9 Things You Shouldn’t Do To Your Sex Doll Torso


The more you research, the more you become aware that sex dolls are for those who can take a huge responsibility for them also. People must know that owning a sex doll doesn't mean having fun all the time, and you also need to take some responsibility for maintenance. 

Moreover, people should be aware of the two significant reasons for caring about sex dolls. One is that sex dolls are not cheap. Any improper action can cause damage to them, and you can lose your money also. Another reason is that sex dolls are more as a companion rather than just a masturbation aid. So, treat them like your loved ones and take care of them.

Here are nine things you shouldn’t do to your sex dolls if you want the relationship to last long:

Don't Leave The Doll In a Sitting Position For Too Long

People must keep one thing in mind that not to leave their sex doll in a sitting position all day long. Try to leave her in a straight position as much as possible. If you leave them in the same bending position for a long time, then it can cause damage. The bending style of the body, like the sitting position, can spoil the material and produce curves or cuts. For example, if you buy Tantaly’s best selling product Britney who has big soft breast, you can't let her lie on her chest for long. Because this will damage her breast which can ruin the breast fun in future. For our biggest sex doll Monroe who has long beautiful legs, you need to put her legs back in place after enjoying them and not keep them open all the time.

Don't Put Too Much Unnecessary Pressure On Your Doll

You have to think that your sex girl is your partner in the journey of pleasure fantasy. You can't enjoy this journey of pleasure without this amazing sex doll. So, mishandling her or exerting too much pressure over her can damage her inner skeleton. Although the sex doll is built with a metal skeleton to last during various sex positions, it is recommended to avoid putting too much unnecessary pressure on your doll. There is no need to go wild with her, you should get pleasure from all sex positions with patience. Be gentle with her and avoid putting unnecessary items over her. Only then she can remain with you as long as you want. Besides, sharp objects are the natural enemies of Tantaly’s TPE dolls. For the doll's safety, please stay away from them.

Make Sure To Wash Your Doll Properly

Furthermore, we can’t forget that your health is also important. People must know that if they don’t clean the sex doll properly, it can potentially result in infections and skin diseases that are very difficult to get rid of. If synthetic and natural residue is left inside the opening of dolls, then you are allowing bacteria to grow there. When you wash the doll, wash her properly and don't leave any extra residue or cleaner over her skin. Moreover, the next time during making sex, the residue can cause any health issue after coming in contact with your delicate skin. As a result of this, you can suffer from rashes as well as complex skin infections like contact dermatitis. So, there is a need to wash them properly after making love with them. In order to better serve customers, we have developed Tantaly Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit, which can bring a lot of convenience to your doll cleaning.

Don't Do This After Washing Your Doll

After washing your sex doll properly, never rush towards the drying process immediately. People do not use hair dryers or other direct heating sources to dry sex dolls. And try to use some renewal powder on the skin to help protect the material and keep your doll in prime condition. In this case, you have to leave your doll in a room that has AC or fan and let her dry naturally. But don't expose your doll to direct hot air. In addition to this, you can also use some baby powder over her skin for her protection and her long life. Indeed, she has a special place in your life.

Only Use Renewal Powder To Beautify Your Doll

People should not apply cream-based makeup like concealers, foundations, cream blushes, etc. on the doll, which will seep into the material and permanently stain the area. The ingredients of these products are not suitable for the material of your pleasure doll. No doubt, the renewal powder is the best choice because those products are better for human skin but not good for sex dolls. These products can damage the smooth skin of your doll. You can use powder makeup that will not stain the skin area. It is also essential to increase your knowledge about sex doll maintenance.

Don't Spray Perfume Directly Onto Your Doll

Perfumes are fantastic to boost your senses and instantly bring you in the mood, and you feel more sex attraction towards your sex doll. But, a direct spray of perfume can damage the skin of your beloved sex girl. So, People must not spray perfume directly onto your doll's skin because the high alcohol content in perfumes can make the pigment rub off and leave your doll with a weird patch of discoloration. People can spray the perfume on the clothes and let them dry completely. Then put it on your doll, and the goal of this procedure is to fulfill your wish without causing any damage to your sex doll. In this way, you can enjoy love-making fantasy with the fragrance of your favorite perfume.

Don't Use Oils And Creams To Lubricate Your Doll

Creams and oils are good for human skin, but they are not suitable for a sex doll. That’s why you should not use oils and creams on sex dolls. These oils are notorious for being able to degrade TPE and make your sex doll toxic to your health. The degraded material can collect dirt or grime easily and provide a perfect habitat for bacterial growth. Moreover, these lotions and creams are made up of ingredients like emollients. These emollients are perfect for human skin, but they can destroy the surface of a sex doll over time.

Besides, people should never use Rubbing alcohol, Essential oils, Shampoos, and Laundry detergents for sex dolls. Essential oils can burn the surface of the doll and damage her permanently. On the other hand, body washes and shampoos contain surfactants that are not easy to clean from TPE surfaces, and they will make your doll dull.

Don't Dress Her Up In These Fabrics

Sometimes you wish to dress up your sex girl in your favorite clothing because she is your companion of the most beautiful moments. But, there is no need to dress sex dolls up in materials, such as faux and leather, denim, and latex, which potentially cause staining. And you should also avoid placing your doll on blankets or fabric with plush, which doesn’t stain sex dolls, but it sticks to them and is hard to clean.

Unfortunately, your sex girl can’t wear all colors also. You also need to avoid dark and very pigmented colors such as black, red, fuchsia, purple, magenta, navy blue, etc. You can use light colors like baby pink, light blue, apple green, etc. But, if you like to see your sex girl in dark color outfits, then make sure that the colors aren't running after multiple washes.

Don't Leave Your Doll Near High Heat

Sex dolls are attractive and fantastic for love-making. They can fulfill your sexual desires according to your wish. Your sex doll can enhance your sexual desires whenever you see her.  So, to carry on this relationship with your sex girl, never leave her near high heat for a prolonged period of time because high heat can cause TPE to start melting.


Sex dolls are the source of sexual pleasure. Your sex doll is not only your companion in the journey of sexual pleasure but also a companion for your daily life. So, you need to take care of her also. All the tips in this article will help you to maintain your sex doll better. You should clean her properly and dry her naturally, and this habit will also keep you from any bacterial infection and keep you healthy. It is important to enjoy the doll, but it is also essential to take care of the doll. Moreover, these sex dolls are expensive products, and you need to maintain them properly. Otherwise, your negligence towards her will damage your sex doll permanently.

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