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                                  Review Author: Christmas Bunny 

I’ve been fairly quiet lately.  Things have been pretty even for the last few months.  I stayed busy with leatherwork over the holidays, nursing my broken heart and letting my work occasionally fill up over my head.  I haven’t felt a lot of motivation to write new things, and only the occasional post has crept out of my brain to demand documenting.

As things moved along at a steady flow, I got a message to suddenly jolt me from the evenness of our days.  It was Paloqueth, offering me a new item from a sister site.  I mentioned it to Daddy and clicked the link.  We chose one together.  Scarlett.  I messaged back and promptly forgot about it, being busy with something else, I’m sure.

Maybe two days later I got a text message from Daddy shortly after He’d blown me a kiss and headed out for work.

I put on my Moosh Moosh hooded blanket and some bunny slippers and padded downstairs to get her.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the only thing visible on the table was a shipping box, smaller than I expected.  I made a cup of hot chocolate and took it and the box back upstairs with me, curling up on the couch to open it.

I carefully slit the box open with a rotary cutter, since it was the closest thing at hand, and parted the paper to reveal a miniature female torso, as perfect as one could imagine.  The feel as I grasped her waist to lift her out was odd – molded from a soft silicone, she didn’t feel real in the sense of skin, but there was something enticing about her texture.

Daddy messaged, asking what I thought, so I sent Him some pictures.  She’s so tiny and cute! I exclaimed.  I think I want to make her a tiny leather harness.

It’s odd, picking up a perfectly formed female torso in small scale.  I examined her, turning her over and finally resting her on my lap.  Apple wandered in about then.  “Really, Mom?” she asked in a disbelieving tone of voice.  This from the woman who has found any number of random sex and impact toys scattered about the house, but concentrated in my bedroom, and has not even blinked an eyelash at them.  Apparently a sex doll was a bridge too far.  Laughing at her sudden prudishness, I tucked Scarlett into the bed for Daddy to find when He got home.

When I got home, He had already found her and been unsurprised by her size.  Apparently one of us read the dimensions on the website.  I picked her up and happily trotted over to the couch, where we examined her again.  Slapping her adorable silicone ass was oddly satisfying, but we figured we’d take her for the test run.

I got her lubed up and helped position her, and Daddy commented that the interior molding was well done, vagina-like without being a vagina, except that it sort of was, except not warm.  I don’t have the right equipment to really gauge that sort of thing.  Ultimately He pushed me back down onto the bed to finish things off, and I was glad Scarlett didn’t have ears when He said He preferred mine.

I gave her a thorough bath with soap and water, gently cleaning her everywhere, then wrapped her in a towel and we all cuddled on the couch to watch Prime.

She sits with us on the couch most nights now, and I always make sure she has a blanket at bedtime.  I really need to make her some clothes.

But I don’t sleep with her.  I feel like that’s the line where maybe I would need to talk with a counselor about my life choices.  Otherwise, that’s totally what you do with dollies, right?

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