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    Male Sex Doll Threesome

    In the most sensual and erotic corners of our minds, there are some seriously interesting ideas, kinks, and motivations lurking. And when it comes to doing things that are less ‘vanilla’ we’re often criticised for it. Why? We believe that pleasure is pleasure, and as long as you’re getting off without hurting yourself or others, use any vice that gets your motor running!

    Speaking of less mainstream, threesomes are slowly but surely becoming ‘a thing’. Men and women worldwide are engaging in this fun activity with different genders, allowing themselves to experience different sensations, and new experiences.

    If you’re someone who has tried it and didn’t like it, at least it’s something you can tick off your sex bucket list!

    For those who do want to try it, however, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. And that is, having a male sex doll threesome. It’s sexy, it’s easy, and it’s definitely very arousing.

    What is a Male Sex Doll?

    Usually when you hear the term ‘sex doll’ you think about men. Well, a male sex doll is a toy… for her (or him if he fancies). It’s a sex doll that has an erect cock, balls, and abdominal muscles! These male sex toys can be customised by shape, size, colour, and physical stature, so you can create your perfect male sex doll for pleasure! This female masturbation toy is the top of the line when it comes to sex dolls for her.

    Female Threesome Sex Doll

    On the flip side, if you’re a male who has always wanted to try alternating penetration between two pussy’s, there’s a very sexy toy for that. The Nova and Eva: 3P Twin Sisters sex toy has been created so that you can thrust in and out of two different pussy’s as you please. Or, you could choose a doll that’s double realistic with a lifelike ass, anus, and vagina! One of these male masturbator sex toys will certainly turn a solo play session into your own FFM threesome!

    Why Should You Buy a Male Sex Doll For a Threesome?

    Why should you consider buying a male sex doll for your threesome? Well, for many couples or friends with benefits, it can be hard to find a third partner. And even if you do, it could take time to get to know them, find out if you’re attracted to them, and whether you’d actually like to be with them intimately.

    There’s also the aspect of how the act will eventually unfold. Maybe you’ll find that you and your partner aren’t really in sync with the third person, or maybe there’s just no chemistry? All of that dissapears when you consider using a sex doll for your couples threesome! In fact, sex dolls for couples are quite the ‘in thing’ right now, and something we recommend you ought to be trying!

    With a male sex doll, you and your partner can control every single aspect of the experience such as the positions you enjoy, and time spent on each partner. Using a torso penis doll during your threesome also completely eradicates the aspect of jealousy or feeling unwanted, as it is two people who both have the means to direct the third party, who comes sans emotions! Isn’t that a treat?

    Three is Better than Two

    Another reasons why a male sex doll threesome should be on your to-do list, is because well, three is better than two, quite frankly! Say for example, you have the most beautiful car in the world. Wouldn’t life be sweeter if you had two of said-car? Yeah, exactly! It only makes sense that having three people in bed is a bit cheekier and more fun than if there were two!

    How to Simulate a Threesome with a Male Sex Doll

    If it’s your first time in a threesome, or first time in a threesome with a sex doll, here are a few guidelines you can follow to enhance your experience:

    ● Turn out the lights, and perhaps use a blindfold to really immerse yourself in the situation
    ● Have lube on-hand, and prepare the male sex toy so that it is in the position ready for her.
    ● Think of a completely erotic role play idea, and go with it! This will make the experience more sexy
    ● Music can create an even more comfortable environment

    During the threesome, try:
    ● Having her give her partner a blow job as she rides her male sex doll
    ● Having anal sex with her, while she uses her male sex doll for double penetration

    Add Extra Toys to Your Threesome Fantasy

    If you want to spice things up even further, why not incorporate a few extra tidbits into your play time? For example:

    ● Try using a putt plug, which may give the effect of a fourway
    ● Add a vibrator into the mix for multiple orgasms

    The sky is basically the limit when it comes to having a sassy male sex doll threesome! In fact, you may have even more fun with your doll, with the ability to control and enjoy absolutely anything your imagination runs wild with!
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