Why Is My Girlfriend So Mean to Me? 7 Possible Reasons


Girlfriends often think men are tough and unable to feel emotions. However, many men are asking questions like, "Why is my girlfriend so mean to me?", "how can I get my girlfriend not to be mean to me?" 

It is even more painful when your girlfriend is mean to you and refuses to discuss her reasons. This can slowly build up anger in your relationship, eventually leading to a breakup.

A relationship challenge like a mean girlfriend is hard to address when you don't know why she is being mean.

This article will answer your "Why is my girlfriend so mean to me?" question and give tips on making your girlfriend much nicer to you in your relationship.

Mood Swings and Changes in Hormones

It might not sound genuine to you, but the truth is, when your girlfriend is in her menstrual period, it might leave you wondering why she is so mean to you. This is because it's normal for her to have unnecessary mood swings and the feeling of being alone.

These symptoms may vary in different women, but mood swing is predominant in ladies when they're on their period. If you've always been wondering why your girlfriend is so mean to you, it might be due to hormonal fluctuation that happens during menstruation.

Furthermore, some premenstrual symptoms are sadness, crying spells, irritability, poor sleep, lack of concentration, and sudden changes in your girlfriend's mood.

So, whenever you're wondering why your girlfriend is so mean to you, ask her or check if she's on her period or close to that period.

She Wants to End the Relationship

This is also one of the reasons why your girlfriend is so mean to you. Not everyone is straightforward enough in their relationship, and they might not even know how to break things up when they no longer have feelings for their partner.

Your girlfriend might be tired of the relationship or not have feelings for you anymore. When this happens, she might not be able to tell you verbally, and the only way to show you is to express it with her actions. 

Behavioral changes are signs that your girlfriend isn't interested in you anymore. She might even be trying to get you to break up with her by giving you attitude. She suddenly becomes irritable and means, leaving you questioning why your girlfriend is mean to you.

She Is Stressed

Whenever you feel like your girlfriend is mean to you and you keep asking why your girlfriend is mean to you, you can try to ask her or check if she's going through any pressure recently. Most ladies are feeble, and they get stressed easily when under pressure, which can make them react harshly to you.

Research shows that around 10% of the population of the United States experience stress. This shows that it's a common thing. When your girlfriend is stressed, it affects her brain and makes her lack interest in other activities.

So, if your girlfriend is reacting badly to you or giving you an attitude, you can ask her if she has any personal problems like family trouble, pressure at work, or exams because they might be part of the reasons for her attitude.

She Feels You Both Are Not Compatible

If you've ever asked yourself, "Why is my girlfriend so mean to me" this is also one of the reasons. Although it's popularly said that opposite sides attract but in the actual sense, this isn't often true.

When people are in a relationship, they mostly look out for similar traits in their partner. If they don't find any, they lose interest in the relationship and become mean. This is common to ladies because they're more on the receiving side.

The truth is, it's easier to be happy with someone with the same attitude, beliefs, and character traits as you. This is why your girlfriend becomes mean to you when she doesn't find similar traits in you.

Butterflies and attraction might have brought you together, but beyond that, compatibility matters more. So, whenever the question, "why is my girlfriend so mean to me" pops into your mind, you should check if you both are compatible.

Lack of Communication

One of the compelling factors required to sustain a relationship is effective communication. It's possible for people, especially ladies, to get bored easily when the communication isn't effective with the other party.

Whenever you notice your girlfriend is giving you attitude, one of the things to do is to check how effective your communication is. Lack of communication causes more problems in a relationship than any other issue.

When your girlfriend can't communicate pressing issues in the relationship, she won't have a choice but to resort to giving you attitudes. This is what translates to being mean to you. Your girlfriend might not even detect that her behaviour is translating to being mean, but most likely, you'll perceive it that way.

So, before you ask the question, "why is my girlfriend so mean to me" you should check if the communication between yourself and your girlfriend is intact. 

Unexpressed Projections That Aren't Satisfied

If you're dealing with issues in your relationship that keep making you complain to your friend, saying "my girlfriend is mean to me," it might be because you're not meeting some of her needs.

However, the problem is that most of these needs aren't communicated. Everyone in a relationship has a certain expectation, especially in romantic relationships, and when they aren't met, it might lead to anger.

The main cause is that we refuse to acknowledge that those expectations are ours, and they do not necessarily correlate with our partner's expectations. This is what happens most times in your relationship, which makes you wonder and ask yourself why your girlfriend is mean to you.

There's no way you can meet expectations if you don't even know them. So, whenever you're wondering why your girlfriend is mean, ask her if there's anything she might want you to do for her.

Lack of Sexual Satisfaction

This is also one of the most important reasons your girlfriend can be mean to you. Most ladies love to be satisfied sexually, and once they don't get this from their partner, it can lead to a change in attitude because most of them might find it hard to communicate it with their partner.

If your girlfriend isn't the cheating type, the only way to express her dissatisfaction is through her actions which will then show that she's mean to you. So, if you discover that your girlfriend is mean to you and you notice it's because of this, you can work it out and talk about it. Talk about your sexual preference and explore. Doing this will make her free with you, and it will improve your sexual performance.

Final Words

Congratulations, you can finally eliminate the "my girlfriend is so mean to me" thoughts. If you fully understand this article, you shouldn't have to be so bothered about a mean girlfriend.

Next time you see a man thinking aloud, "why is my girlfriend so mean to me" you already know what tips you can give him. You can have him read this article too and enjoy a better relationship.

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