Lesbian Sex Toys: everything you want to know


Although there are lesser number of lesbian around the world, they have desire for intimate sex, which is equally the same as straight females. Lesbians have some demands regarding their activities during the sex act. Many lesbians might find it difficult to find a suitable girl or may not sustain for longer duration with their lesbian partner. Integrating with the lesbian use of sex toys is a better way to fulfill this desire. There has been a considerable increase in the lesbian sex toys in the United States. Various research has shown that these sex toys are used in the country for getting that ultimate satisfaction. Lesbian sex doll and other types of sex dolls are commonly used in the US.

As per the bedbible reports:

  • From 2017 to 2022 the sex toy usage percentage has increased from 65% to 78%.
  • More than 80% of the US population have both brought or know about the online sex shop.
  • In the last one year, more than 40% of Americans have spent more than $100 on the sex toys.
  • There has been an increase in the demand for sex toys for lesbians in the last two years.
  • Some common sex toys used are:
  1. Vibrator – 47%
  2. Anal         - 46%
  3. Lubricant – 40%
  4. Dildo        -   35%

Why sex toys for lesbians?

Lesbian females do not like to have their sexual relationships with male partner more. Instead they like to have a female partner. Although it is a little odd type of aspect, they do have their fantasies with them. Here, the female like to expand their horizons and progress with more excitement with their same female partner. At certain point they like to spice up their act with different types of sex toys. It increases more intimacy between both the female partner to increase their pleasure.

Although lesbian like having sex with their female partner, there is something, which they always miss out. Lesbian sex toys are the ultimate answer to this that they really miss out badly during the act of sex with their partner. It stimulates the lady greatly to achieve more fun in bed. Sex toys are incredible in bringing orgasm in the lady and direct the lady to get a more pleasurable experience in bed.

What is the psychology behind lesbian relationships?

Although there are many liberal views on the lesbian relationship today than earlier, there is still difficulty in fully acceptance of this relation. The demand for more lesbian sex doll, have increased the curiosity regarding understanding of their psychology. In lesbian relationship, human female is emotionally and more particularly sexually attracted towards other women. There might be multiple psychological factors behind the lady becoming lesbian.

As per different research done, these factors are mentioned below:
- Females like to give more satisfaction to another female by touching various body parts. Also, they would expect the same things to be done to them by the female partner. This gives them a lot of pleasure.
- Another psychology says, female want to free themselves more from the male gaze including the demand for sex. Here, they would rather avoid approaching men for whatever reason and indulge with another woman to get that sexual satisfaction.
- As per several interviews with lesbians, some say that remaining with any particular friend for prolonged time in college, office, etc. they start developing emotional, attach to them. This emotional attachment then ultimately or unknowingly moves to sexual attachment. Probably, some day they get out of attachment and indulge in the sexual relationship which drives more attraction to another female.
Apart from these, there can be a few other reasons too for getting in a sexual relationship with another female.

What are the benefits of using lesbian sex toys?

There are several sex toys made as per the requirement of the lesbians which can give better satisfaction to them in the bed.

Here are some important benefits of using lesbian sex toys:
1. Sex toys can be pleasurable during solo sex act
There are some female who like to enjoy solo sex and avoid enjoying it with their partner. Although a handful of tricks is enough for solo sex, it can become more pleasurable when it is done with sex toys. If you are a lesbian then you can find a suitable lesbian sex doll which can improve the excitement of a solo sex act. This will also give you a better idea about what you want in bed.

2. Spice-up the bedroom experience
When you are in bed, there is always a feeling of having a suitable partner or alternative way to increase an sex pleasure. A suitable sex toy like dildos, anal toys, vibrators, lesbian sex dolls, etc. can help you to spice-up the sexual pleasure on the bed. You will never fill empty from within and explore your pleasure zone with sex toys to have better enjoyment.

3. You can do all sexual act without hesitation
There are certainly some aspects which you want to do with your partner. However, you are hesitant to do it, as you are concerned about what your partner might think. Do not worry, sex toys will help you serve this purpose. You can do all your most wild act with the sex toy without any hesitation. You also satisfy all your fantasy with it to get more pleasurable experience with it.

4. Sex toys are friendly with your body
They are usually made of a soft material like silicon that can be not so hard on your body. You get multiple sex toys and it depends on your demand for the type of product. All these products do not have any side-effects on the body. They are much softer on the body and can give a more pleasurable experience for you.

These are some of the important benefits of using lesbian sex toys for pleasure. There are many of the different sex toys that can be used.

Different types of sex toys

Different other types of the sex toys used are listed below:
1. Dame Products Eva
The vibrations here are handsfree which can drain you less during the act. This is better suited for solo as well as partner.

2. Crystal Jellies Realistic Double-Ended Dildo
These are long dildos around the size of 10 inches. It can give more natural movements and flexible to move as per then needed. Its firmness can give more penetration inside you to give ultimate satisfaction.

3. Indulge Clitoral Sucking Toy
This is a nice toy with clitoral stimulation and better internal vibrations. Although it is around 5 inches, it can give more satisfaction than the larger dildos.

4. Wearable Panty Vibrator
This is a nice product that can easily reach your G-spot and clitoris. It has a remote control that can help you get pleasure with just pressing of buttons.

Although these are some of the most used lesbian sex toys, there are several other items too that you can explore. Lesbians can find more pleasure with these sex toys and have ultimate enjoyment. The increase in demand for lesbian sex doll reflects the ultimate demand for these toys in the United States. All these toys will give much needed pleasure for the lesbian to give to a better enjoyable experience.

You can explore some wonderful lesbian sex toys by simply clicking here – “https//www.reddit.com/r/LesbianActually/”

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