Sex with Sex Doll: The True Feelings Unknown to You


Those who have no idea what it feels like when you have sex with a sex doll will never understand its value unless they use it. That is a fact that you should know. If you never experienced having sex with a realistic sex doll, then how could you know how it feels like?

However, many such people who don’t know anything about using sex dolls give expert opinions about using it. But, when it comes to finding expert opinion, you should always trust an expert and who is more expert in sex dolls than Tantaly!

At Tantaly, we are revolutionizing sex doll making with our innovative and crafty solutions which give our sex doll making a new vision. That is why we are striving ever so hard to make sex dolls more realistic than ever. That is why when we say something about sex dolls, you can rely on us.

Now, many new sex doll buyers always wonder what it would feel like to have sex with a sex doll. The fact is unless you experience it first-hand, you won’t be able to understand the actual feeling that you will have while having sex with a sex doll.

You can imagine and contemplate by hearing from others about their feelings. But, if you want to know the feel, you have to do it yourself. However, reading about it will give you a fair share of an idea as to what to expect when you will be in bed to have sex with sex doll.

That is why here is everything you have to know about the feelings you will have while having sex with a sex doll. One thing is for sure, you would be tempted to buy a new sex doll and you won’t regret it.

What are Sex Dolls?

Imagine you have the opportunity to have sex with the sexiest woman on this planet. How would be her tits, her ass, her face, her lips, her skin color, and her figure? Even the thought of such a woman would make you horny, isn’t it?

Well, you can have such a sexy woman in your bedroom now 24/7 in the form of a sex doll. They are designed as per the vision of creating the sexiest women in this universe. So, now you know what you can have when you purchase a sex doll.

Apart from the appearance, a sex doll will come with various anatomical parts like mouth, anus, vagina, etc. Many sex dolls have changeable or removable body parts whereas others have fixed body parts. These sexy dolls are made with one thing in mind and that is the sexual satisfaction of the user.

Why Should You Have Sex With Sex Doll?

Before you purchase a sex doll and have sex with it, you will have to know the benefits of using it. You would always want to buy something that will add value to your life. Now, having a sex doll in your bedroom will have a different dimension to your life. If you have sex with sex doll, your sex life will become better than ever. Here are some of the main reasons as to why you need a sex doll in your bedroom.

Enjoy a Better Sex Life by Having Sex with Sex Doll

Having a good sex life is a dream for many people. However, there are very few people who enjoy such a wonderful sex life. One of the reasons for that is most people suffer from boredom in their sex life. Your sex life has to be something special.

You might want to do certain things with your partner, or you have certain desires of fetishes which your partner might disapprove of. In that case, you will not be having the kind of sex life you dreamt of. Also, doing the same thing over and over again in the bedroom will lead to monotony.

That is why with a sex doll in your bedroom, you will overcome that monotony easily. You will be able to do things that your partner will never approve of while having sex with a sex doll. This will spice up your sex life and make it better than you ever expected.

Become More Confident in Bed Once You Have Sex with Sex Doll

When you are having sex with your partner in bed, you would want your performance to be top-notch. But, at times, you might not be able to perform the way you want. It happens because you have to be under certain limitations.

However, if you buy a sex doll from Tantaly and have sex with her, you will find that your performance in bed is becoming better. The reason for that is you will be under no limitation while having sex with a sex doll.

Therefore, you will have a better practice before the real fun begins. That is why once you start having sex with sex doll; you will see a remarkable change in your performance in bed with your partner. Thus, your sex life will be better than ever.

No Pregnancy Threat after Having Sex with Sex Doll

Yes, when you have sex with a woman, you feel tremendous pleasure. However, you will also face the risk of making that woman pregnant. Now, if you are not ready to take the responsibility of a baby at that time of your life, then it can also be a huge gamble for you.

Even if you use protection such as condoms, you might end up making the woman pregnant because of a silly mistake that you would repent for the rest of your life. That is why having sex with a sex doll is a better option because you will not have any risk of making a sex doll pregnant.

Also, if you don’t like to use condoms while having sex, then you should definitely have sex with a sex doll. Wearing condoms is not mandatory while having sex with a sex doll. But, it will be better for your safety. But, you will not have the looming threat of making her pregnant.

Zero Chances of STI by Having Sex with Sex Doll

If you have multiple sex partners or your regular sex partner has an STI or sexually transmitted infection, then you might end up having it as well. It is one of the major concerns of having sex with an unknown person. STIs are one such health issue you would dread having.

