Top 10 Asian Sex Dolls


Sex dolls are a thing of beauty. You cannot deny that. Well, there are so many different types of sex dolls available in the market based on their race, body-type, and nationality that you just can’t but get confused as to which sex doll to buy.

Now, this is where your fetishes come to the fore. If you love to have sex with an Asian girl, then you can also buy an Asian sex doll which will be a great purchase. You will have a sex doll that looks like an Asian girl and you will have a great time fucking her.

You must be wondering why you should buy a sex doll. If you want to live a happy and fulfilling life, you cannot have that without a happy sex life. Now, most men rely on their partners for their sexual satisfaction. But, very few men are now able to find sexual satisfaction from their partners.

So, as a result, a majority of men struggle to find sexual satisfaction. Thus, they never find that fulfilling life they want for so very long. Now, it is important to focus on your sex life as well. If you want to be happy with your sex life, then you have to take the initiative.

You cannot think about the stereotypes that this society will inject in your head. These are hurdles that you have to cross to find sexual satisfaction in your life. You have to get rid of these constraints and get a sex doll that will help you in having a great sex life.

So, if you are into Asian girls and want to buy an Asian sex doll that will make you happy in bed, then let’s see the top 10 Asian sex dolls in this article.

What is Asian Sex Doll?

Now, before telling you the top 10 Asian sex dolls available in the market right now, we would like to clarify what an Asian sex doll is. Otherwise, you will not have the clarity in mind while purchasing the sex doll. As you already know, an Asian sex doll will have the look of an Asian girl.

Many people fantasize having an Asian girl in bed. If you are one of them, then you will surely love to purchase these dolls. You will find a sex doll with a slender figure that might allure you to get into the bed with her regularly and have limitless sex.

Yes, when you fuck your girlfriend or wife, you need her permission and also, you can have sex for a limited amount of time. But, with a sex doll, time will not be a constraint because sex dolls are always ready to get fucked.

Most of the Asian sex dolls are made with either Silicone or TPE. These two materials resemble the feel of human skin. So, when you touch these sex dolls, you will surely feel like touching a real human being which will bring more passion and feeling in your sex with an Asian sex doll.

Yes, the price of these sex dolls can be a bit costly. So, if you have the budget, then you can go for. But, if you don’t have the budget and still want the same pleasure, then you have sex doll torsos from Tantaly which we will talk about later. For now, let’s see the top 10 Asian sex dolls.

Top 10 Asian Sex Dolls

The number of Asian sex dolls available in the market is huge. So, finding the top 10 among them was an uphill task. But, we pulled it off and so, here are the top 10 Asian sex dolls that you can look to purchase for your sexual satisfaction.


Pippa is a nice fantastic Asian sex doll that looks like an Asian girl. She has the perfect body that you would dream in an Asian girl. She also has nice hair and you will enjoy spending time with. Well, she is not a perfect Asian sex doll because her hands are much slender than her figure. Also, her price is a bit too much for most people.


  • Nice looks and a perfect body
  • The shape of boobs and ass is perfect


  • Not at all affordable
  • The structure of hands is not good


Without any doubt, Irina is a wonderful babe of Asian origin who can satisfy you in every possible way. She has a beautiful face that you would love to see while you penetrate her. However, her legs are longer than usual and the price is a bit too much for its quality.


  • Perfect and beautiful Asian face
  • A slender figure which is ideal to enjoy


  • Unnaturally longer legs
  • The price is higher than it’s worth


Among all the sex dolls that we looked for to include in this list, Bridgette was probably the easiest selection. Her figure is so hot that you would feel the urge of having her in your bed. Also, her vagina is too sexy for you to miss out. Well, one negative aspect of her is her short height. Apart from that, the price should have been a bit lower because this doll is expensive.


  • Alluring figure with a nice vagina
  • Beautiful hair makes her look sexier


  • The height is too short
  • The price is very high


Esther is one of those Asian sex dolls that you have to include in this list. She has a sexy figure which portrays the look of a stripper. Well, the biggest drawback in her appearance has to be her eyes which are quite scary. Also, her price should be a bit lower.


  • Hair looks beautiful
  • Her face is very pretty


  • Eyes are a bit scary
  • The price is too heavy


At times, you will see a beautiful babe and you would want to keep staring at her sexy figure. Simone is one such babe that you would love to enjoy. She has nice tits and a great ass. Well, she can be your dream Asian girl whom you fantasized in bed.


