How to Have Sex with Girlfriend and Sex Doll


Having two hot chicks in bed to enjoy is a dream for any man. Now, if you are in a relationship, then it will be hard for you to get such two pussies and a couple of pair of boobs in bed at the same time. Your girlfriend will never allow any other woman to enter your private space.

This happens to most men even if their sex life is dull and boring. But, adding another person and having a threesome is always an exciting prospect for couples. Meanwhile, you have to careful that your actions inside the bedroom stays inside and don’t get spilled outside.

Now, most couples want to experience threesome but the fear of losing their privacy is too scary for them. That is why if you are looking to explore threesome like never before, then you can have it now without the fear of losing your privacy.

Yes, a sex doll can be the partner you and your girlfriend need to enjoy threesome sex. Also, you will not have the threat of losing your privacy because a sex doll won’t spill anything outside your bedroom. So, your privacy will be safe and secured.

We can sense that you are eager to find out more about this prospect of using a sex doll in your bedroom to have threesome sex. But, there is one thing that you should keep in mind. To have the ultimate pleasure of threesome, you need to use the doll properly.

So, now, you will be wondering how you can have threesome sex with a sex doll and your girlfriend. Well, you don’t have to scratch your head too much because, in this article, we are discussing exactly that. So, let get started.

Do you want a threesome Sex?

Having sex is all about pleasure and fulfilment. To experience that extreme pleasure, you need a clear mind while having sex. If you are too stressed out while enjoying the body of a sexy woman, you cannot expect to have a fulfilling sexual encounter. That is why if you want to spice up your sex life with your partner, then you need to be absolutely sure that you want threesome sex.

Well, you can make your sex life interesting again by changing sex positions and doing other things which will bring a different dimension to your sex life. However, threesome sex is a different experience altogether which you will never find in any other way. So, be clear in your mind whether you want a threesome or not and then proceed to buy a sex doll for that.

What Do You Need To Avoid?

Sex is all about pleasure. If you are getting the pleasure you seek while having sex, then you should also keep in mind that your partner is having similar pleasure. Now, if you are new to sex, then you will have to learn the art of sex before you can actually satisfy a girl. Yes, penetrating the vagina will give you pleasure. But doing it in certain ways will ensure pleasure for your partner as well.

What happens with most inexperienced guys is that they tend to watch porn movies to know how they can satisfy a woman. But, in most of those movies, you will see things that will end up hurting your partner rather than giving her pleasure. So, don’t rely on porn movies totally. Ask your partner about her likings and see her expressions and reactions to your every move. It will help you to know how your partner will feel happy in bed.

Let Your Sex Doll and Girlfriend Do Foreplay

You have to make sure that while having a threesome, your girlfriend and sex doll is getting involved in the action at the same time. Don’t ever make your girlfriend wait to get into the action with you and the sex doll. You can start by penetrating the doll while you finger your girlfriend’s vagina. That will be a brilliant way of making both your girlfriend and sex doll involved.

Also, you will be making sure that your girlfriend is having the pleasure she seeks from the session. However, you have to be careful because if you ejaculate before fucking your girlfriend, that will be an embarrassment. So, to prevent that, you can fuck your girlfriend first after the foreplay where you will submit to your sex doll and girlfriend. And then, you will penetrate the doll and finger your girlfriend.

Don’t Expect Everything from Sex Doll and Girlfriend

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make while having sex is expecting your girlfriend to do the entire act while you play a passive role. Yes, she will enjoy riding your dick but doing it for a prolonged period of time will be tough for her. There is one major thing you should know which many men don’t seem to realize, when it comes to sex, women like to take the passive role.

Yes, women find the supreme pleasure by staying passive in the action. They like the most when you are the one making love. Also, penetration requires a certain level of physical strength. If a woman does it all the time, then it will take a toll on her body. So, she will become less interested in sex. So, if you want your girlfriend as an active participant in sex along with your sex doll, you have to be the one doing the decisive things like changing positions and fucking. Don’t even expect that your girlfriend or your sex doll will do all the work for you.

Experience a threesome Sex

Being a part of threesome sex is an awesome experience. But, sadly, very few men or women have the fortune of being a part of that pleasurable act. Also, with a sex doll involved along with you and your partner, it makes sure that whatever happens stays inside the bedroom. However, due to the lack of experience in a threesome, many people will hesitate while bringing in a sex doll.

