Sex Doll De-stigmatization


Although the modern world has accepted several liberal aspects about the relationships, there are still some aspects which are not fully accepted. One such aspect which is not fully accepted in many parts of the world is the use of sex doll and sex toy. When this idea started, initially it experienced a lot of opposition from different sections of society. There was a lot of stigmatization of sex doll and sex toy in society which is still experienced in several parts of the world. However, there has been a lot of decrease of stigmatization in the recent few years about them and several societies are slowly accepting it.

Why was there stigmatization of sex doll and sex toy?

As per the research done on researchgate, they have come across few findings about the perspective of society. Around 41 love and sex doll community members were interviewed to find about their insights. One of the main factors these sex toy owners revealed was that they have these dolls to have rational solution to sexual and emotional shortcomings. After going though several legal hassles, the adult industry has shown a considerable expansion in the production of sex doll and sex toy.

There were a sizable number of males using masturbation sleeves, torsos, inflatable dolls, etc. Few men were also reported using these products on a regular basis. The research also stated that these dolls are primarily sold with the intention of sex toy, they are also sold as an artificial companion. These dolls serves as a lot of thing beyond just masturbation.

What are the findings about the use and effects of sex dolls?

As per the research done by Pubmed Central, there are few findings about it. Despite the fact that the use of full-body sex dolls were a controversial debate, they have done some findings from different perspectives. They multidatabase and multidisciplinary, searching strategy was used by the Pubmed Central during the research process. They found that approximately 50% for heterosexual-identified women and men in the United States and Germany used it.

Different views on its usage:
Some authors have predicted that they would be used for the long-term for sexual exploration, social companionship, pleasure, and getting satisfied sexual activity. While some authors, predict negative effect of increasing objectification of the opposite sex. Here, there will be increase in objectifying of women by men and men by women. It would reduce respect about each other in longer run. They have an important question: Are we going in direction of gender unequalness?

Supporting use of sex doll and sex toy:
Despite that there are a few alarming findings found in the use of dolls, there are some important aspects too which support it. Based on some case studies, a few therapists explain that it can be a healing and helpful transitional process after experiencing any traumatic experience. They have shown a bigger role in these toys to increase emotional goodwill of the person.

As per the observation done by British AI expert David Levy based on the research, there were some important findings. The person who started using these dolls shows significant changes in their intentional behavior and real feelings. These changes were observed to be both positive and negative as well. Moreover, it depends more on person to person.

Is it fine to use a sex doll or sex toy?

Although there are a few disadvantages about using these dolls, there are more advantages about using these dolls. We will look in more detail about both.

1. They do not have emotions
When you are going for the dolls, then you can surely get a level of satisfaction with respect to sex. There might by occasions when you need to get emotionally connected with some close partner which artificial dolls cannot give.

2. Possibility of addiction
Having ownership of these dolls will enable you to have sex whenever needed. This can increase your time spending more with these dolls, which can further lead to addiction.

1. Satisfy sexual desire
If you do not have any partner for sexual activity or you feel desirable about any physical factors, then sex doll can be a better solution. They can give a better level of sexual satisfaction that can make you feel better.

2. Always available
It might happen that you do not get your partner beside you when you feel like to having sex. However, a sex toy or doll will always be available to you when needed which can be influential in having sex when needed.

3. Your expenses are in control
When you have a partner, you will have to pay more expenses on different occasions, travel, restaurants, etc. which probably may or may not be recognized. Having dolls will certainly put a limit on your expenses.

4. Hygenic
Modern technology are developing these dolls in a much better way where you do not have to worry from the hygiene point-of-view. You can use it without any worry ensuring better health.

5. Fantasy fulfillment
You must be having different fantasies while having sexual activity. Sex doll are one of the better ways to satisfy all best fantasies by handling them in a proper way. You don’t have to worry about anything. They can bring better excitement for you in bed with a nice experience.

The different angles we have seen above hardly show any reason for stigmatization of sex doll. There is a huge demand for these dolls and sex toy in different parts of the world. Many researchers’ reports shows that there is a need for De-stigmatization of these dolls. A recent study done in 2020 by Drosinou, Koverola, Palomäki, Halonen, and few other had viewed it positively. They stated paying for sex doll can be much more acceptable than human sex worker. The research of Scheutz and Arnold (2016) study shows that men are more inclined to get sex doll compared to women. It is obvious that use of sex dolls has changed the landscape related to intimacy and sex. There are many benefits of having these dolls to get better enjoyment.

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