• Exploring The Depth of the Vagina

    Exploring The Depth of the Vagina
    The human body is a complex and fascinating creation, and understanding its various components is essential for comprehensive health education. One aspect that often sparks curiosity is the depth of the vagina. While it's a subject that may be approached with a degree of sensitivity, it's crucial to delve into the topic with a focus on accurate information and dispelling myths. Vaginal depth can...
  • What does the inside of a vagina look like?

    What does the inside of a vagina look like?
    The vagina is a muscular, tubular organ in the female reproductive system. It's an essential part of the internal anatomy and plays several crucial roles in a woman's body. It is located between the vulva (external genitalia) and the cervix (the lower part of the uterus), the vagina is positioned within the pelvic cavity. Moreover, the vagina plays several vital roles in a woman's...
  • What does a vagina smell like?

    What does a vagina smell like?
    The vaginal scent is a result of a combination of factors. A healthy vagina typically has a slightly acidic pH and contains a mix of bacteria known as vaginal flora. This flora helps maintain the pH balance and protects against infections. The scent can vary throughout a person's menstrual cycle and may also be influenced by factors such as diet, hygiene practices, and hormonal...
  • Why women’s vaginas are wet?

    Why women’s vaginas are wet?
    Understanding Vaginal Moisture The female body is a remarkable and complex system, and one of its many wonders is the vagina. It's perfectly normal for the vagina to have a level of moisture, but understanding why and how this occurs is crucial for women's health and overall well-being. The human body is a marvel of intricate functions and one of its fascinating yet often...
  • How long does sperm live in the vagina?

    How long does sperm live in the vagina?
    Sperm is a male reproductive cell, or gamete, that plays a crucial role in the process of fertilization. It is produced in the testicles through a process called spermatogenesis. Sperm cells are characterized by their unique structure, consisting of a head, midpiece, and tail. The head contains genetic material (DNA) necessary for fertilization, the midpiece houses mitochondria for energy production, and the tail provides...
  • How Does a Virgin Vagina look like?

    How Does a Virgin Vagina look like?
    Meta Description: The form of a virgin vagina is similar to that of all other vaginas. However, it might differ in shape, size, color, and odor. Introduction: When a female’s vagina is not associated with any sexual activity, ever is to be said a virgin. When the female is a virgin, the hymen will be intact (in most cases). Just like other parts of the...
What's new on Tantaly
Cecilia with Tantabutt is coming!
Tantaly's third Tantabutt doll - the highly anticipated Cecilia with Tantabutt is here! The upgraded Tantabutt allows you to experience roller coaster-like excitement, as Cecilia's buttocks bounce and sway with your movements, making it irresistible to possess her over and over again.
Are you still troubled by doll cleaning and maintenance issues?
Tantaly has prepared a detailed cleaning and maintenance guide for you, allowing you to have a more comprehensive understanding of doll hygiene issues and enjoy a healthy and happy sexual life.
Tantaremoval - a revolutionary innovation in Sex Doll Torso!
Offering users a variety of sexual experiences while providing a new option for cleaning, maintaining, and drying sex doll torsos.
Tantaly at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo
During Jan 24th to Jan 27th, 2024, the Adult Entertainment Expo, organized by the leading authority in adult news and content dissemination, AVN Media Network, took place in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, USA. Tantaly is absolutely thrilled to have been part of this prestigious event, where we wowed the crowd with our innovative products and added to the electrifying atmosphere of the expo. Let's witness the spectacular performance of Tantaly at the expo!
Tantaly mascot figures is coming!
The prototype of Tantaly's brand mascot figures is an astronaut named Tan, who comes from the future and embodies a spirit of adventure, daring to seek better experiences. We believe that sexual pleasure is an inherent right for everyone, and should not be restricted by societal labels or biases. We encourage self-acceptance, allowing individuals to freely pursue their own sexual pleasure without feeling ashamed or guilty. Let Tan accompany you,you deserve better!
Daisy- the 41.5LB farmer girl is coming!
Daisy, the 41.5LB Farm Girl, has a sexy peach butt made with Tantabutt, a perfect blend of lifelike realism and irresistible softness.Daisy is ready and waiting to help you hold a piece of paradise right in your hands!
Donna- the 28.6LB popular magazine model is coming!
Donna, a charming, 28.6LB long-legged popular magazine model in the 1990s. Her large soft breasts, supple waist, flat stomach, perky ass, and slender legs.Along with adorable and harmonious contours come together to create the sexy bombshell you've always dreamed of having sex with. Let her lie on your bed, and become exclusive to you as your essence and hers become one.
Experience more exciting orgasms in the realm of ass play!
Due to the mainstream derrières for celebrities with ample bottoms, positions like doggy-style and spanking are more popular than ever before. Even anal intercourse is becoming more commonplace. What kind of asses can enhance your climax experience in the realm of ass play?
Badd Angel is coming!
Tantaly launched the second Tantaly girl, Badd Angel. Do you want to experience what it's like to have a confident blonde? She is willing to share everything she has with you. Accept the temptation of the Badd Angel! We look forward to your time with Badd Angel.
Tantaly 2nd Generation Privacy Package
Tantaly is dedicated to safeguarding customer privacy while providing innovative solutions for doll transportation. We improved packaging based on customer input, adding a black PVC bag. This enhances privacy and makes doll transportation effortless.
Tantaly Sex Doll Skeleton Movement Range
Are you worried about your sex doll tearing apart? Do you want to keep your sex dolls longer? In order to enhance your interactive experience with sex dolls, Tantaly will describe in detail the movement range of the skeleton joints of Tantaly's sex dolls. You will better know how to treat your sex dolls.
If you are trying a sex doll torso for the first time, you can click here to see more.
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