At present, couples are looking to do everything they can to reduce the monotony in their sex life. Most couples know that threesome is a great option to elevate their sex life to a whole new level. That is why there is a rise in the popularity of sex dolls. If you experience threesome once with your girlfriend and the sex doll, you will look to do it over and over again.

Consider the Following Suggestion When Having Threesome

Now, while having threesome sex, you have to keep in mind certain things that will help you to extract more pleasure from the act. You will see many people trying out threesome sex. But, some of them will tell you that they didn’t find it that much pleasurable. And then again, you will a majority of the couples telling you how good their threesome experience was with their sex doll.

So, you have to know what you should do and should not do while having threesome sex. Only then you will be able to enjoy your threesome encounter fully. Thus, here are some suggestions that we would like to give before you start having a threesome with your girlfriend and a sex doll. These inputs will surely enhance your experience quite a lot.

Use Lubricant

You have to use lubricants while having sex. When your penis penetrates a vagina, it will create friction. Now, to avoid that, you have to make sure that your penis is well-lubricated. Meanwhile, you have to understand that the vagina of a sex doll will not get wet unless you lubricate it. Therefore, you have to use lubricants to avoid any pain during sex.

Also, keep in mind that this friction can cause severe pain for your girlfriend and as a result, she could lose her interest in sex. That is why lubrication is so very important. If you are using condoms during penetration, then you may not need to apply extra lubricant to your penis. However, if not, then without any doubt, you have to use lubricant for a pleasurable experience of a threesome.

Never Share

You will find many people who have a tendency of sharing sex dolls. Well, it is one of the worst things that you can do. The last thing you would want is to share your sex doll with your friend and end up getting an STD. You have to understand that most people will not be ready to clean the doll after they are done with it. Even if they clean it, they will not do it as carefully as you might do.

As a result, when you use it the next time, you will be putting yourself under a lot of health risk. Not only that, but your partner will also have the same threat. Yes, sex dolls are expensive and thus, many people share them. But, if you buy a sex doll from Tantaly, you will not have to pay a huge amount of money. So, the next time someone asks you to give him or her, your sex doll, tell that person to buy one for him or herself from Tantaly.

Be Aware of Noise

Due to the advancement in technology, you will now find many sex dolls that will make noise while having sex. Well, this might seem a wonderful thing but that noise can create a problem for you as well. You don’t want others to know that you and your girlfriend are using a sex doll and having threesome sex. Some things should remain private among couples.

That is why it will be nice to have a sex doll that doesn’t have the noise during your play. Also, if you have already bought a sex doll or intend to buy that will make noise; you should read the instruction manual first, especially, for the sound section. It will help you to avoid any inconvenience due to the noise from the sex doll.

Consider Storage

When it comes to buying a sex doll, storage becomes an important factor because you would want to use your sex doll for a long time. So, before buying a sex doll, you should consider the storage first. You should create a separate space in your bedroom for the new member that will be away from anyone else’s attention apart from you and your partner.

You will find many large sex dolls whose stature will be like a real human being. But storing those dolls could be a real problem. So, buying a torso sex doll from Tantaly could be a great option as you will not need a large space to store it.

Benefits of Sex Doll

If you and your partner are struggling with your sex life, then the introduction of a sex doll in your sex life could work as a game-changer. Apparently, it might seem that the sex doll will take you and your partner away from each other. But what will happen is exactly the opposite. The sex doll will work as a catalyst to rejuvenate and reinvigorate the lost spark in your sex life.

Having another person (the sex doll) in the bedroom with you and your partner will open up a wide array of opportunities that you can do during sex. Therefore, you and your partner will be more than willing to have sex. The interest in sex for your partner will come back and you will be able to enjoy stunning sex life. Nothing else can turn your sex life into pure bliss than a sex doll.

About Tantaly Sex Doll

Tantaly is one of the biggest manufacturers of torso sex dolls. When you explore the collection of torso sex dolls of Tantaly, you will be stunned because it’s huge and overwhelming. Each of those sex dolls bears great quality. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the quality of the doll. Also, the storage of the doll will be easy for because of its smaller size. Apart from that, the price of the dolls is quite reasonable. So, when it comes to buying a sex doll for your threesome action with your girlfriend, Tantaly has to be the best place for that.

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