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Scarlett :15.43LB Cute Youthful Sex doll

66 reviews
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Product Description

Scarlett is a young woman who has a juicy and cute butt. While Scarlett can’t be called a flat-chested woman. She is proud of having two bouncy boobs. So you will quickly enjoy her provocatively tensed nipples and perky boobs. Because of her optimal masturbator’s weight, you feel so easy to have a wonderful time with her and after that, it is also a breeze to clean and store her for next use.

Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
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A Tantaly Customer
Mike H.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Read before spending money shmuck

Amazing, alright. You came here to potentially spending money. I can’t let you do that without saying what I got to say. This is a mini doll for a reason. Buy a ruler. You’re looking at Scarlett because either 1) you’re broke 2) this is your first sex doll 3) you’re skinny and/or short I ticked all those boxes ladies and gentlemen. If you don’t hit at least one, then keep moving. I can’t lie to you and say this feels like real skin. It’s more like high quality cold TPE. There is a faint smell but it isn’t bad or strong. There’s a nice jiggle with it but it’s stable. The tits sit up really well and aren’t ideal for titty play. My hand is 7 inches and it can grope an entire tit. The nipples look fantastic. The vagina looks pretty realistic too but I’m a virgin so don’t quote me. The butt could use some more dump in the trunk but we signed up for a “mini” petite woman. Now the feeling is great. The only thing I regret is not buying the warmer with it. That could enhance how much the tunnels stand out; the weight is the main reason I enjoyed this. 15 lbs doesn’t sound like a lot but it makes everything more immersive. Real women are heavy, this is somewhat heavy. Fleshlight can kiss my rear end, charging 70$. Scarlet is a budget bully. My other toys disgust me. Give me two tantaladies and some BJ toys, I’d be satisfied in my quest I came 3-4 times, back to back using this thing. I can’t quite trick my brain into thinking I’m having sex, but it’s pretty close. I lack in the physique department so I went with something more intro friendly. However, I’ll definitely get something bigger soon with the sheer quality of this brand. I’d recommend having your own bathroom to use for cleaning/drying, to ensure proper care to accommodate a large toy. If you don’t have your own, then know what you’re buying. Drying takes a couple of hours but it’s worth it. The only thing missing from this site is some lingerie or a clothing line. If you’re on the fence about it then stay where you are. Know your budget and what you’re willing to take care of. You came here to be persuaded. I’m not a salesman. I just want your values to be aligned with what this toy offers. Good luck and god bless

Tantaly Scarlett :15.43LB Cute Youthful Sex doll ReviewTantaly Scarlett :15.43LB Cute Youthful Sex doll Review


Dear Customer, Since the doll is enclosed in a plastic bag, some smell of TPE material may accumulate, but when you take it out and leave it for a day or two or after washing, this smell will disappear completely. Also please look forward to the clothing series you mentioned, we will launch it soon. Have a great day. Best regards, Tantaly Customer Service Team Sophia


