Double Standards: Why Society Should Be More Accepting of Male Sex Toys


We’re living in a world where double standards are rife. The best example would be the fact that women are often stigmatized for sleeping around, while men are usually praised for it.

Today, however, we’re going to look at a different kind of double standard… that is, the use of sex toys.

For years it’s been deemed ‘normal’ and more acceptable for women to use all kinds of sex toys. TV shows, such as Sex and the City, have further reinforced this behaviour, allowing women to feel more empowered and comfortable when it comes to using a nifty device to get off… and that’s a great thing!

But when it comes to male sex toys, many times it is met with shame or disgust for both men and women. Men who use toys that oftentimes depict female genitalia, have frequently been associated with being a creepy pervert or a sexual deviant.

Dolls secretly hidden under the bed by men

(Dolls secretly hidden under the bed by men)

On the other hand, women throw Passion Parties, talk about their sex toys with their girlfriends, and have absolutely zero qualms about keeping something seductive in their nightstand drawer. Why!

So, today we’re going to to take in insider look at this double standard, and hopefully bring about more awareness and acceptance for those who own, or who would like to own, a male sex toy.

Why is There a Double Standard When it Comes to Male Sex Toys?

The Aesthetic

For one, the way in which some male sex toys can be perceived as ‘in-your-face’ and perhaps crude. Oftentimes these toys mimic that of a real woman, like a no-talking object that can be used to gain sexual satisfaction. With that, it hits close to home for women who have the tendency to feel used and objectified during sex.

Not only that, but many male sex toys are made in such a way that men are prompted to come inside them. The imagery alone is enough to cause a wince. Which poses the question: if male sex toys did not look or conjure up such graphic images, would they be more socially acceptable?

One way to look at it, is the way in which a man uses and takes care of his sex toy. When good hygiene and proper storage is implemented, there’s absolutely no reason why men shouldn’t be able to enjoy the pleasure that these kinds of toys bring.

Male Sex Toy Marketing

Another aspect that has caused a bit of a negative reaction when it comes to male sex toys, is the way in which it is marketed. Granted, women are usually less intrigued by explicit descriptions and vulgar language than men are, but male sex toy boxes and descriptions leave near-nothing to the imagination.

Most male sex toys, especially sex dolls, come with descriptions like, “I’m young, dumb, and full of cum”. This doesn’t exactly scream ‘elegant’, and can definitely leave some with a sour taste in their mouth.

(A lifelike doll, seems to stay young and beautiful forever)

The Male vs. The Female Form

It’s no lie that the female form has been an object of adoration and lust for centuries. Society deems curves, breasts, soft skin, and lustrous hair something to be desired. But when it comes to the male form, it’s oddly rugged, perhaps even invasive.

For that reason, it’s a huge turn on to know, view, or imagine a woman being sexual and sensual. The idea of a woman getting off and enjoying pleasure is often met with positive feelings and sexy imagery. A man getting off however, especially one that blows his load into a doll, well… that isn’t quite as sexy, is it?

Reaching Climax

Another reason why perhaps double standards exist when it comes to sex toys, is because men are more prone to climaxing during sex.

Some women, on the other hand, find it difficult to come during penetrative sex, and thus society has continued to improvise by bringing out toys that’ll help her reach her best orgasm.

For that reason, women owning a sex toy is merely a way in which for her to gain the sexual satisfaction that we all deserve.

At the end of the day however, it seems slightly ridiculous that men need to go out and spread their seed at local bars, or continuously ‘swipe right’ on dating apps in order to gain sexual satisfaction. Isn’t that the double standard that many in society find off-putting in the first place?

With that, it seems only fair and natural for us to be more accepting of male sex toys in modern-day society. Men need not stick to using a hand to get themselves off, they too deserve the right to receiving maximum pleasure at their leisure.

Regardless of appearance, a male sex toy is actually a great thing. One that can help alleviate sexual tension, and bring about blissful orgasms. Let’s just say ‘no’ to double standards, shall we?


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