How to Squirt During Sex? Make Yourself & A Girl Squirt


If you put the words “squirt” and “sex” in the same sentence, many people associate it with male ejaculation. But did you know that women can squirt during sex?

During sex, many bodily fluids are exchanged; one of the most talked about fluids is a squirt. Many people believe a squirt is only something seen in porn. But a squirt is not a myth and can be achieved by women when they know how their body works and what they enjoy during sex. But at the end of this, I am sure you are wondering what squirt is.

A squirt gives women sexually satisfying relief from pressure. I am sure you are wondering if you can squirt. During this exciting feature, we give you a few tips on how to make a girl squirt and how to make yourself squirt. Remember not to feel upset with yourself if you do not get it right the first time. Practice makes perfect. We also discuss what a squirt is and what it means.

Let us dive in.

Part 1. What Is Squirt?

The word squirt in a non-sexual context means to forcefully eject a liquid from a small opening. During sex, squirting means fluids are released during an orgasm, also known as female ejaculation. Although all women can squirt, you must know how to make yourself squirt first.

Not all women are born with the natural ability to squirt. You might need to practice and explore your body until you find the right spot.

Many people have spread false information about squirting by saying the liquid only consists of pee. A squirt often consists of some pee, but there are also secretions from the female prostate. The female prostate is also known as a skene’s gland, and this gland is essential for optimal orgasm.

Squirting cannot happen without sexual stimulation. I know that seems obvious. Very few studies have been done about squirting, making it difficult to pinpoint the main reason for this gush of liquid during orgasms.

Squirting is one of the best things to happen during orgasm, but to achieve a squirt takes skills. But once the squirting orgasm is mastered, you will never want to return.

Part 2. How to Make Yourself Squirt?

Before you can find out how to make a girl squirt, your partner needs to know how to make themselves squirt. A woman’s body is magical but also confusing. Before you can try squirting, we suggest trying the following tips to help your woman squirt by herself and figure out which parts need to be stimulated to achieve a squirting orgasm.

Many experts have suggested that a squirting orgasm is only achievable by stimulating the g-spot. So our first tip is to find some g-spot sex toys. There are many fantastic sex toys designed with the right angle to stimulate your g-spot. Using a g-spot vibrating toy adds extra stimulation for a more intense orgasm which might result in squirting. If you own no sex toys, you can use your fingers. When you are aroused, your g-spot bulges out, making it easier to feel. Use your finger to stimulate the g-spot once you find it.

Combined Stimulation
Many women struggle to orgasm with g-spot stimulation alone, which is why combining g-spot and clitoral stimulation is recommended for optimal results. You can also use a rabbit vibrator if you have one to stimulate both by yourself. Doing this lets you determine if you need combined stimulation to squirt or if a g-spot is enough. Combined stimulation is the best if you have ever looked for the best way to know how to make yourself squirt.

Don't Be Shy with Lube
Many people tend to forget that lube is also great for self-pleasure. Lube helps you to have less friction and a smooth masturbation session.

Kegels are great for strengthening the muscles in your vagina. These are also the muscles that contract when you have an orgasm. If you exercise these muscles, you will better control when your body should allow a squirt. These muscles tend to pinch when you squirt and not release the fluids. By having better control over them, you can allow the fluid to be removed.

Use the Loo
Make sure to pee before you start trying to have a squirting orgasm. If you do not, you might have pee come out while you squirt, which could be messy.

A squirting orgasm is easy once you learn the best technique to use when having sex. You know the feeling of when you need to allow the fluid to be released. When you often do not remove the fluid during sex, you will need to pee directly afterward. This pee will contain some of the fluid that would have been released during a squirt that flowed back into your bladder.

Part 3. How to Make a Woman Squirt?

Now that we know how to make yourself squirt as a woman let's talk about squirting with a partner. What can you, as the partner, do to help your woman squirt and have a mind-blowing orgasm?

Firstly, you must know that women need to have g-spot stimulation to squirt and have the best orgasm. When you stimulate her clit and g-spot, she might have an even better chance of gushing that fluid out of her vagina.

Make Her Horny
A g-spot can be complicated to find if she is not turned on beforehand. When she is horny, the g-spot makes a distinct bulge inside her vaginal tunnel. This will make it easier to feel when you place your fingers inside.

Sex Toys
You can use sex toys to help stimulate her g-spot if you do not want to use your fingers. Sex toys have added vibrations specifically designed to stimulate her g-spot.

The Squirt Technique
This next technique is perfect for g-spot stimulation with your fingers. This is tried and tested and almost always ends in a squirting orgasm. If you need to know how to make a woman squirt during sex, this is the best way.

Have your woman lay down on the bed on her back and get the lube. Apply enough lube on your fingers and vaginal area. This eases friction and keeps her wet. Next, insert your middle finger into her vagina. The best way is with your palm facing up. Move your finger around until you find the bulge. You can also insert your index finger simultaneously for extra stimulation. Once you find the g-spot, bend your fingers and extend. You will be making a calling motion with your finger.

Continue the stimulation until she squirts. Once she feels ready to squirt, remove your fingers to allow the fluid to squirt out.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to make her squirt is essential if you love passionate sex and leaving your woman feeling fully satisfied. Squirting is one of the most satisfying orgasms a woman can have.

Following these tips and learning about every part of your woman’s body is one of the best ways to ensure she has a squirting orgasm. If you are unsure of how to talk to her about squirting, you can start by discussing what squirt is and find out what their thoughts are.

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