for a while, but I wanted to change the topic, so I squeezed out some sunscreen for Candice and massaged it into her delicate skin with my smooth hands, my fingers moving just under her skimpy swimsuit.

I saw that her pores were pricked with goosebumps and her nipples were firm. At that time, my mind was wandering, and I did not know what to say to her. Finally, Candice pointed to some rocks in the distance, just off the beach, and said, "Do you want to race me to the rocks?". I nodded, agreed, and followed Candice as she walked gracefully to the sea.

On the beach, her two breasts bounced up and down with the rhythm of her walk. The lustful eyes of men followed the movement. Their rich imagination was reflected in the erect shapes in their swimming trunks. I felt proud to follow her.

Candice slipped into the sea and swam quickly towards the empty boulders, with me following as it was not a race, I was still enjoying her beautiful figure as she moved through the water.

I quickly joined her with my tall body, strong muscles, and superior strength. At about five meters from the rocks, Candice began to swim backstroke and sometimes floated on the water. Her round hips and full breasts were like islands peaking above the water. Candice’s white legs kicked up a spray. We swam around the rocks and found a small cove where we were out of sight of those on the beach as the light dimmed and the sky turned pink.

I could no longer control myself, so I wrapped my arms around her waist, took a deep breath, and slipped into the water to try to kiss her nipples. My one hand touched her tight swimming trunks, and my lips began to move over her nipples. With the movement of the water, I could not focus, and I slowly sank into the water with her. Underwater, we felt the pressure on our bodies, and our passion for each other was out of control. Gasping for air, she unwrapped her feet; we surfaced and swam to the small pebble stone beach, and lay next to a boulder. The boulder formed a natural barrier.

We relax and hold hands. Small waves lap in and out, sometimes we are in the water, sometimes out, and when the waves recede, I can see Candice’s swimsuit is still to one side, revealing her attractive pubic mound.

As the wave went out, I slipped off her tight swimming trunks, half knelt over her, and slowly pushed into her. Candice gasped. When the waves surged again, I pushed in deeper, the water lifting Candice against me. The waves pushed my buttocks and rushed around her vagina. The natural rhythmic movement excites her. The surging and receding wave controlled the rhythm of our bodies, and my testicles were repeatedly slapped and involuntarily strengthened. Then, facing the blue sky, she opened her arms and pushed in the reverse direction to meet the pressure of the waves. Her legs wrapped around my waist for fear of losing the accurate track.

The waves hit our bodies one after another, our bodies moving in unison, one wave after another. Finally, we reached the state of madness, feeling a new kind of happiness and enjoyment. As the sun finally set, the wave of feeling moved over off. We stood up, leaned against the rocks and staring at each other’s naked bodies glowing in the twilight. There were no words, only the feelings we had shared. The scene is embedded in my memory for life.

The broad and quiet sea is like the road life must go through, and the relationship did not last. To retain that beautiful memory, I bought a silicone sex doll of the same size. Sometimes I would put on various special swimsuits and put my doll on the reclining chair in the pool. I looked at her mottled skin and muscle lines. Thinking of the shaking blue water, it seemed that Candice was beside me, and I also felt her warm power. My fantasies will keep the desire for me to pursue tirelessly.


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  • Posted on by Magmazator

    Very good. I liked it.

  • Posted on by Magmazator

    Very good. I liked it.

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