One of the best things about having sex with a sex doll is that you will not have to worry about catching STIs. You will be the only person having sex with the sex doll. Moreover, you will be taking immense care of the doll by cleaning it every time after using it.

So, this will eliminate any chances of having STIs. Therefore, you can have sex with sex dolls without worrying much about STIs. That is why sharing sex dolls will not be a good idea. If you want to have sex with a sex doll, it will be better if you purchase one for yourself.

No Whining and Heartbreaks after Having Sex with Sex Doll

To understand this, you need to imagine a scenario. Suppose you have a crush on a girl. You find the girl really hot and you want to be in bed with her. Now, to convince her to let you sleep with her will be an uphill task for you.

You might have to spend lots of money to buy gifts for her and endure her whining. After that, even if you get a chance to sleep with her, more often than not, your heart will break. Most men might not even get a chance to sleep with the girls they fantasize about.

But, with a sex doll, none of this will happen because you will not have to spend a huge amount of money on her. Moreover, you will not have to endure her whining. You can order a sex doll from Tantaly and start pounding her as soon as it gets delivered. So, sex with a sex doll is a smart choice.

How Does Sex with Sex Doll Feel in Reality

Before you purchase a sex doll, you would want to know how you will feel to have sex with a sex doll. Now, you can either have oral sex, vaginal sex, or anal sex with a sex doll. Here is how you will feel while having sex with sex doll.

Oral Sex

You should start off having oral sex. After you get a feel of the sex doll, you would want to insert your penis in her mouth and go to and fro. It will ensure that you get a real feeling of having oral sex with a real woman. The feelings you will have is fascinating. Also, it will set the tone of what will follow next.

Vaginal Sex

Once you are done with her mouth, it is time to concentrate on her sexy vagina. In a sex doll, you will find the vagina that you were looking to have in a woman. Now, when you have sex with a woman, you want her vagina to be sexy, something that you would enjoy.

The vagina of a sex doll will be something that you would definitely enjoy to devour. Just apply some lubricant, and you are ready to enter the tunnel of ecstatic pleasure. Moreover, a big ass sex doll from Tantaly will help you to try many positions which will make intercourse exciting and fun.

Anal Sex

It is really hard to find a man who would say that he does not like big ass in a woman. Most men are ass lovers of women. If a man sees a woman from the back, her ass is what he will check out at first. Similarly, when you buy a sex doll, you should also look to have a big ass doll.

So, when you have such a doll, your enjoyment of anal sex will go up quite a notch. You will love to pound her anus every now and then. The best part is she will never ever complain if you want to enter her anus. That is the best part of having sex with a sex doll.

Always Use Lubricants

You need to realize that you will be having sex with a sex doll. Now, a sex doll is not a human. So, her vagina will not get wet during foreplay. So, you need to make it wet by applying some lubricants. It is the same with anal sex as well. Once you apply the lubricant, there is nothing that can stop you from having the pleasure.

Sex with Tantaly Sex Dolls: How Would You Feel?

As you know, the sex doll from Tantaly is the best that you can buy to have a pleasurable sexual experience. Now, before you buy, you might wonder what it would feel like to have sex with a sex doll from Tantaly. Here are some of the things that the past buyers of Tantaly have experienced with our sex dolls.

More Realistic

Most of our customers think that our sex dolls are more realistic and therefore, they enjoyed having sex with our sex doll. It just feels so very real to them.

A Pleasure to Touch

You will find many sex dolls in the market in which even if you touch it, you would feel like touching a doll. But, our customers say that when they touch a Tantaly’s sex doll, they feel like touching a real woman.

Easy to Store with Secrecy

Our customers felt that our sex dolls are easy to store and also not that much hard to keep it in hiding if you want to. Well, we make our sex dolls in that manner.

Easy to Take Care and Maintain

Maintaining and taking care of a sex doll was a headache in the past. But, with Tantaly’s sex dolls, our customers experienced that the dolls are very easy to take care of and maintain.

The Bottom Line

Finally, sex with sex doll will become more pleasurable if you have the right sex doll to enjoy. That is why you should always come to Tantaly where we will make sure you have the best sex dolls to enjoy. Our big ass sex dolls will take you to the seventh heaven of pleasure for sure.

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