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Britney Story 1

  • Britney's first night with her neighbor

Britney is a 22-year-old college student who is about to graduate from Pratt College of Arts. From a designer's perspective and with a passion for life, she tells us some legendary sex stories.

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Jennifer Story 1

  • Jennifer is in the AV film

She was wearing a knitted tube top dress, showing a large area of collarbone and beautiful shoulders, the slender legs in the black boots under the skirt, she looked very charming. She was walking on the stairs between upper and lower floors and met a strong man.

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Eva Story 1

  • Eva’s happy time in the bathtub

With the stroking of the body in the water, the swaying breasts floated up, and the blurred eyes produced a feeling of suffocation. When the feet were wrapped around, the balance was difficult to grasp.

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Monica Story 1

  • Monica lives a life like anime

Under the gauze are a slim waist and slightly protruding abdomen, showing the proportion of ordinary people's dream body. This standard anime-style figure shows the temptation of cuteness.

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Monroe Story 1

  • Monroe has a great time in the car

Brown excitedly picked his girlfriend, Monroe, up at the airport. Monroe wore a beautiful and elegant deep V-neckline, a long white skirt with a slit up the slide, which looked sexy and seductive.

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Aurora Story 1

  • The next-door girl Aurora

Teddy wanted to seize the last chance to brand Aurora's perfect body in the memory area of the brain. His penis was inserted obliquely from the back of Aurora, she sprayed out the long-awaited comfort.

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Candice Story 1

  • The story of Candice in the sea

My memory drifted back, and the sun was setting on the beach in Hawaii, Candice was lying lazily on her chair under an umbrella. Her slender legs were exposed to the air, and the enviable curves of her body turned the heads of passers-by. 

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Scarlett Story 1

  • Scarlett gives a speech about sex time

At this time, the host came up and introduced a top graduate student in clinical medicine. Accompanied by music, a young girl with overflowing youth came up, wearing a lovely cartoon T-shirt, with a beautiful collarbone looming, straight chest, and vitality.

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Dita Story 1

  • Secretary Dita's Promise

She wore a pair of red high heels with black soles; her calves were wrapped in a black halter dress, outside of which was a light purple shawl with a belt tied at the back, leaving the hems slightly open with her steps; her blonde curly hair was tied in a bun on top of her head, with a few strands of on the side.

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