How To Care For Your Tantaly Torso Dolls?

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Sex dolls can be roughly classified into two types which are made of TPE and Silicone. For TPE(thermoplastic elastomers) dolls, they are more high-maintenance but also has lower price and are softer to the touch. While silicone dolls are more durable but are also more expensive. So if you are a new comer or are considering buying a TPE sex doll, you should have a good command of the knowledge about how to take care of them. A well-cared-for TPE doll can last for many years.

If you don’t understand this kind of material, maintenance of TPE dolls can be a little bothering. TPE is a material that is more porous than silicone and can retain more moisture and is more susceptible to humidity. Moreover, since it’s porous, you can’t simply sterilize it because that would damage it. But if you are willing to put more efforts into maintenance, TPE sex dolls can avoid stains and molds, and stay fresh for a long time. Besides, keeping your loved dolls clean are also good for your health.

There are some aspects to pay attention to when it comes to taking care of your TPE doll. In order to make it clear, we roughly put it into following nine parts. And I believe if you actually follow these steps in your daily use, your loved dolls will be enjoyed for a long time.



As for dressing Tantaly sex dolls, we mainly provide three points for you.

 1.wash any clothing before putting them on your doll

New and unwashed clothes which have dyes can easily stain your doll. So before putting them on your doll, make sure you wash them many times until they can’t leave any dye on the doll. But owing to the complexity of clothing, we also recommend you to test the clothing on your doll's hidden places for short periods of time, such as the base of the thigh, or on a TPE sample.

 2.Avoid dark-colored clothing

Compared to some light-colored clothes, dark-colored clothes can stain your doll more easily even if they are washed. So in order to keep your doll clean, you should try to avoid such kind of clothing. But if you really like it, we recommend you to testing it on a piece of TPE or hidden part of the doll, such as the base of the thigh, to see if it stains.

 3.Avoid tight clothing

As we know, TPE dolls are soft and they can’t feel the pressure. So if you dress your dolls with tight clothing, it can leave indents and markings on them. But if it is necessary, limit the amount of time it is worn.

Good news, Tantaly are designing sexy lingeries which are well fit for the dolls, stay tuned.

Powdering up:


Make sure you powder your sex doll always. Every time you finish cleaning and drying your doll, you can apply the powder. We recommend you to use Tantaly Renewal Powder which is safe and easy to use. If you don’t use your doll frequently, we suggests that you have a monthly checkups to see whether your doll is powdered well enough. For TPE dolls, the more you apply, the better they will be. After careful and sufficient application, the doll’s skin will become a lot smoother and softer to the touch, which is also a bonus for you.



When you play with your loved dolls, we recommend you to use some lubricants. And we Tantaly also prepare a natural and non-sticky water-based lube for you. As for lubricating, water-based lubricant is the most recommended and safest lubricant to use for intercourse with your doll. Oil-based lubes may cause damage to the material, and silicone lubricants should be avoided completely.  

Water-based lubes are preferred by many because they’re super easy to clean up and they’re safe to use with any toy. Water-based lubricants work best with Tantlay's dolls, which can provide a smooth and silky experience. They use water as the primary ingredient, which means it can evaporate with friction, but you can reactivate it with the addition of moisture (like water.)

Silicone-based lubricants use silicone as the primary ingredient. These lubricants are popular because they’re very smooth, less likely to feel sticky or tacky, and last a long time because they don’t contain water, which can evaporate or absorb into the body (which is perfectly safe, by the way). Silicone lubricants can be thought of as concentrated formulas, because just a little goes a long way, and there is no need to reapply. Plus, it’s waterproof, so with care, you can use it in the bathtub, shower, pool or Jacuzzi. You can also use silicone formulas for massage, as a hair smoother, and to moisturize and shine up tattoos. It is forbidden to use silicon-based lubricating oil with the doll, otherwise it will cause damage to the doll and affect the product experience in the later period. It is recommended to use water-based lubricating oil.

