Mini Size Torso Sex Doll Review

Author:  Bonni B

Hey Everyone! I am Bonni B and I’m here to try all the sex toys!

I am the new product reviewer for Inked Angels, and I’m super stoked to do my first review on “Brooke”; a penetrable toy by the company Tantaly. 

I was happy the first toy I received for this gig was penetrable, I feel like penetrating toys get a lot of attention but penetrables still tend to have some stigma attached- which they shouldn’t! It’s fun to mix things up and this review will cover my experience both using it as a fun sex toy for couples and a live time interview with my husband, Tripp, as he “experimented” with Brooke.

We are going to get into the nitty-gritty details for you!

But first! What the fuck even is this thing?! 

Brooke is considered a torso sex doll… but really she is just a butt, with two ribbed tunnels simulating vaginal and anal cavities. We chose this toy because we love butts! It looks small when you get it, (especially compared to my huge ass…) but the size keeps it lightweight for a sex doll toy  (4.4#) and easy to maneuver.

This toy is made of medical-grade TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) which means it’s body-safe and durable for lots and lots of stretching. It feels really jiggly and realistic! Very fun to smack. 

Experiment #1

So yeah, I made my husband fuck this little sex doll while I watched and asked questions and took notes. This part of the experiment was honestly kind of fun! Let’s just say it was a new experience for both of us. I totally wore a lab coat. 


Brooke is an effective penetrable sex toy!  Tripp came easily even with me “observing” and being a complete weirdo. He said it felt good and while he wouldn’t use it all the time, he would probably pull her out on occasion for some variety. It’s basically like a gourmet fleshlight. If you enjoy visual and tactile stimulation Brooke is a great upgrade from other generic pocket pussies. This toy sells for  65.99 on, so at that price, she doesn’t break the bank either. 

I loved that Tripp was so down to try something new and share an honest opinion on it!

My one critique from this experiment is, due to the closed-ended nature of this toy (which probably increases yummy feelings on your dick) it was difficult to dry when cleaning between uses. The TPE is a porous material and it’s really important you get her sanitized and dried after every use.

Experiment #2

OK, we saw how this toy can be used solo, but what about as a couples toy? We decided to record a scene with it and just see how it went. We recorded “Tinder in the time of Quarantine” with gloves and masks, and used Brooke and a dildo to have non-fluid swap sex with each other. It was a hilarious way to roleplay with the new toy and really fun clip to make (Click Here to see it)! In case you just want the cliff notes, my highlight was kneeling in front of Tripp in a mask and gloves and slamming Brooke onto his cock over and over with both hands… it was surprisingly fun and made a really satisfying slapping sound! 


Again successfulllllll! We also did a little three-way roleplay and imagined some other fun scenarios to try with this toy. I thought it was really cool to incorporate a totally new toy into our sex… it was a very new experience for both of us and new things can be super fun! Brooke is one of those toys where it is what you make of it. If you play into the fantasy the design of this toy helps create, then you will probably have a fun time with it! 

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