How to Clean Your Sex Doll?

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The Best Cleaning Kit to Assist

Sex dolls are your new love partner who is as intimate to you as your girlfriend or wife. Hence, it is mandatory to keep them clean and clear sex doll from all the liquids that your pour into her making love to ensure your hygiene and longevity of her life. This article gives you a detailed and step by step guideline on how you can clean your sex doll properly.

Kit Essentials for Cleaning Your Sex Doll

To clean your doll properly, your sex doll cleaning kit must have the following essential tools in it:

  1. Lube Applicator
  2. Sex Doll Washer
  3. Drying Sticks
  4. Sulfate-free Soap/ Mild Liquid Soap
  5. Soft Cloth or Sponge
  6. Dry Soft Towel
  7. Powder
  8. Powder Brush
  9. Baby oil
  10. Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly

When Should I Clean My Sex Doll?

The cleanliness of your sex doll is as important as your own hygiene is. You put your organ inside her; make her touch you and touch her yourself. You can imagine how the germs breeding inside her can affect your own health conditions. It is highly recommended to clean your sex doll as soon as you bring her home and think to start your love night with her. Then make a routine to clean them once a month of you are not so frequent with her. Otherwise, clear their openings and wash them thoroughly after every sexual activity.

General Maintenance

In addition to the above-mentioned cleaning habits, you must oil your doll at least thrice a year. It should not exceed four times annually. You would notice that the high-stress areas like knees and openings require some conditioning thus apply a small amount of Vaseline when needed. If you are planning to store her for a long time, apply corn starch to your doll.

Top Five Expert Tips to Clear Sex Doll from All kinds of Germs

1. There are sex dolls with two vaginal options: one with a fixed vagina and the other with removable. Choose the sex doll with a removable vagina as they are super easy to clean.

2. If you have one with a fixed vagina, use a fan or insert a tampon to dry her from inside.

3. Use a high-quality condom during sex to avoid a fluid spill.

4. Hang your doll or lay her don while applying powder or oil.

5. For surface cleaning a small spray bottle with a 1:5 soap to water ratio is great.

Few Don’ts-When You Clear Sex Doll

It is essential to take care of a few important things when you clear sex doll. You should never submerge her head in the water at any point of time during cleaning. It can cause damage to her eyes, eyelashes. Above all, it can cause rusting in the skeleton. Moreover, never use abrasive soap or harsh cleaning cloth to avoid damaging her skin. Too much pressure on the skin or skeleton can de-shape her-be careful. After cleaning your doll, never use a hairdryer or any heating object to dry her. Use a Drying stick in the cavities and let the surface dry itself. Avoid using perfumes, baby wipes, silicone-based lubricants, or any other kind of solvent on the body.

How Do I Clean My Sex Doll?

A quick Clean-up

As I mentioned before, you must clean your doll and at least clear sex doll’s cavities after every sexual activity if you don’t want to give her a full bath every time. Avoiding this can provide a dark and damp breeding ground for bacteria. For this quick clean up, first of all, fill the emema bulb with water and a shower gel or soap in the above-mentioned ratio. Insert the tip of the sex doll washer containing sprinkling nozzles inside the tunnel of the doll. Then squeeze the bulb to create a pressured spray inside these cavities. This pressured spray would flush out all the sperms and fluid out of her vagina, mouth, and anus.

A Through Bath

Remove the wig of your sex doll to clean it separately. If the vagina is detachable, remove it too and sink in the anti-bacterial, warm, soapy water and let it dry thoroughly. Otherwise, you have to be very careful with this cavity cleaning. Let’s do it step by step.

  • Clean up all excess lubricants, body fluid, or spills with a soft towel.
  • It is safe and efficient to lay your sex partner on a towel and use a nozzle spray bottle with a mixture having water and sulfate-free soap to sprinkle it on the doll. But, if you are confident about your handling, you may enjoy water play with her by holding her the way you do a real girl.
  • Softly massage the doll’s skin with hands or with a clean and soft sponge.
  • Make sure to secure her neck, head feet and other parts with access to the metallic skeleton don’t get wet.
  • After massage of her soft body, use the spray bottle and towel to clean the soapy water from her. You can shower her too, but again be careful about her skeleton.
  • Then move on to the entries of the doll. All three openings, i.e. vagina, anus, and mouth are to be cleaned as they experience more intimacy; are more prone to bacteria breeding, and are more capable to transfer the germs to you.
  • Use a sex doll washer with pressure nozzles to spray into the opening. Posture your doll the way that allows the water to run out of the opening. These doll washers reach all areas of opening and ensure a deep clean.
  • Fill the washer again with clean water and keep on spraying until you are sure that there is no lube or sperm left inside the cavity.

How Do I Clean My Sex Doll’s Face?

