Our sex doll is the most popular among Swedish men

Swedish online sex magazine Passionerad just ran a survey to their readers where they asked them which’s the best sex doll. Our model Britney came in top as the most popular sex toy among Swedish men, something we are very proud of and want to share with you! 

We’re the most popular sex toy among swedish men Which is your favourite sex doll?


Here is how people voted. As you can see, we are the absolute most popular sex doll on the market right now due to the swedish men who have answered, and that makes us really flattered.

Over 3000 people answered

3218 answers


There were over 3000 people in total that answered on the survey and that mixed over many different ages. It makes us very glad that men of all ages enjoy our sex doll Britney! 

Why do Swedish men like Britney so much? 

So why is our sex doll Britney so popular among Swedish men? Below we have published some of the motivations from the survey. 

I have tried many sex dolls over the years, both cheap and expensive ones. Britney gives me the most bang for the buck of all sex dolls I have at home. It feels super realistic in all ways, it’s handy to use and easy to clean. A well built product at an affordable price!” 

“This is an absolute gem. I'm in love with how it feels when penetrating it, but I'm also in love with how realistic the boobs feel. They are heavy and feel just like the real deal, both when touching and penetrating them.” 

“If you like big juicy boobs and a tight girl, you will absolutely love Britney. She's super thick and just lovely to touch. I recommend this doll to everyone who’s looking for a sex toy that feels just like a real woman.” 

“I wanted the best sex toy I could possibly get for my money, so after some research I decided to buy Britney from Tantaly. That must be the best product I’ve bought in years. You can really tell it’s designed to feel like real sex, and to be honest, it really does!

The body is super realistic, but the best part is the inside. Its pattern feels so good around you! The two holes also feel different from each other which means that you can choose which experience you want for the moment. 

Don’t forget that you also can have sex with her tits, so this is basically three toys in one. If that isn’t bang for the buck, then I don’t know what is.” 

“I got Britney recommended to be the best sex doll for beginners and I can do nothing but agree with that. It’s very easy to use due to it not having any arms or legs. This makes it handy to maneuver and use in different positions. The doll also has a perfect weight where it lays still but isn't too difficult to move around.” 

“I have only owned sex dolls with arms before, but I must say I am blown away by this model. The arms and legs are not needy when everything comes around. Sure, they make the doll look more realistic, but the advantage it brings by taking them away trumps having them on. With that said, this is the best doll I’ve had so far!” 

“I am very picky when it comes to sex toys and I have bought dozens of sex toys over the years that I don’t like. However, Britney is one of the best sex toys I have tried. I’m so in love with the gel breasts, they feel so amazing in all ways. The nipples are very lifelike too!” 

“This doll has the best boobs I’ve ever seen in a toy. They remind me so much about real breasts that it almost feels like being with a real woman. The pussy and anus is also amazing. Both tunnels are very well built and when you’re done it’s so easy to clean. Well done and keep up the good work! Cheers!” 

“My wife and I have looked all over for a realistic sex doll to invite to a threesome, and after doing hours of research did we land in to buy Britney. It was just so worth it and we are enjoying her almost every night! The skin is very realistic too, so if you shut the light and just touch her will you for a moment think you’re with a real person!” 

“You can easily dress her as you want which allows you to create very sexy looks. Put on a skirt, panties, a sexy tank top or whatever else you can find.” 

“She’s so easy to handle which makes me wanna use her all the time. Since she’s quite lightweight, moving her around isn’t any problem at all. This also means that she’s easy to carry to the bathroom when it’s time to clean up. Storing her is also a piece of cake. So to sum up: the perfect doll for all men that needs a realistic sex doll that is very easy to handle.” 

Thanks to Passionerad 

We are very glad that the Swedish sex magazine Passionerad took their time and made this survey. A big thanks to them who brought us this good news! 

If you want to buy yourself a Britney sex doll do you find her in our webshop!


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