Scarlett gives a speech about sex time


Today was the last lecture for our clinical medical graduate students. The theme was "whether there is a need to last longer while having sex". I came to the auditorium early and found that it was full of people, many of whom were girls. Although we count as adults, we are still in our adolescence. You can only imagine how hot the atmosphere was while talking about such topic.

After the host explained the speech’s significance to life, he gave the podium to the students. The first student said that he was already 25 years old. In his sexual life, he experienced a profound need to extend the length of his sexual intercourse in order to enjoy a more pleasant process. The second student said that we should reasonably control the time of sexual intercourse, and that we need to have a regular and controlled sexual life to achieve a better and more enjoyable long-term experience that "lasts longer." Finally, the third one discussed the importance of extending the sexual intercourse time and showed the formula for sexual frequency. This talk caused feelings of sensation at the lecture.

At this time, the host came up and introduced a top graduate student in clinical medicine. Accompanied by music, a young girl with overflowing youth came up, wearing a lovely cartoon T-shirt, with a beautiful collarbone looming, straight chest, and vitality. On the lower part of the body, she was wearing snow-white capris, she had long slender legs, and even curves. Although small and exquisite, she was very charming. Then, finally, a short walk of more than ten meters showed the calmest tranquility, which made the lecture place silent, followed by applause.

Wow, that's Scarlett, my girlfriend. I was so excited that I almost cried. Before I could make up my mind, I saw her open the PPT gracefully and play a video of intercourse in the animal world. Then, she explained to us plainly why it was necessary to prolong the time of intercourse. Humans’ sexual life should also meet the needs of the people. If animals last longer during sexual mating, their defenses will be at their weakest, which means danger and potential death. They want to ejaculate faster so that they can be safer.

Is there a time standard for ejaculation after sexual pleasure? Without a time frame, where is the "long lasting aspect of intercourse"? A series of questions that subvert our imagination explains her vivid ideas one by one, giving everyone space to rethink. Species are constantly evolving, but sexual instinct has not changed. For humans, sex is the expression of emotion. As long as both parties can be satisfied, why deliberately pursue "longer lasting experience"? Her unique arguments made the audience at ease and entertained. Vigorous applause broke out from time to time. Then there was the noisy debate during which the venue was out of control for a time.

When Scarlett strolled to the front of the stage, she quickly recovered and became calm. I marveled at her power and ability, and was impressed by her fluent expression. I once again listened carefully to my emotional and sexual girlfriend.

Even though I was excited, I could not continue to listen, and I slipped out of the lecture. After calming down in the corridor, I saw Scarlett coming with great interest. We looked at each other with a smile and ran into the opposite room. Using our hands to grab one another, we could not wait to kiss each other. Scarlett's petite body lingered on my chest and back. At this time, she had utterly lost  her hegemony on the stage and her consistent behavioral logic. Her passionate speech had just become her foreplay.

At this moment, the flirtations of the past have been omitted. Scarlett’s former delicate appearance had been restored. After caressing her, I unbuttoned her blouse with one hand and kneaded her full double peaks with the other. Her white breasts were full and elastic, and her crimson areola was sexy. She bent down to touch the table when she took off her pants and muttered to herself. Her round hips is attracting and pale red labia were turned to both sides.

The seductive vagina was white and red, and the crystal love liquid was constantly exuding from the love hole. I inserted it from the back and felt the ring with friction. She rubbed the testicles with one hand and said, "we are in animal posture, but we don't want it to go by too quickly''. My Scarlett, once again, was having fun, and soon after, I erupted with passionate pleasure, and she had an orgasm. We looked at each other and smiled, "it's all safe."

It turns out that human beings, like animals, can stimulate sexual desire in a stressful environment, and orgasms come very quickly. It's just that the human brain is much more advanced than animals, and there are infinite emotions in excitement. Therefore, when a strong sexual desire comes, we may as well prepare to release sexual tension at any time to release the passion in our hearts.

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