7 Male Sex Toys That’ll Keep Him Coming


Who says sex toys are soley for women? In today’s modern world, everything is possible, and we’re big advocates of equality and sexuality. Which is why we’re in the business of providing products for men that are so deliciously sensual, they just can’t stop coming for more.

So whether you’re an open-minded person looking to spoil your man with a sensual gift, or you yourself are hoping to receive a little treat, here are seven male sex toys that’ll keep him (or you) coming.

1.Sexy Susan-The Mega Masterbator

You just can’t go wrong with a mega masterbator that’s a sensual torso of delight. Looking for a real-feel experience while enjoying the feminine and curvaceous form? Sexy Susan’s here to give you everything you’re craving, and more.

This mega masterbator has been designed with Fanta-Flesh technology, and has been created in such a way to reflect a physically-gratifying experience for the user.

Sexy Susan features both a pussy and an ass, giving you the best of both worlds. She too comes with large breasts, soft and perky, if that’s what floats your boat.


(Sexy Susan)

2. Fiona-A Spread-Eagled Vagina & Ass Masterbator

A gorgeous creation, Fiona is one saucy sex toy for him that really mimics a lifelike pussy and ass. This masterbator gives you the freedom to really immerse yourself, let go of all inhibitions, and simply ride the wave of pleasure.

The spread-eagled sex toy for him is strategically soft in all of the right places. It has two holes, each carefully crafted with textured twists, giving you different sensations according to your needs.


3. Horny Heather-A Silicone Ass Masterbator

If you’re all about ass, then Horny Heather is here to make all of your anal dreams come true. This silicone ass masterbator is gloriously-porportioned, giving you a soft surface that’s kind on your skin and genitals.

This sex toy for him comes in a doggy-style position, allowing you to grab onto the voluptious ass during play time.

What’s also great about this silicone masterbator is that it too comes with a pussy to play with. The ass orifice is tighter, perfectly designed for those who seek the real anal feel, while the pussy is more textured.


(Horny Heather)

4. Alana-A Dual Entry Silicone Doll

This dual entry silicone sex doll is perfect for those who adore big breasts, and the ability to customize their sensation. It’s made out of TPR material, which gives it a more natural feel, and really has been built to last.

What’s also alluring is the fact that this sex doll is a mould of an actual model, and is decorated sensually with a Alana and floral tattoos that run along her body. This sex toy is well-proportioned, and its design has proven to be very generous when it comes to quality.


5. Brooke-A Mini Ass Masterbator

Sometimes, bigger doesn’t equal better… and Brooke is here to prove it! This sex toy for him is a mini ass masterbator that also comes with a pussy.

The butt is extremely cushiony, made of silicone, and gives you a soft little something to grab onto during play time. What’s also great is that the ass is ribbed, and the pussy is textured, giving you different sensations according to your taste and preferences.

This mini ass masterbator is small in size and light to carry, yet definitely knows how to get the job done.




6. Jessica-A Double Penetration Ass Masterbator

Imagine the sensation of enjoying a tight and lifelike anal experience. One that fills you with ecstasy and makes you come like an absolute champ. That’s Jessica, a double penetration ass masterbator, in a nutshell.

This sex toy for him has two delicious and round butt cheeks ready for squeezing, and when spanked, will create a lifelike bouncing effect. It also has two holes, both five inches deep and ribbed, for those who want the best of both worlds.

Enjoy Jessica, a double penetration ass masterbator, that comes in the doggy style position, and experience the real deal.



7. Scarlett- A Sexy Lingerie Ass and Pussy Masterbator

Solo play time just got way cooler and exceedingly more erotic with Scarlett, a sexy lingerie ass and pussy masterbator. This sex toy for him has been created using TPR Soft Touch durable material, and has been aesthetically designed to minic a feminine woman with curves in all the right places.

This toy comes with two holes, each with the ability to give off a different kind of stimulation. Enjoy missionary or anal with this top masterbator for him.

So, have you found your must-have sex toy? Or perhaps a few of them have caught your eye? Enjoy a build up of intense sexual energy, undeniable sexual arousal, and ultimately, a mind-blowing climax with one of these sexy and luxurious masterbators. Life’s short, after all… Treat yourself!




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  • Posted on by ali

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