8 Signs That Your Girlfriend Isn't Sexually Attracted to You


Everyone longs for the amazing physical intimacy and emotional connection borne from romantic relationships. Your partner must be sexually attracted to you. Otherwise, there won't be any passionate fulfilment, and you will see signs that your girlfriend is not attracted to you.

"My girlfriend no longer gets aroused when I do everything. She seems to be no longer attracted to me."

Relax, man!

It is easy to imagine your situation as it is common to many other men. Romance is amazing in any relationship, and there must be signs that your girlfriend is attracted to you.

Normally, there is often this almost physical sexual attraction in the atmosphere. You need to figure out these signs and fix whatever might be wrong. Don't worry. This article addresses your fears.

Read on to find out signs that your girlfriend isn't sexually attracted to you.

Part 1. Signs That Your Girlfriend Isn't Sexually Attracted to You

Emotions fade, and romance dies off with it. Relationships have varying stages, and this ebb in sexual attraction can be extremely frustrating. Once you stop seeing each other through rose-colored lenses, you start thinking that your girlfriend is not attracted to you.

If you love your partner, going through this stage is worth it. It will help you in a deeper level of discovery and ultimately increase your intimacy. Women are complicated. No one fully understands them, even themselves. Thankfully, there are signs when your girlfriend is no longer attracted to you sexually.

She doesn't want to have sex with you for long

Whenever you start noticing that your girlfriend no longer takes pleasure in having sexual intercourse with you, it's a sign that she's losing interest in you and is not sexually attracted to you.

Sometimes, she might not even say or do anything, and you'll simply notice that she doesn't reciprocate your energy when you're having sex with her. She only uses the moment to pass the time rather than have a good time.

Also, she might stop getting orgasms and won't even mind not getting satisfied by you. And if you want to talk about it, she will brush it off. It's a sign that she's not sexually attracted to you.

She gives excuses every time

Has it ever happened that your girlfriend starts having recurring headaches for a long time? Or probably she's always tired, has eaten too much, or she's not always in the mood?

If your girlfriend has ever given you any of the above excuses frequently, it's a valid sign that she's no longer sexually attracted to you.

It's not common for a lady to frequently reject a man she's not sexually attracted to. So, if your girlfriend does that, it simply means she doesn't want to get down with you anymore.

She condemns your appearance

People's reaction to things is one of the things that makes us understand what they mean. In essence, the way your girlfriend reacts to you is a message on its own.

Women are mostly turned on by a man's appearance. So, if your girlfriend always sees something bad in how you dress and appear, there's something wrong somewhere. It is one of the signs that your girlfriend isn't sexually attracted to you.

In addition, ladies tend to get impressed by a guy's (especially their boyfriend's) appearance. So, if your girlfriend isn't impressed by your appearance, you should know that she's no longer sexually attracted to you.

She rejects your advances

Have you ever tried to kiss your girlfriend, and she turns her head or yours? Or you made a move to have sex with her, but you get turned down? They are part of the signs that your girlfriend isn't sexually attracted to you.

When she starts rejecting your moves which she previously accepted without hesitation, you should know something is wrong and try to talk it out with her.

In essence, sudden rejection of every one of your moves is a great sign that she's no longer sexually attracted to you.

Her body language is closed, and she doesn't respond to yours

Body language is one of the things that informs us about how someone is feeling towards us. The way they react to situations and each of our moves can easily be used to detect a change in their behaviour.

Research shows that between 70%-79% of all communication between humans is non-verbal or with the use of signs. This indicates that it's important to study your girlfriend's body language because it's essential if you want to know if she's sexually attracted to you.

Whenever you notice that her body language is closed or she doesn't respond to yours, it's also a sign that she isn't sexually attracted to you. For instance, if you lean on her and she moves away, it's a sign that she doesn't want you around.

These and more body languages show that your girlfriend doesn't have an interest in getting down with you.

She doesn't put any effort when you're having sex with her

When you're having sex with her, does she just lay down and expect you to do all the work? It also signifies that she's no longer sexually attracted to you.

Although no one is under any pressure to use more energy in the bedroom, sex has to be mutual, and both parties must contribute equally.

If her lack of enthusiasm is different from her usual attitude, something is wrong. It might mean that the sex is boring or she doesn't have an interest in it.

She discusses other guys

This isn't about just mentioning a guy from her workplace casually. It's about the frequency at which she mentions it.

In essence, if she starts to talk about a particular guy often, there's something wrong. It is a sign that she's no longer sexually attracted to you. It is even more glaring when she often highlights the bright parts of the guy and compares them to your flaws.

You initiate sex every time, or she prefers to satisfy herself

Although some things are peculiar to some couples, generally, men initiate sex more often than women in a relationship.

According to research, in 60% of couples, sex is initiated by men. In 30% of couples, sex is initiated equally by men and women, while in 10%, women initiate sex more.

However, if your girlfriend always waits for you to initiate sex, it's a sign that she's not sexually attracted to you.

Also, if she prefers to masturbate than have sex with you, it's a great sign that she's isn't sexually attracted to you. She probably has another guy in mind while masturbating and would rather have thoughts of him rather than your physical intimacy.

Part 2. What to Do If Your Girlfriend Isn't Sexually Attracted?

It is vital to understand that her lack of interest might not even be an issue with your persona. Not every sour thing in a relationship is your fault. However, it is only mature that you take the needed steps to ensure that your relationship is blissful, even if the fault is not from you.

Here are some things to do if your girlfriend isn't sexually attracted:

Give her some space

You probably want to talk to her immediately after you feel her withdrawing from your sexual advances. But women often communicate a lot with silence, and she will most likely approach you to open up about the issue. You cannot be too forceful or eager, as it might end up pissing her off.


While it is essential not to overwhelm her, you must also learn to maintain a balance. When your girlfriend is not sexually attracted to you, communicating with her after a brief space will teach you a lot.

Find a neutral environment that will not be perceived as sexual, and talk to her. Preferably during a beach walk or over a video call. Her response will give you an inkling of how best to proceed.

Consult a therapist

A sex therapist who has undergone intense training and enough experience can help set things right in your relationship. The sex therapist will help discover underlying issues such as sex or childhood-related trauma. It would be best if you could consult the therapist with your partner.


Many complications can cause your girlfriend to stop being sexually attracted to you. We cannot hope to address everything in this article. But the above-explained signs and tips can help reignite sexual passion and romance in your relationship.

Being in a relationship comes with its fair share of stress and responsibilities. You don't just have sex and ignore the well-being of your partner. When your partner is not well, it will negatively impact your relationship.

When you don't get needed attention, talk to your partner, and consider all the available options required for progress. This article will teach you how to regain your sexual passion and attraction.

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