Lightweight Sex Doll


Lightweight Sex Doll

Sex dolls have changed how you can explore your sexual fantasies by providing many options. You do not have to deal with partnered sex issues like flexibility and difference in preferences.

Now, there is a rapidly growing innovation in the sex doll industry.

How to Reduce the Weight?

It is pretty tricky to reduce the weight of TPE sex dolls. The density has to be much smaller than the original one. Also, the foam core must be able to bear the liquid TPE's pressure. However, if overly hardened, the doll would end up losing flexibility. It has to be on just the right level. The foam core size directly affects the weight, flexibility, and production success rate.

Besides above aspects, such problems also needs to be solved for this kind of sex dolls.

Firstly, when the TPE material is in the liquid state, it is very hot. So the foam core has to be able to withstand high temperature and don’t react when it fuses with TPE.

Secondly, due to the weight reduction material used in the product, its hardness is higher than that of TPE alone. Therefore, when the product is designed, the ratio of inner foam core and outer TPE material should also be controlled.The outer TPE material must be balanced in thickness and weight.This will make the product light and soft.

Thirdly, the size of the foam core plays a key role in the doll's weight and quality. And the cost of foam core is very high, so the number of this material also need to be accurately controlled.

Is It Necessary to Reduce Weight?

Sex dolls are meant to be hyper-realistic, like human skin, soft, textural, and with the right weight. Over the years, sex dolls have gone from either too light to too heavy.

Lightweight sex dolls can be easily carried and cleaned, but their unrealistic look is flawed. They often just look like inflated balloons. While heavy sex dolls are more realistic, they have a major trade-off in their mobility. Moving them takes quite a lot of energy which you should not have to expend just to have a good time. Generally, heavy sex dolls weigh around 30KG.

There is a need to reduce heavy sex dolls, to achieve the needed balance. When sex dolls are realistic and have the right weight, you will enjoy them better.

Benefits of the Lightweight Sex Doll

You might think you do not need a weight-reduced sex doll and maybe even consider it a luxury. But wait for a second and observe the benefits.

Imagine having a sex doll that not only looks super realistic, but you can move it with minimal energy. A lightweight sex doll eliminates the risks of back pain, body aches, and lack of flexibility. Even cleaning her up becomes easier.

Generally, it has the combined benefits of light and heavy sex dolls without their disadvantages.

Lightweight, the Future Trend

The sex doll industry has constantly evolved over the years. We have seen improved skeletons, durability, body shapes, and even recent improvements in weight. More efficient lightweight sex dolls are the future trend.

They are made with improved materials that are enhanced with lesser weight and more flexibility. Also, their resistance to weather and chemical elements promises higher durability. The industry is gradually shifting to these new sex dolls that are more realistic, durable, and easier to handle.

Tantaly’s First Lightweight Sex Doll

Nicole is Tantaly's first weight reduction torso sex doll, which adopts advanced weight reduction craftsmanship. It’s weight is changed from 52.9lbs to 39.8lbs and also keeps the shape of a doll weighing 52.9lbs, which not only allows you to enjoy the greatest degree of sexual reality, but also gives you better maneuver. Its weight allows you to freely switch among favorite sex positions and you can clean it easily after sex.

After many trials, we accurately control the ratio of inner foam core and outer TPE material. You can feel this on Nicole's buttocks completely. For the former versions, the ass looks beautiful, but not soft. But for the last version, it feels soft and also keeps a good shape. You can have a good time when you try doggy style.

We tested a number of foam cores before settling on this one. This one  has perfect hardness and high temperature resistance. So it is perfectly built into Nicole's body.When you touch her, you feel it is so real and momentarily confused about what's real and what's not.

In addition, the craft of Nicole’s breasts needs special mention. After many processes and adjustments, Nicole's breasts finally take on a pendulous shape like papaya, and possess perfect softness to the touch. She has the most perfectly crafted breasts among all the Tantaly's torso sex dolls so far, and her presence will be breaking news for breast sex lovers.

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