The REALEST review, Worth Every Penny

I had broken up with my girlfriend at the end of March, just at the beginning of the quarantine. BEFORE I HEARD OF TANTALY, I had ordered the most inexpensive, full-body doll I could find. I was given a tracking number and I watched as my doll came from overseas for two stops, then Hawaii, then stateside. The Doll traveled more than I ever did. It was held in customs as I waited for weeks. As I checked every day, it sat in customs and I was told "No further action was needed at this time". Eventually, I got a notice that it was being returned to the sender because whoever had sent it didn't fill out the customs paperwork correctly. I contacted the website and was answered in broken English that it wasn't their fault and I wasn't going to get a refund. Luckily a complaint with PayPal got me my money back after an investigation. THEN I HEARD OF TANTALY. It was a youtube review and after a little googling I was glad to see that the product was coming from the states and I wouldn't have to go through that whole rigamarole of customs. I know what you're thinking of, at $150, it seems too good to be true. I thought that also. Apprehensive but willing to take a risk, I ordered my Scarlett. I'm a boob guy. I ordered it on a Wednesday and got it the next Thursday. In all honesty, it was SUPPOSED to come on Wednesday but I fault the shipping company more than Tantaly. I was also a bit worried that the billing on my Paypal mentioned Hong Kong and I was worried I was going to be taken for a ride again. THEN SHE ARRIVED. Just like the website promotes it comes in a nondescript box with a California return address. Now my nosey-ass neighbor got to the box before me because it was ordered to be delivered with no signature and his alcoholic ass sits all day on the porch getting hammered. It's pretty heavy, he mentioned to me as he handed me the package and it was. Scarlett has some heft to it. Surprisingly enough she arrived with some lube, although I had already had some in preparation for my first ordered doll, Scarlett comes with a metal "spine" (think "inverted V") which is very helpful with a hefty TPE body. Once again the truth I fumbled around the first time trying to find the right angle for a big guy with an average-sized johnson, although my junk is thicker than the average bear. Once I found the right angle for me, it was fucking incredible. I can't find words to describe how good it feels. Although I do advise to get nice and lubed up before your session. Now, with the spine, the body isn't totally rigid and when you get a good rhythm going the heft and the bounciness of the ass you get a mind-blowing effect. The boobs are a little dense, as mentioned in another review. I do wish they were a tad squishier, but it's not a complaint. I really got into it and I came fast and I came hard. Best $150 I EVER spent. Then there's a whole second fun part of washing her. TPE gets very slippery with soap and water which was a whole new fun game in and of itself. It also dries quickly after being washed just pay attention to the insides. Note: ALL TPE will stain easily if they come in contact with cheap dye. I had gotten my Scarlett a knock-off "Daddy's Little Monster" shirt and a "Puddin" choker necklace. Both were cheaply made and have left mars on my doll. Just a heads up if you want to play dress up. FYI size 7/8 in panties and bra. I am very satisfied with my purchase and look forward to see what Tantaly does next. I promise you I didn't get a dime for this. I'm just a happy camper.

Tantaly Scarlett :15.43LB Cute Youthful Sex doll Review
Jon K.
United States United States
I recommend this product

She’s a Hot little Piece of ass

I ordered the Tantally “Scarlet”Torso not knowing what to expect? I couldn’t believe my eyes after opening up both boxes. I waited anxiously for about a week to get her in the mail and she arrived in about 4-5 days after ordering her. After unpacking both the boxes she was packed in, surprisingly enough she wasn’t very big or heavy at all. I’d say she She weighed about 30-35 lbs of solid TPE. I could feel that there was some kind of a backbone supporting her inside. She was beautiful just like they show in the videos and I couldn’t stop playing with her. She had 2-pink nipples on her size 36C breasts (I’m guessing) and a slight “pink-ish” tint to her tight and tiny pussy and butt hole. I just had to put on the outfit I bought for her but it didn’t stay on for long. I just had to try her out. I’ve got to say that I was surprised that her pussy was very tight and ribbed inside. It didn’t take very long inside her and I came in no time. I’m not disappointed with her at all and can’t wait to find the time to play with her again!

United States United States
I recommend this product


Feels so life like highly recommend. Works with couples and solo

Fidel D.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Best Newbie Experience

First of all I'm new to SEX DOLLS so let me share my experience from buying one off Amazon was disappointed. IT took to long over 1 month and then package got lost ; upon receiving it sucked just felt so unreal . I wanted to get one but not to be too unreal as well budget friendly . Honestly I wanted one so I can boost my confidence and practice since I'm I'm type of guy that's slim "6.2" gets nervous and struggles to talk to others . As well needed some way to relieve work stress and stay safe especially during the covid but also realize some of my fantasies I had . . So keeping that mind I then afterwards decided to look for Good quality sex doll but affordable. While searching found most sex torsos too expensive and just not enough description or good reviews . While youtubing came across tantaly heard really good things about Tantaly and so I took a chance with Scarlet. I gotta say it's great the weigh and everything is awesome it does have a teenager body it's correct when they say everything described on Scarlets. Awesome life like skin textures and so I bought it was convinced after reading good reviews on here and wow I did learn a lot. I now enjoy it every other day and have upgraded to Brittany because I want a more heavy DOLL adult body . If it's your First time buying sex DOLL go with scarlett I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I have with mine .

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