Dirty Things to Do to Yourself When You're Alone (for Men)


Sexual activities are amazing when done with one or more people. The feel of flesh grinding across slick flesh and moans suffusing the room is irreplaceable. But that is only one aspect of sexual activities.

Partnered sex is amazing, but solo sex is as beautiful as it unleashes the deepest sensual and erotic parts of your being

When alone, how do you satisfy yourself as a guy? There have to be some dirty things to do to yourself when you are alone.

If you are a guy, go through this list carefully and diligently, and learn as much as possible.

Here is a list of dirty things to do to yourself when you are alone.

1. Try a Sex Toy

Sex toys top the list of dirty things you can do to yourself when alone, as a guy. Toys, in this case, are not for kids.

Maybe you cannot use sex toys like clit vibrators and other means for ladies as a guy. However, it is still possible to use some vibrators like dildos, wands, and thrusting vibrators to stimulate yourself.

Generally, vibrators are just better fingers. You can fit them anywhere you'd have a finger fill. Most importantly, you can flex vibrators and control your dirty acts completely.

You can visit your local sex shop to stock different sex toys which work for men. With a wide range of these, you can do dirty things to yourself without being limited to any range of activities.

Additionally, you should do away with the misconception that all sex toys are vibrators. You can try applying stainless steel and glass wands to your G-spot and P-spot zones.

2. Try Anal

As a guy, solo anal sex opens up a range of activities that would have been limited to you without the availability of partnered sex. You can now ride dildos and vibrators to your satisfaction. Just like partnered gay sex, you will get deep penetration and slick wetness.

3. Get Some High

What better way to get nasty than getting high with CBD or alcohol? Smoking weed can heighten your sense of sexual pleasure. But take care to only do this where it is legal.

If weed is illegal in your location, you can get high on some booze before doing dirty stuff on this list to yourself. However, it is advisable not to get high in environments where you can cause harm to yourself or others.

4. Prepare the Seductive Mood

Before starting anything, you should decide what dirty thing you want to do with yourself when alone. After taking the decision, you should get the required material and stimulate the atmosphere, so it feels like a sexual one.

For illustration, you can get scented candles after you've gotten your sex toy and lube. This will make it more pleasurable.

5. Enjoy Slow Steady Masturbation

This is the part where you use your hand to satisfy your sexual desire when alone. All you need to do is to moisturize your palms with lube and stroke your dick as steady as possible.

However, there should be a limit to how long you masturbate because frequent and consistent masturbation isn't good health-wise.

6. Try Porn

Another dirty thing you can try when you're alone is to watch pornography. This can also help stimulate your sex hormones and give you a pleasurable experience without a sexual partner.

Watching the actions and movement of the actors is enough to make you aroused and have a good time alone.

7. Porn, but without the video

If you don't want to watch the movements and actions in the porn video, you can play the porn video and only listen to the audio. All you need to do is to place your smartphone beside you while the video is playing and enjoy the moans of the actors.

8. Cum over a Tape

Recorded solo sex is sometimes referred to as "camming." It is simple. You only need to do dirty things to yourself while filming everything.

The thought of your partner watching later can make you try harder and get more active. The recorded tape can be used to spice up your partnered sex life later.

9. Guided Sexting

You can also pick up your phone whenever you're alone and engage in an erotic chat with the person of your choice. However, it has to be with the person's consent, and you need to take it easy.

Sharing erotic pictures and talking dirty in a chat with someone are one of the dirty things you can do when you're alone. The person doesn't have to be available physically.

10. Ride Your Sex Toy

As stated earlier, you can gently ride your sex toy when you're alone. The sex toy will be able to touch your G-spot or P-spot without much stress.

Also, you should make use of lube to get an easy and deep penetration and also slick wetness. You can consider using a CBD or THC-based lube to assist in bringing blood flow to your essential parts.

11. Vibrate in the Shower

Shower moisture can help get your vibrator slicker, with little need for sex lubricants. Also, the sound of water dripping from the shower can easily put you in an erotic mood and can even be used to stimulate partnered shower sex.

12. Sex Play with the Mirror

According to research, humans often enjoy sex better when watching their movement and performance in a mirror. Some even record it to watch it later.

Likewise, watching yourself touch and play with sensitive parts of your body, such as your dick, nipple, etc., is also one of the dirty things you can do when you're alone as a man. Simply face the mirror, stroke your dick, ride your sex toy, touch your nipples, etc.

13. Try a Stroker

A stroker is a flesh-like sex toy that you can penetrate. It's one of the ways to have penetrative sex without a sexual partner. Your hand can indeed do the job when it comes to masturbation, but the peak of masturbation is when done with a stroker.

You might not know this unless you try it out. Whenever you're chanced, get a stroker from an adult store, and once you're alone, penetrate the stroker and stroke gently. The pleasure of having your dick in a warm and fleshy environment will make the experience memorable.

14. Gently Insert Your Finger into Your Anus

In the absence of a sex toy, you can make use of your finger when alone. Gently insert your finger into your anus and stroke it steadily. You can make use of lube to make it more smooth and pleasurable.

Also, you can rub your G-spot, which is located internally between the lower part of the penis and the anus. The same way rubbing a lady's G-spot will make her derive more pleasure from the action is the same way you'll have a pleasurable experience rubbing your G-spot.

The G-spot is capable of producing an intense full-body orgasm when rubbed appropriately. However, you should make sure your hands aren't dirty, and your nails are trimmed before inserting your fingers into your anus.

15. Read Erotic Stories Online and Get Hard

When you're alone, this is one of the dirty things you can try. All you need to do is to surf the internet and read erotic stories to create a fantasy in you. You might not feel anything when you start, but as time passes, you begin to get aroused.

While reading, you can create videos and pictures of the events in the erotic story in your head and fantasize about them. This will stimulate the hormones responsible for sexual activities in your body and make the experience pleasurable.

In addition, this can lead to steady and pleasurable masturbation, which is also one of the things discussed above.

16. Document Erotic Memories

Sometimes, it's normal not to feel like watching anything when you're alone. However, you can also have a pleasurable and fascinating sexual experience alone without watching anything or touching any part of your body.

The best way to do this is to document erotic Memories and experiences. Doing this will make you fantasize about the experience and want to have it again. This activity will get you hard, and you'll have a pleasurable moment engaging in it.

All you need to do is to grab a pen and a jotter or simply use your phone to type those words and create visual representations of those memories in your head. By doing so, you're stimulating the hormones in your body, and you'll derive pleasure from that.

Final Words

There are many dirty things you can do to yourself when alone. These activities will help you to feel sexually fulfilled, even without the physical presence of a partner.

Many of the listed activities can be done without external stimulation, but some like porn will require you to be stimulated by outside energy.

Your pleasure is primary whenever sex is concerned. So, feel free to go wild with as many dirty things as you can imagine, feel the sensual and erotic parts of your being, and unleash.

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