America's favorite sex positions in 2022


Certain sex positions call for more effort from one partner than the other. One example is the reverse cowgirl posture, a variation of the cowgirl position. While the spouse on top of the other conducts most of the moving and has the majority of control, the partner on the bottom lies on their back. According to Google Trends, the most popular search for a sexual position in the United States was "reverse cowgirl/boy."

In comparison, couples that only have one position have sexual encounters once a week, and those who have three to five positions do it 2.5 times per week.

America's favorite sex positions and statistics in 2022:

  • Seventy-five point three percent of men indicate that they are the ones that wish to experiment with a new sex position.
  • Forty-one point seven percent of women report that they are the ones that are interested in trying out a different sex position.
  • During a typical sexual encounter, Americans rotate between 2.5 different sex positions on average.
  • Only 6% of couples use five or more positions during a session.
  • One in five wives (21%) report that their husbands instruct them in their movements.
  • Doggy Style is the preferred sex position for 35.1% of people, according to surveys.
  • Women have reported that the Missionary sex position is the one in which they experience the most intense orgasms.
  • Forty percent of gay people in the United States prefer to top.
  • 59% of married people report being satisfied with the sexual satisfaction they experience inside their relationship. 41% of married people report being dissatisfied with the sexual experiences they are having.
  • 42.7% of men and 56.8% of women reported that the 69 Standing position was the most uncomfortable sex position.

According to a survey conducted by Sexual alpha, a website that gives intriguing data and determines the most prevalent sexual positions, 50.3% of American respondents like the reverse cowgirl position.

Different sexual positions may represent different personalities and reflect the intimacy of the relationship.

At The Top

It may sound contradictory, but one of the most effective relaxation methods is seeking discomfort first. It should be you because many people would admit that being in charge makes them feel vulnerable. You'll be in the spotlight, yes, but also in charge, and that's a fantastic feeling. Being on top is the most desirable social position because you set the pace. Focus on side exercises to help you and your partner achieve orgasmic bliss. If you put in the time and effort to locate the optimal combination of quality and price, you will be rewarded handsomely when you view the finished product.

Doggy Style

Another position that will help you build your self-confidence, what about this one. Doggy Style. It is ideal since both lovers, regardless of sex, can rest while simultaneously participating in an interactive role. For example, if you are with someone entering you from behind, they will be doing their thing while you use your free hand to manipulate your clitoris and experiment with a vibrator. The same thing applies if you are with someone who is entering you from the front. Experiment with various strategies and points of view until you reach a point where you can determine what approach has shown to be the most successful for you.

Reverse Cowgirl

Akin to the traditional upper level, the opposite cowgirl intercourse spot emphasizes learning to follow directions. That one has the extra benefit of making you feel much more secure about your assets and being on full display, which may take some getting used to. If you're used to more hands-off missionary interactions, trying one with less attention contact may seem strange. Focusing solely on your genuine emotions makes everything feel more primitive. It's fine to prefer mental proximity in the bedroom, but you might be surprised to find that occasionally playing the reverse cowgirl taps into a resource you didn't know you had.

What sexual positions are Americans using in 2022

It's not uncommon for the most popular sex positions to shift in popularity over the years and across the 50 states. Here are the most popular sex positions in America and by state, according to data:

According to Google Trends, the most popular sexual orientation in the United States is (from highest to lowest:) (Bespoke Surgical, 2021).the most popular sexual orientation in the United States
In a reverse cowgirl, the receiver sits atop the giver, but they turn their backs to each other and face their partner's feet. The one on top has complete command over the attack's pace, rhythm, and depth.

Once in place, the partner on top has a few options on how to modify the standard sitting position:

  • The person on top can lean forward on their hands and bob their hips up and down while the person below can do the same.
  • The person on top can either remain erect and rest on their knees as they bounce up and down, or they can grind their hips back and forth.
  • In a third, more advanced variant, the person on top leans back and uses their feet and hands to support their weight. They can sway their body from side to side and up and down.

In-depth analysis of the highest percentage of the three poses, why so popular

Reverse Cowgirl/boy: When one person lies on their back with their face up while the other straddles them from behind, they are in the reverse cowgirl sex position. The person on top can grind on the person below or use their fingers or a toy to pleasure themselves and their partner. In contrast, the person on the bottom can use their penis or a strap-on or other sex device to penetrate the other person's vagina or anus. Similar to the widespread sex position known as "cowgirl," "reverse cowgirl" has its partners face each other instead of the other way around.

Doggy Style: In the most basic doggy type posture, the receiver kneels on all fours. The penetrator positions themselves behind the target and inserts their penis into the target's vagina or anus. People may need to experiment with different positions before finding one that works best. The recipient doesn't have to get down on all fours on the bed or floor; instead, they could bend over a piece of furniture. Furniture should be at the appropriate height for administering penetration for maximum comfort. The recipient may also choose to lie on their stomach. Sometimes a more comfortable angle can be achieved by placing a pillow beneath the hips in this position. To stand is another option for the doggy stance. The recipient will stand with a slight knee bend and lean against a wall for stability. When the partners are of similar height, this becomes simpler.

Missionary: The role of the missionary requires the presence of a companion. In a typical implementation of this position, the female partner is laid down on her back, while the male partner is positioned on top of her, with his back to her. Even if the relationship isn't heterosexual, it can be accomplished in the same manner described above. When one person in the couple lies on their stomach, the other can climb on top of them and face them directly. This puts the couples in a position where they can easily reach each other for oral or vaginal penetration. The person on top is positioned so that they are between the legs of the partner on the bottom.

As a consequence of this, the partner who is on top typically has a greater degree of control over the rate and depth of the penetration. The spouse who is on the bottom, however, can shift the position of their hips and legs to produce a variety of feelings for both partners. The partner on top has two options: either they can lie down somewhat and put more of their weight on their partner or prop themselves up on their arms.


Feelings can shift as you try new postures together. Changing sex positions means you're not doing what you're used to, which means attempting new things together, which can evoke many feelings. It's no secret that the range of human emotion may be as broad as sex positions.

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