Knowledge of Sexual Law


In August 1999, The World Association for Sexual Health adopted the Declaration on Sexual Rights, and a healthy society should recognize, promote, respect and protect everyone's sexual rights through various means. AV actresses naturally have their own rights to sexual freedom, sexual autonomy, sexual integrity and physical security rights, sexual private rights, sexual fairness rights, sexual pleasure rights, sexual expression rights, and right to free sexual union, etc. Therefore, in the sexual law, any kind of work involving sexual activities should be protected and respected if it does not harm the society and does not cause harm to others. With regard to sexual relations, individuals have the right to refuse to establish, maintain or terminate a sexual relationship according to their independent wishes.


Sexual rights include:

  1. "Sexual Will". This is also the basis of all rights, and it is also the realistic demand of human beings for sex. In particular, it is necessary to recognize and attach importance to women's sexual rights, which mainly depends on their sexual will. When a woman says "no", the man will stop immediately and will not bear any sexual responsibility.
  2. "Sexual Obligations". Obligations come with rights, and so does sex. In terms of sexual rights, there is the right to be equal, that is, there is no distinction between high and low, weak and strong, more and less.
  3. Sexual Autonomy. Everyone has their own independent will and the right to choose and develop in terms of sexuality. This right is also not subject to interference and destruction by others.
  4. The right to choose sexual objects. Individuals have the right to independently choose the sexual object and sexual behavior object they wish to have, and others shall not interfere.
  5. The right to choose sexual pleasure. This concept means that everyone has the right to have pleasure in sexual activity within the scope not prohibited by law, such as the elderly, the disabled people and certain special groups. Therefore, breaking the conventional concept of sex, enjoying a happy and free sex life, and obtaining sexual pleasure is the right given to everyone.

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