Tantaly Torso Dolls: Lifting the Veil on the Production Process


When it comes to sex dolls, many people have a limited understanding of how they are made. The manufacturing process is more complicated than you might think. In this article, we'll take a closer look at how the Tantaly torso is made, from the materials used to the final product.

Main material of Tantaly torso doll: TPE material and white mineral oil
Tantaly is a company that produces high-quality TPE sex doll torsos. All Tantaly love dolls are made of medical grade SEBS, which is one of the TPE materials (SBS, SIS, SEBS, SEPS), known for its softness and flexibility. SEBS is a styrene-based polymer commonly used in medical and consumer products due to its non-toxic properties.

Tantaly dolls also use white oil, which helps maintain the doll's smooth texture and gives the doll a more realistic skin texture. This is a cosmetic grade oil that is safe to use on skin and helps maintain their suppleness over time.

Designer doll
Sex Doll designThe process of designing a Tantaly torso doll begins with creating a 3D model of the doll, including all precise parameters such as skin color, hip size, breast size and other physical features, how to set a shape that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional is the most important. This design is also important for the correct placement of the doll's skeleton, which is built and positioned in the mold. Once the design is complete, the team moves on to the next stage of the manufacturing process.

Making mold
Sculpting the designed model
Once the design is complete, the next step is to create molds for the love dolls. The molds are made by experienced sculptors who have more than seven years of experience in sculpting love dolls with perfect details and controlling the right size of dolls. Tantaly's molds are made of copper molds which are long-lasting, non-toxic and able to clearly engrave all the necessary details. The mold production process takes 25-35 days.

In order to create the "correct" skin tone, colorists will constantly mix TPE powder, white mineral oil and food-grade toner in different proportions according to the designed color card to create the desired color for the sex doll. This process is critical to ensuring the doll's skin tone is consistent and realistic, sensitivity to color is everything!

Pouring and cooling
The next step in the process is to pour the prepared TPE material into the mold, and then use air, water or cold storage to cool the mold according to the size of the product. The cooling time varies with the size of the doll, for example, a mini sex doll weighing a few hundred grams will take 1-2 hours to cool; a medium size sex doll will take 4-8 hours; a 15 kg full-size sex doll will take 10-12 hours; For BBW sex dolls weighing 30KG or more, it takes 24 hours.

Trim and repair
Once the love doll has cooled, excess material is trimmed and ironed, and any minor surface imperfections are repaired. The production team ensured that the surface of the love doll is smooth and even. If there are any major defects, the doll will be scrapped and sent back for reprocessing.

Apply Renewal Powder
In order to remove excess oil (white mineral oil) on the surface of the sex doll, you can use a roller machine to powder the mini sex doll, and the larger sex doll needs to be manually powdered. This step is mainly to ensure that the doll's skin remains dry.

Doll coloring
Coloring the dollThe last step in the production process is to paint the doll's pussy and nipples. The color will appear relatively thick at first, and over time, the color will penetrate into the interior of the TPE material, showing a natural pink appearance. After the customer purchases, the depth to which the sex color will continue to penetrate will depend on how often the doll is used and cleaned. The dyes used by Tantaly are edible colorings that you can suck on with confidence.

Final inspection and packaging
Finally, the torso doll goes through two quality checks to ensure it meets Tantaly's high standards. The production team then assembles the package, including folding and cutting, placing the product, applying a plastic seal and applying a barcode. The packaging process includes 10 to 14 different stages, depending on the characteristics of the product.

Overall, the Tantaly torso production process is not simple and requires great attention to detail. Each torso takes at least 80 hours to make, from initial design to final inspection and packaging, with every step of the process carefully managed to ensure each torso meets the high quality standards Tantaly is known for.

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