How to deal with the fading of sex dolls?


 fading of sex dollsIf you own a TPE or silicone sex doll, you may have noticed that over time, the color of the doll's pussy nipples or makeup may begin to fade. This can be a frustrating and disappointing discovery, especially if you have invested a significant amount of money in your doll. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this discoloration and what you can do to prevent or slow down the fading process. From the composition of the materials used to make the doll, to the way it is stored and cared for, we will examine the various factors that can impact the longevity of your sex doll's appearance. So, if you're wondering why your doll's color is fading, read on to find out more.

How to color your sex doll?

Bringing Life Back to Your Sex Doll: How to Re-color and Touch-up Your Doll's Appearance" Sex dolls, especially those made of TPE or silicone, can start to lose their color and vibrancy over time. But just because your doll's nipples or makeup are fading, doesn't mean it's time to say goodbye to your beloved companion. With the right techniques and materials, you can bring the color back to your sex doll and give it a new lease on life.

Many companies, like Tantaly, use food-grade pigments to color their dolls, which are safe and non-toxic. But one drawback to this method is that the color may not be permanent and may fade or be absorbed by the doll over time. Currently, Tantaly does not offer any official accessories to address this issue.

However, in our Reddit community, one customer shared his process of re-coloring his doll's nipples, which may offer some inspiration and guidance for those looking to touch up their doll's appearance. He used a combination of acrylic paint and sealant, ensuring that the color was both vibrant and long-lasting(
1.Wash/clean and dry the area (do not powder the nipples yet)
2.Apply desired color of lip gloss to nips/areolas (as big as you like)
3.Wait a few hours for gloss to dry and absorbed in the TPE.
4.Sprinkle/spread powder on nips
5.Cover nips with napkin paper or tissue.
6.Press, Pinch, and release the tissue paper to remove excess color

Of course, it's important to note that re-coloring your sex doll is not without risks and should be done with care and caution. If you're not comfortable with the process, it's best to seek out the help of a professional or to consider other options.

You will also be informed of the potential risks and precautions to take when re-coloring your doll. So, if you're looking to bring some life back to your sex doll, read on to find out more!

Sex Doll Makeup Taboo

"Breaking the Taboo: A Guide to Safe and Effective Sex Doll Makeup"

When it comes to sex dolls, many people believe that adding makeup is a taboo topic. But why should it be? After all, makeup can be a fun and creative way to personalize your doll and make it truly your own. However, as with any endeavor, it's important to approach sex doll makeup with care and caution.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when applying makeup to your sex doll:
Don't buy low-quality makeup. Cheaper makeup products may contain harsh chemicals that can damage the doll's skin, cause discoloration, or even melt the TPE or silicone material. When coloring, try to use it as few times as possible. Repeatedly applying makeup can cause the color to fade or become uneven.

Don't paint with your fingers directly. It may cause the color to be unsightly and can also transfer oils and bacteria from your skin to the doll. Instead, use a brush or sponge applicator.

Be mindful of the doll's composition. Different types of dolls are made from different materials and may react differently to makeup. TPE dolls, for example, are more porous and may absorb the makeup more easily.

Always test a small area first before applying makeup to the entire doll. This will help you to determine if the makeup is safe for the doll and will allow you to make any necessary adjustments before applying it all over.

In summary, applying makeup to your sex doll can be a fun and creative way to personalize your doll, but it's important to do so safely and effectively. By keeping these tips in mind, you can ensure that your doll's makeup looks great and lasts as long as possible.

It's worth mentioning that, as a general rule, it's always better to follow the manufacturer's recommendations to maintain and care for the doll, since each doll can have different properties.


The article discusses the idea of applying makeup to sex dolls as a way to personalize them. It mentions that Tantaly uses food-grade pigments to color their dolls, but that the color may not be permanent and may fade or be absorbed by the doll over time. It is also mentioned that Tantaly does not currently have any official accessories to address this issue, but a customer shared his process of re-coloring his doll's nipples. The article provides tips on how to safely and effectively color a sex doll and encourages readers to share their thoughts and feedback on the topic with Tantaly through the Reddit community or by emailing customer support.

Does Tantaly need to provide accessories to solve this problem? You can give your feedback in any effective channel and Tantaly will listen to you.

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