For oil-based oil, there are olive oil, baby oil or essential oil. These lubes tend to be more lasting, and many are edible. Oil-based lubes also make a great massage oil, and who doesn’t love receiving a massage that turns into sex? These lubes are a bit messier than other lubricants, and they can stain your bedsheet easily and are not easy to clean. Oil-based lubes shouldn’t be used with sex toys made from latex, silicone, rubber, or plastic. They can degrade these materials and turn your sex toys into a horrible mess.

Keeping dry:


As mentioned above, keeping sex doll dry is very important. After each use, you need to clean the doll. And you should also make sure that you towel it off, especially the inside of the doll. Because moisture tends to hide there. You can use Tantaly Absorbent Stick to dry the tunnel. TPE material is porous and any excess moisture will find it way deep into the doll and finally ruin it with mold. So please be careful about it. The powder mentioned in previous tip will definitely help with keeping your doll moisture-free.

Allow the doll to air dry or place a fan in front of any wet cavities such as vagina and anus. Leave these areas open/exposed until it is fully dry. Please don’t use a hairdryer because the concentrated bursts of hot air will damage TPE.

Because of the TPE material, you need more time and effort to fully dry it. It can take a few hours to fully dry. In order to facilitate it, you can also use tampons or rolled paper towels to dry the orifices.


Torso sex doll’s shape is very similar to human body and it doesn’t have head and limbs. So after the doll is not proper for use or you don’t want to keep it, please do not throw it away at will in case of scaring people. We suggest cutting the doll into fist-sized pieces with scissors, putting them in a black plastic bag, and then tossing them in the trash. As for built-in metal skeleton, because it is not the kind of simulation skeleton of human body structure, and it is a metal bracket with joints, so you can throw it into the trash bin after bending it forcibly at the corresponding place of joints.

Joint Maintenance:


If the doll’s joints are kept bent for a long time, there will be creases and wrinkles appearing on its skin surface which is due to the improper posture it is placed in or prolonged pressure on the surface.

For example, if it is placed sitting in the chair or on the bed for a long time, there will be horizontal lines on its abdomen.

TPE has good resilience, so when the doll is not used, keep it in the posture just like when it was delivered to you. It will reduce the stress on all joints. If the surface does wrinkle, lay the doll down for a few days. The creases and wrinkles will decrease and disappear naturally.



When it comes to actual cleaning of TPE sex dolls, you have to take note of materials you can use and those that you can’t. You can simply use diluted antibacterial/mild soap and water or sex toy cleaners to clean your dolls and avoid using bleach, rubbing alcohol, boiling water, and dishwasher which will break down the material.

As for doll’s tunnels, you can use Tantaly Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit which includes cleaning douche to clean inside with soapy water and drain the water out. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and fully dry it afterwards.

Removing stains or reparing cracks:


Because TPE material is porous, it can easily get stained from colored clothing or other things. Some stains will eventually dissipate on their own, but we recommend you to remove stains as soon as they appear. We Tantaly has designed the Sex Doll Repair Kit for you to use. It is really effective and easy to use. For details on how to operate this, please check out the video we made for you on the product page. Besides, when you doll peel or tear after a period of use, you can use this kit to repair it.



Owing to TPE material’s characteristics, we recommend you to store it in a cool, dry, and dark area and avoid direct sunlight. Also, you should avoid sharp surfaces and any surfaces with colors that can stain your doll. What’s more, your doll should be put in a neutral, straight position where none of the joints are bent.

For short-term storage, it is recommended to lay the doll on a memory foam surface and not to leave the doll in one position for too long. For long-term storage, we recommend you to put it into a dry case or bag after through cleaning up and drying up. Tantaly Sex Doll Storage Bag is sturdy and breathable. When the rope is pulled and the doll is sealed, dust and moisture can't get in, so it can effectively prolong the life of the doll. 

Final Thought

These are the main guidelines you have to follow to maximize the use and longevity of your TPE doll and to minimize any unwarranted risk of mold or untimely degradation. In many cases, TPE sex doll users will boast about how great this type of doll is. And truly, if having the doll is such a great experience, keeping it cleaned and regularly well-maintained will feel less like a chore and more of a privilege to do. We sincerely hope you can have a great journey with your loved dolls.



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