• Fake Tits vs. Natural Tits: a study of male preference

    Most women like to have a better appearance, including for their facial look as well as their physical posture. Among different body parts, breasts are one of the important aspect for increasing the beauty of the female. While considering the breasts, all parts of those areas is considered like chest area, firmness of the breasts, sagging, etc. The tits are also one of the...
  • What do you know about female breast shapes?

    When you consider the breast shapes of the female, it is important to know that there are different shapes of the breasts. It is not that one shape of breast is better than another one, it is just that although they have different shapes, every breast is unique and you can make them better with efforts. From the sexual point-of-view for men, breasts are...
  • Why do man's boobs get bigger?

    There are certain conditions in some men where their chest starts to get bigger in size appearing as the boobs. People suffering from this kind of condition are worried a lot about this, as it does not appear normal. However, there is not much to worry about this, as there are a few people suffering with this and there is a solution to it....
  • 6 Best Chest Workouts for Building Muscle

    A bigger strong chest is one of the defining parts of a man that improves their physical posture. A bigger and well-developed chest makes a man look more attractive and reflects a different level of confidence in them. Even when you join a gym, trainers give more focus to developing a bigger and stronger chest. However, developing a better chest is not that easier,...
  • The Best Chest Exercises to Lift, Firm and Perk Up your Breasts

    Are you one of those women who feels that their breasts are losing their firmness? If you are one of those then you will get some valuable solution for it to lower the sagging breasts and keep them firm. You need not have to bother much as there are some solutions to this problem. There are some chest workout which can slow or stop...
  • Sexual Fetishes: An A to Z Guide

    Learning about kinks and fetishes can be intimidating for the uninitiated, so first things first: define a kink and a fetish. A kink is defined as a sexual activity that is not sex and that society has traditionally deemed "acceptable." This can range from role-playing to bondage to whips. A fetish is technically an attraction to an inanimate object, but it also includes body...
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