  • Start by removing the head from her body.
  • Prepare warm, anti-bacterial, soapy water and apply it on her face with a sponge or soft cotton cloth.
  • Gently massage her face.
  • Take care of the makeup while cleaning the face of your doll. As the makeup is semi-permanent that can fade away or be removed with tough cleaning. Hence, avoid excessive cleaning and rubbing to preserve the grace and longevity of the makeup.
  • Eyes and eyelashes are sensitive parts of the doll. Avoid making them wet and pay close attention to not to damage these parts.
  • Gently clean the face with a dry, soft, and non-abrasive cloth.

How do I clean my sex doll’s wig?

We must remove the wig from the head of the doll before cleaning. I prefer to give it a comb before the cleaning process. I have a small hand basin that makes it super easy to clean her hair. I also have a wig with long hairs that I wash in a bath. Hair should be washed with cold water hence you should fill the basin or bath with cold water and put a coin-sized squirt of soap or a sulfate-free shampoo to make a mini bubble bath for her wig. Submerge the wig and after agitating leave it for almost 5 minutes to soak. After five minutes, drain the sink and rinse from the top until water runs clear. I recommend to comb the hair straight and let them dry on a stand. Any style or curls would be back after drying.

How do I dry my sex doll after cleaning?

Cleaning your doll is one thing about her maintenance, and drying her is another even more important thing when it comes to the long-life of your sex doll. It is damaged quickly if not properly dried after a proper wash.

It is often easy to dry out the surface of the body, as we can pat her body gently with a clean, soft cotton cloth and then let her skin to air dry. But the openings are the most difficult part of drying as these cavities may secure drops of water inside, which can be deteriorating for these delicate parts. The most reliable and practical way to dry these parts is to insert drying sticks inside that soak everything leaving the cavities dry and clean.

Handling, moving, and storing my sex doll

If you own a sex doll, it is crucial to be aware of the safe ways to handle and store it.

The sex doll should be kept at room temperature. Any heat, moisture, dust, or smoke can damage it badly. Hence avoid storing the doll in direct sunlight, bathrooms, garages, or any other areas that become damp or are prone to mold.

They can pick the colors and their bodies can get stains. So, never leave it on artificial or stained materials such as leather sofas. Moreover, never dress them in dark color apparel, until they are checked for the fastness of colors. Such dresses should be soaked repeatedly in a basin until the clear water runs through them and dye no longer appears.

Your sex doll should not be left in a difficult position for a longer period. Its skin can become stretched and even split if not returned to a natural position after use. For sex dolls, the natural position is lying and preferably boxed.

While moving your sex doll, try to observe the general rules for moving heavy objects, i.e. keep your back straight, bend with knees and hips, etc. It is easy to move the sex doll when held vertically, while both hands wrapped around her waist. You should never lift the doll using any of the limbs or head.

Tantaly Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit - The Best Assistant to Clean and Clear Sex Dolls


Sex dolls are your lovable partners that are expensive at the same time. You never want to lose them soon, and to clean and maintain them properly is the key. People tend to use DIY things to clean their sex dolls, that is, for me, a really inappropriate method. There are always specific tools and methods designed for particular tasks. And to clear sex dolls from the bacteria’s, lubes, sperm and dust, etc., there are specifically designed kits that can do the task properly leaving no doubts. And that is what we require from them.

In 3-year experience with my sex doll, I have gone through multiple cleaning methods and used various cleaning kits. Here is the sex doll cleaning kit that stole my heart and I just stopped switching between the cleaning methods and kits. This is Tantaly Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit. The kit is simple yet practical. It has the following tools.

  1. Portable Sex Doll Washer
  2. Drying Sticks
  3. Lube Applicator
  4. A Storage Bag

Portable Sex Doll Washer

This is probably the most efficient irrigator to clear sex dolls' vaginal, anal, and mouth openings. This is crafted with high-quality elastic memory silicon that enables it to squeeze repeatedly without deformation. As cleaning your doll is always more convenient outside the washroom, hence, they have designed a portable washer that can be used without connecting to the tap. There are four powerful nozzles, that sprinkle pressured water through them. Their pressure flushes out the sperms and lube out of the tunnels instantly. It has soft tip to avoid scratches. Here are some distinct features:

Water Capacity: 310ml

Material: Premium Medical Silicone

Total Height: 10.02’’

The diameter of The Faucet Interface: 0.67”

Insertable Length: 5.51”

Nozzle Diameter: 0.7’’

Tip Diameter: 0.5 Inches

Two Drying sticks

The kit includes two reusable porous sticks that are best to soak and absorbed most of the moisture from inside all the three cavities of your sex doll. These are the most practical, convenient, and efficient tools to dry her from inside. Pure diatomaceous earth is used to manufacture the stick that gives it a porous structure that is ideal for absorption. This stick in 6.69” in length to give deep and properly clean.

Lube Applicator

This applicator helps to pour the lube where it should be. It measures and delivers the perfect amount of lube. If you get irritated with the lube mess, it is solved with this applicator.

I recommend to clean your sex doll properly and timely and recommend even more to clear sex dolls with Tantaly Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit. 

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