The Best Chest Exercises to Lift, Firm and Perk Up your Breasts

Chest ExercisesAre you one of those women who feels that their breasts are losing their firmness? If you are one of those then you will get some valuable solution for it to lower the sagging breasts and keep them firm. You need not have to bother much as there are some solutions to this problem. There are some chest workout which can slow or stop the breasts sagging and help to lift and make them firm. As per the post in business insider, a 2020 study, 20,000 women were interviewed and 71% of women agreed that they were not satisfied with their breasts. So, proper chest exercise can be effective in perking up their breasts to look attractive.

Causes of sagging breasts:

- Aging is one of the common and natural factors for sagging breasts.
- It can be hereditary
- Smoking habit
- Pregnancy
- Sudden loss of weight

Which chest workout can lift and perk up the breasts?

Here are the 8 best chest exercises to perk up your sagging breasts and keep its firmness:

1. Bear plank shoulder tap
This exercise involves putting hands on the ground and two knees touching the ground. It works on the breast to improve its firmness and appears a slightly bigger in size.

How to perform it?
- Put your hands and both knees to touch the ground.
- Ensure your back is flat, then touch your left shoulder with your right hand and again right shoulder with your left hand. Repeat these steps for a few minutes.

2. Pushups with hand release
In this exercise, you need to put your whole front body on ground and do the pushups by releasing the hands. This exercise focuses on breasts to make it appear big and firm.

How to perform it?
- Put the front side of your body on the ground.
- Take the pushups and release the body on the ground then lift the palms of the body a little above the ground.
- Repeat these steps for 10-12 times with around 2-3 sets.

3. Chest press
This is a bench press like exercise where you have to put your back on the bench and lift the barbell with some weight. This exercise make the breasts tighter and shapes it up.

How to perform it?
- Lay down with your back on the bench.
- Lift the barbell with some weight and pull it till your chest slowly.
- Continue this process for 8-10 times and you can do this for 2-3 sets.

4. Knee push ups
This exercise involves touching both knees and hands on the ground for doing the pushups activity. It improves the size of the breast and lifts up it to appear tighter.

How to perform it?
- Touch both your knees and hands palm to the ground then do the pushups activity by pushing your body upward.
- Ensure that when you go downwards there is a little stretching around your chest.
- Repeat the activity for 7-8 times and you can do 2 set of these.

5. Dumbbell plank rotation
In this exercise, you need 2 dumbbells in both hands and touch them on the ground, your both feet must also touch the ground. This exercise works of lifting up the breasts and also buildup the triceps.

How to perform it?
- With dumbbells in both hands, it must touched to the ground and your feet must touch on the ground.
- Keep your left hand dumbbell touching the ground and lift the dumbbell of the right hand. Afterwards, repeat the same activity with the other hands.
- Repeat this 6-7 times and you can do it for 2 sets.

6. Dumbbell pullovers
This exercise involves putting your back of the body with a 90-degree angle on the bench and do it with dumbbell holding on both hands. This is a wonderful exercise lift up the breasts.

How to perform it?
- Lay down with back on the flat bench with a 90-degree angle and hold a single dumbbell with both hands above your head with straight hands.
- Slowly put the dumbbell in the backward direction and pull it back to the original position.
- Repeat these steps for 8-10 times and you can do 3 sets of this exercise.

7. Cable Crossover
This exercise involves pulling the cables tucked in the machine with both hands. Here, it helps to perk-up the breasts and make it appear bigger in size.

How to perform it?
- Stand straight and hold both the cable ends with hands fully extended.
- Bring both palms of the hands together, holding the cable ends.
- Keep up the repetition for 8-10 days and you can do 2 set of this exercise.

8. Kneeling chest press
In this exercise, you have to stand on your knees and hold a light-weight single dumbbell with both your hands. This will perk up the breasts and appear bigger.

How to perform it?
- Stand on your knees with a straight posture.
- Hold dumbbell with both hands with extended hands, raise the dumbbell above the head and again get back to position.
- Repeat this step for 8 to 10 times and you can do 2 sets of this.
These are some chest workout exercises that can help make your breasts appear firm and bigger. It is necessary that you do this exercise regularly to get better results.

Women's Chest Workouts FAQs

- Can breast exercises make my breasts bigger?
Although breasts exercise cannot drastically increase breast size. Different studies have found that proper breast exercise can increase size slightly and it can lift up to appear bigger.

- What factors can increase the breast size?
Breast size can be increase by doing few breast exercise, following proper health hygiene, and increasing the diet.

- What causes the breasts to grow?
When the ovaries start producing and releasing estrogen, the fat in the collective tissue gets collected which is breast.

- Are there other ways to increase breast size?
There are various other ways of increasing breast size through cosmetic methods, surgical, and using relevant cream on them. However, chest exercise is the only better natural way to increase breast size.
If you are struggling with small breast size, then start your workout immediately. It will give a different, better physical look to you, to make you look beautiful.

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