FAQ About Tantaly Girls

Tantaly Girls is a realistic torso sex doll jointly launched by Tantaly and porn stars, such as Morgpie, the first Tantaly Girl created in cooperation with porn stars. Tantaly uses 3D technology to highly restore the body proportions of porn stars, retain the real body characteristics, and co-brand with porn stars. Tantaly Girls is a porn star sex doll universe created by Tantaly, where you can truly experience the sexy and beautiful bodies of porn stars, not just admire them through the screen.

In the future, Tantaly will cooperate with more porn stars, so stay tuned for the exclusive one for you.

Do you often watch videos of pornstars and fantasize about having sex with her? Tantaly Girls will make your fantasies come true:

First of all, Tantaly Girls are pornstar sex dolls, which can satisfy your sexual fantasies about pornstars; they highly reproduce the body proportions of pornstars; with soft and sexy breasts, juicy and lovely pussy and elastic buttocks,  you can unlock various sex positions with them, and get the ultimate orgasm experience together;

Second, Tantaly Girls is a life-sized sex doll that you can dress up as a bunny girl or a club dancer, having any type of date with her. Plus, you can cuddle her to sleep and feel girlfriend-like company.

Before sex, remember to apply some water-based lube to ensure a smooth sex experience. Clean in time after each use: After sex, you can use the vaginal douche to clean your vagina and anus. After cleansing and drying, apply some renewing powder to keep it looking fresh and smooth.

You need to pay attention to the following:

  • · Avoid using any old cleaners.
  • · Keep away from sharp objects.
  • · Wipe dry carefully.
  • · Keep in a cool and dark place.
  • · Keep lying down.
  • · Apply some renewal powder on the skin.
  • · Tight or dark underwear can cause deformation or staining of the doll's breasts or body.

Yes. The surface of Tantaly Girls has goosebump texture, which perfectly reproduces real human skin, giving you real touch and visual effects.

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