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Ultimate Tantaly Sex Doll Torso Guide For Beginners

Sex is the most wonderful act of human pleasure, and everyone has the right to indulge in it. Start your adventure with us today and experience the most realistic and intimate sex experience yet. At Tantaly you will always find the right goddess for you.

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Breast Options Guide for Tantaly Sex Doll Torsos

Breasts are a symbol of femininity and the first body part that all people come into contact with from birth.  If you're looking to buy a sex doll torso with breasts and aren't sure how to choose...

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Tantaly Sex Doll Options and Functions

When you are browsing our website and looking for a favorite doll, you may just want your doll to look like she does in the photos, skin tone, breast, tunnel… everything. But you don’t know how to choose...

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How To Buy Clothes For Your Sex Doll?

Almost full-sized sex doll, which has longer legs and bigger size.They are Monroe, Jennifer and Aurora. For theses sex dolls, they have a better visual experience and more authentic intimacy time.For example, Aurora has a 30A cup...

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Things You Should Know Before Buying A Sex Doll

Sex dolls are so important in our society, because they help the people develop their sex skills, get their needs satisfied and keep safe from the risks of getting infected with a STD. But things you should know before buying a Sex Doll...

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9 Things You Shouldn’t Do To Your Sex Doll Torso

People should be aware of the two significant reasons for caring about sex dolls. One is that sex dolls are not cheap. Any improper action can cause damage to them, and you can lose your money also. Another reason is...

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What’s the Difference Between a Masturbator, a Sex Doll Torso, and a Full Sex Doll?

When it comes to getting off, there are a variety of toys and contraptions for both men and women. And thanks to technology, and the means to market various niches within the sex industry, it’s easy to find… just about anything...

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How To Care For Your Tantaly Torso Dolls?

Sex dolls can be roughly classified into two types which are made of TPE and Silicone. For TPE(thermoplastic elastomers) dolls, they are more high-maintenance but also has lower price and...

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Tantaly’s First Lightweight Sex Doll

Nicole is Tantaly's first weight reduction torso sex doll, which adopts advanced weight reduction craftsmanship. It’s weight is changed from 52.9lbs to 39.8lbs and also keeps the shape of a doll weighing 52.9lbs, which not only allows you to enjoy the greatest degree of sexual reality, but also gives you better maneuver.

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News and Secrets

What's new on Tantaly
New product is coming!
Miki is the hot, playful American girl who can fulfill all your sexual fantasies about a young girlfriend.
The sexiest girlfriend is here!
Tantaly launched the first porn star sex doll using 3D technology, highly reproducing Morgpie's body proportions.
If you are trying a sex doll torso for the first time, you can click here to see more.
Are you a boob fanatic?
Your Breast Options Guide for Sex Doll Torsos
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