  • Big tits and fluffy ass
  • Nice and cute look


  • The price is too heavy
  • The belly section could have been better


Lina is a gorgeous babe with Asian origin. He has the assets to satisfy your sexual needs. Lina is made with TPE, a material that will feel like human skin. Thus, you can find terrific pleasure by using this sexy Asian sex doll. Her boobs are unnaturally big. And, as Lina is a TPE material, her price should have been lower.


  • Made with TPE material
  • Provides terrific pleasure


  • Much higher price compared to TPE material
  • Boobs are unnaturally big


When it comes to the list of top 10 Asian sex dolls, Leah has to be one of them. You will surely love to see and explore her assets in bed. She can give you the ultimate pleasure in bed. However, you can’t say that she is perfect and also, her price is a bit too much.


  • Nice assets to explore
  • Nice Asian looks


  • Perfection is lacking
  • Too costly


Amy can be a nice sex doll and her face is really very pretty. You will love to see her face while fucking her. But, if you are looking for an Asian face, you may not see that in her. Otherwise, she can be a good purchase if you are ready to spend a large amount on sex dolls.


  • Nice and small tits to fondle
  • The face is very pretty


  • Not the perfect Asian look
  • The cost is very high


When you see Natalie, the first thing that your eyes will notice is her small boobs. She has a nice figure that any man would enjoy exploring. You will surely love to have her in your bed because she can give you a fantastic experience. However, she does not look Asian by any sense.  


  • Enjoyable ass and boobs
  • Can provide terrific sexual experiences


  • Does not look Asian by the looks
  • The face could have been more beautiful


Well, Ava certainly has the attributes that can make her a great Asian sex doll. She has small boobs which are quite firm and you will love squeezing them. However, the markers failed to create a perfect Asian face for her. Also, her teeth structure could have been better.


  • Nice assets especially her small boobs
  • Her eyes are truly mesmerising


  • The Asian face structure lacks finesse
  • The teeth structure should have been better

How to Care for Asian Sex Doll

As you now know the best Asian sex dolls that you can look to purchase, here is one more thing that you would need to know. Taking care of your sex doll is more important than anything else. If you don’t take care of your sex doll, it will cause a threat to your health.

So, you must be wondering how you can take care of your sex doll. Well, it might seem to be an uphill task for you but in reality, it is quite simple. Hence, let’s see the steps you need to take while maintaining your Asian sex doll.

  1. First, bath your sex doll using water in the bathroom.
  2. Now, use soapy water and sponge to rinse your sex doll properly.
  3. After that, use a soft towel to make your sex doll dry.
  4. Also, if the inner parts like the vagina are removable then wash it separately.
  5. Once all the water is evaporated from the doll, use talcum powder to make her smell nice.
  6. Now, your sex doll is ready to use and you can enjoy with her thoroughly.

Here is one thing that you have to remember, whenever you use the sex doll, make sure you clean it. Nothing can be more dangerous for you than using sex dolls which are not cleaned properly. So, no matter what, make sure you are using sex dolls which are cleaned properly.

About Tantaly Sex Dolls

Tantaly is one of the largest manufacturers and providers of sex dolls. We have some of the top-quality sex dolls that you would love to use it. Now, if you are looking to buy an Asian sex doll, then a better choice for you would be to buy a sex doll torso from Tantaly. Do you know why?

First of all, when you are looking to buy a sex doll, you will be looking at the price. Now, an Asian sex doll can be very expensive. It will put pressure on your budget. You would definitely not want to buy a sex doll by breaking your bank.

But, if you buy a sex doll torso from Tantaly, then you will not have to spend a huge amount of money and the doll you will get will provide you with similar pleasure. So, isn’t it better to buy a Tantaly sex doll torso?

Also, you have to understand that you need to store the sex doll properly as well. Now, if the sex doll is very big, then it will be a big problem for you. An Asian sex doll will be huge, and thus, you will struggle to store it. But, if you buy a sex doll torso from Tantaly, you will be able to store it easily because the size of that torso will be much smaller than an Asian sex doll. So, buying a sex doll torso will be a much better choice.

The Bottom Line

Finally, if you have a desire to have sex with an Asian girl, then buying an Asian sex doll could be the ideal choice. But, if not, then you should think long and hard before investing such a large amount in a sex doll. Instead, you can easily buy a sex doll torso from Tantaly, and the pleasure you will get will be unimaginable, and the price you will have to pay will be much lower than an Asian sex doll. Therefore, you should get a Tantaly sex doll hands down.

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