Tantaly Review of Stacy’s Mom – My First Sex Doll

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            Review Author: Liz Black X

Is It A Dream?

Last week I woke up to an e-mail from Tantalwhether I was interested in reviewing a sex doll for them. I closed my phone, put it away, and turned back around. Surely I was still dreaming.

Fifteen minutes later, I rechecked my mail. It was still there: would you be interested in reviewing a sex doll? I immediately replied: yes, of course, I’d love to review one for you. Male or female version, I don’t care. Whichever one you want to promote is fine.

I tend to refrain from sending business e-mails while still in bed, especially before I’ve had my first coffee because my mind is not entirely up yet. But I couldn’t resist.

Only two days later, sent by Amazon Prime delivery, my first sex doll ever arrived. It was love at first sight.

Sex Dolls and Robots

But Liz, aren’t you a straight woman? What use could you have for a female sex doll? The first reason is real simple: I’m married to a man who identifies as straight. He didn’t mind one bit having to sacrifice a little of his time to test this product.

My main personal reason to want to test this product is that I’ve always been intrigued by sex dolls and sex robots. Every documentary on TV that I could find, I would watch. From the latest developments in sex robots to a brothel where all workers are of the silicone/rubber kind. I love television series like Better than Usand Real Humans,’ which deal with a future where robots are living among us.

It has long been my dream to own a specimen like that myself. But the almost sentient robots of these series are, at the moment, still science fiction. And the Real Dolls which come closest, are way too far out of my reach.

Closely tied to this fascination is my objectification fetish. It was one of my first sexual fantasies, and it still exists today. We don’t act it out much since it requires a lot of letting go on my part. That’s where ‘Stacy’s Mom’ comes in. Instead of me having to play out the doll part, we can take the actual doll and play with her. And when we’re done playing with her, we put her back in the closet. Perfect, isn’t it?
Let’s look at her specifics.

Packaging and Description

Tantaly Review - Stacy's Mom

Review of the sex doll by Liz BlackX
Full body overview


The delivery from Tantaly was done in a nondescript box with only an address label on the outside. Nothing gave away what was on the inside. The delivery was ultra-fast with Amazon Prime.

Inside the box was another box, this time printed with the brand name Paloqueth. Paloqueth is a sex toy store who have started the brand Tantaly as their sex doll subdivision. I have reviewed a couple of items for this brand, here and here, and I was pleased with their products every time.

And then, finally, wrapped in two plastic wrappings, came out my new girlfriend, as we lovingly call her.

First of all, Stacy’s Mom is one heavy girl. She weighs 5.5 kilos or 11.9 lbs.

Her dimensions are:
Height: 15” = 28 cms

Length: 7.9” = 20 cms

Width: 6.3” = 16 cms

What this means is that she’s not lifelike in size, at least not to an adult torso, but she’s not tiny either.

Stacy’s Mom is headless, and neither does she have arms or legs.

This doll has three ways of masturbation: she’s got boobs you can use, she has a vaginal tunnel and an anal tunnel.

Her boobs are a D-cup or at least a good handful. The nipples are well done. I just have to squeeze her boobs every time I walk by.

The doll’s skin is very lifelike. I don’t know how they’ve achieved this, but it feels natural to the touch.

The doll is made of TPE, thermoplastic elastomer, and it’s medical grade, according to the website.


Tantaly Review - Stacy's Mom

Review of the sex doll by Liz BlackX
Close up of her vaginal tunnel


Stacy’s Mom has two tunnels, each with their own set of nubs and ridges for maximal pleasure. Make sure to use plenty of water-based lubricant, because no matter how close to life she may be, she won’t do this by herself.

The doll is easily cleaned with water and mild soap. Just make sure you don’t use anything with alcohol in it because you wouldn’t want to damage her.

The shape of her body is expertly sculpted. Minor details like her clavicle and her belly button only add to the experience.


Tantaly Review - Stacy's Mom

Review of the sex doll by Liz BlackX
View of her back


Usually, this is the bit where I explain what I thought of the toy during use, but this time I have to rely on my husband’s experiences.

He used Stacy’s Mom for masturbation several times, and these were his findings:

First of all: she’s a great toy. Because of her size and build, using a doll like this is very different from the 10 dollar vaginal sleeves he had used before.

It’s tough to get her in the right position, because of her weight. You need hefty arm muscles to lift her and position her on your stomach for the correct penetration. And since it is still a doll, you need to guide your penis into her yourself. Once you have balanced her on your leg, it feels delicious.

When you, during use, come in contact with her boobs or ass, some weird instinct kicks in, and all blood flows to the right places. Suddenly your primal brain decides: this is the real deal, let’s get to work. This makes the experience very intense.

Her anal tunnel is tighter than her vaginal tunnel. The nubs and ridges have been done very well, and it does feel natural.


Tantaly Review - Stacy's Mom

Review of the sex doll by Liz BlackX
Another complete body view


Stacy’s Mom by Tantaly is a great doll and the best sex doll we ever could have imagined owning. She is pretty, feels natural and is an excellent tool for masturbation. She’s easy to clean and versatile in her abilities.

I don’t mind that she doesn’t have a head, because things like eyes and mouth often distract from the experience. And even though this doll costs quite a penny, she’s definitely worth it. You can use her missionary style or doggy-style, she’s your lover either way. I refrained from making cheap doll jokes, but do you mind if I go out with one?

No matter in what form you use her, you’ll never hear her complain.


Tantaly Review - Stacy's Mom

Review of the sex doll by Liz BlackX
Side view


  • Well-built
  • Lovely shape and features
  • Three options for masturbation
  • Easy to wash with soap
  • Useable with water-based lubricant
  • Feels wonderful
  • Good Price/Quality ratio



  • Heavy
  • Difficult to dry the inside after cleaning

Where to buy:

Stacy’s Mom
from: Tantaly

This product was given to me by Tantaly in exchange for an honest review. The fact that I received this product for free has not influenced my opinion in any way.

The links above are affiliate links. Please use them when viewing and/or buying the product, so I make a small commission for keeping this site up and writing more in-depth reviews for you 

All Pictures

 Author Website: www.lizblackx.nl

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