How to Talk Dirty During Sex? Practical Tips in 2022


Sex comes in different styles, each with a unique passion and experience. Dirty talk is an element that can easily spice up your sex life with your partner.

You can use dirty talk to explore your deepest sexual desires and cravings. According to research by Justin Lehmiller, 93% of women dream about being dirty talked while having sex.

Even though science has researched the impacts of dirty talks during sexual activities, there are no exact patterns in mastering the art.

But you should not worry, this article contains how to talk dirty during sex. You will even get bonuses on dirty things to say needed to build the sexual excitement from outside the bedroom.

Focus on what puts you in the mood

Talking dirty during sex doesn't imply talking too much. In essence, it's not about being overly vulgar. There should be keywords you dwell on, and most importantly, your focus should be on what turns you or your partner on.

Remember that what makes the statement dirty is how sexually aroused it makes you or your partner feel after hearing it. So, don't talk too much. Get familiar with yourself or your partner and dwell more on what turns you or your partner on.

When you do this, talking dirty with your partner will come with ease, and you'll have a better sex life.  

Avoid too many details

You don't have to infuse unnecessary details when you want to talk dirty with your partner. Most times, a short sentence is enough.

For illustration, you don't have to describe their beast or butt size because you want to talk dirty. "You look so hot, and I just want to eat you out" is enough to get the ball rolling.

However, if you want to use adjectives, words like huge, big, wet, hard, etc., work well. For example, your dick is so huge, I can't wait to have it in me, or you're so wet. I want to fuck you hard might be just enough to set the pace.

Become comfortable with your partner

How comfortable you're in your relationship determines how much dirty talk you can have with your partner. Being comfortable with your partner is expedient if you want to talk dirty without getting anxious. After all, the person is your partner.

It's recommended that you discover your partner's sexual interest beforehand to reduce the anxiety you'll feel when you're in the moment. Try talking dirty with your partner before sexual intercourse to know if they are really into dirty talks.

Make sure you communicate and explore your relationship with your partner. Being intimate with your partner is a recipe for lasting relationships and enhances the ability to talk dirty with your partner.

Avoid judging your partner

It's important to refrain from judging your partner if you want dirty talks to be pleasurable and memorable. If your partner says something off point, roll with it and add to it. This will make your partner feel wanted and go deeper into dirty talks with you.

If you judge your partner for saying something off, you'll ruin their mood, and that's the end of your dirty talk or sex for that day.

In essence, you should be that person who enhances their partner's sexual fantasy rather than ruining or crushing it. Doing this will enhance dirty talks with your partner and boost your sex life.

Say things that will make your partner excited and anxious

When you're about having sex with your partner or doing the build-up, talking dirty to build anticipation and create anxiety in your partner is one of the best things to do.

For instance, if you tell your partner you're so hard/wet right now, it will build curiosity in your partner and arouse them sexually.

Talk about the moment

Another way you can talk dirty with your partner is to tell them how you're feeling or want to be handled at the moment, especially during sexual intercourse. 

For instance, I like the way you're fucking me. Can you go faster? Choke me, spank me, etc., are dirty things to say to your partner when you're having sex.

Saying these things will make your partner feel they're doing well and want to put more effort into making the sex more pleasurable.

Recognize your partner during sexual intercourse

If you want to talk dirty with your partner during sex, you can also do that by recognizing the impact of your partner's action on you.

Examples of those sentences are; you feel so good inside me, you're fucking me so good, your dick/pussy feels amazing, I love the way you taste, I love the way you moan, I love it when you grit your teeth.

As stated earlier, such sentences will make your partner feel they are doing well and will make them intensify the effort.

Compliment your partner sexually

As stated earlier, the importance and gravity of positive comments or compliments cannot be underestimated when you want to talk dirty with your partner.

Simple sentences like "I love the shape of your butt, I just feel like bending you over and spanking it" is just enough to get your partner into the conversation.

So, it's important to compliment your partner sexually as this is one of the ways to talk dirty with your partner before or during sex.

Be confident enough to ask for what you want

The truth is that everyone gets nervous and anxious during sex, and this hinders the flow of dirty talks with their partners. This is why it's important to be comfortable with your partner. It enhances your communication and gives room for dirty talk.

However, if you want to talk dirty with your partner, you just have to pull it off. Even though it feels tricky sometimes, you just have to be confident and do it. Let it flow and tell your partner exactly what you feel in a dirty way.

Don't start talking about it in the bedroom

Talking dirty with your partner shouldn't start in the bedroom. It's recommended that there should be a build-up to it as this will put both of you in the mood for it.

You can do that by sexting your partner, passing sexual comments and compliments, engaging in sexual conversations, watching sexual-related videos, etc. This will pave the way for the smooth flow of the dirty talks for you and your partner. You can even take it a step further by watching porn together, making it easy for you both to imagine even dirtier things to explore.

Be energetic about it

You should be enthusiastic about it when you're engaging in dirty talks with your partner, no matter how hard it is. It's important to make your energy noticeable to the other party.

It will make your partner feel desired, and once that happens, they will reciprocate the energy and keep the ball rolling. In addition, it can also make your partner become brave and either say or try out new things with you.

Make sure your partner consents to it

When having dirty talks with your partner, seeking consent and respecting individual boundaries are essential.

For instance, you might like being called a slut during sex, but your partner might see it as a big deal. 'Soft' might be a compliment to you, while your partner sees it as a criticism of their weight.

In essence, before engaging in dirty talks with your partner, it's important to iron out individual differences to enjoy the dirty talks.

Don't force it

It's important to understand your partner and pay attention to their mood when you want to talk dirty with them. You don't have to force dirty talk with them when they aren't in the mood.

Even if they're in the mood, you should let the naughty conversation flow naturally. You don't have to package it or make it sound better. Just communicate it based on what you can see, feel, touch, smell, and hear.

Be dirty, yet respectful

Dirty talks have to be kept at a delicate balance, bordering on naughty without being disrespectful or annoying. Even after your partner has given their consent, you still need to treat them with as much respect as possible while satisfying your sexual fantasies.

A good trick is to ask your partner the exact words while touching the right spots and inform them always to caution you whenever they are starting to feel disrespected.


When done right, dirty talk is fantastic and helps you and your partner connect more intimately. It helps to eliminate bedroom shyness and makes you both bolder in making moves and taking control more often.

Feel free to read this article with your partner and practice everything mutually without holding back. You can take it steady and slow while unleashing dirtier aspects of your passionate selves.

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