Aurora: 53LB Realistic Life Sized Big Boobs Sex Doll For Men(Pre-sale, will be shipped on July 1st)

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FDA approved medical grade materials

Discreet Packaging


Aurora, the lovelorn girl you met at a bar

You are out for some beers and you notice a beautiful young lady –probably 23 years old- sitting three tables from you. She’s wearing a red silk blouse and a black leather skirt. She looks really sad and starts crying. You decide to approach and ask he if she needs anything. She says his boyfriend left her. She introduces herself as Aurora and invites you to join her for a beer. As you chat and joke around, she stops crying, but you can really see how heartbroken she is. Two hours later she’s totally drunk and kindly asks you to take her home. When you both arrive to her doorstep, she asks you to keep her company for a while. You go inside, sit on the sofa and open a bottle of wine. While talking, you can’t avoid noticing her prominent hard nipples beneath her silky blouse, but you know you need to keep focus.

After a while she thanks you for accompanying her and gives you a hug. You feel her huge breasts pressing against your chest. Your cock gets rock hard as she starts kissing you softly. You slowly lie her down on the sofa, unbutton her blouse and notice her lacy underwear that perfectly fits her huge, soft breasts. They are perfect. Her skin is soft and warm and she has a perfect waist with trained abds. Her legs are long and slim. You can’t believe your eyes.

She starts sucking your cock and tells you she doesn’t have much experience but you tell her you’ll teach her. You grab her, take her black lace panties off, make her lie on her side, open her legs widely –you can’t believe her flexibility- and start fucking her scissors style. As she moans, her big, round tits with delicate pink, hard nipples bounce up and down. ‘Fuck me harder’, she says. It feels absolutely wet and tight. Her vagina embraces your dick perfectly.
You go faster and bite her nipples.

On this passionate night, you taught Aurora a variety of sexual positions, missionary, doggy, spoons and scissors styles.

At the end, you put her face down, raise her ass and start licking her asshole. It’s so tiny and tight! You grab your dick and start fucking her in the ass while you rub her wet pussy. She moans and asks you to go harder on her. You can’t believe the sensation: it feels extremely tight and her anal cavity sucks your dick perfectly. You don’t want to stop. ‘Yeah, right there. Fuck me harder’. You speed up and you feel her pussy getting more and more wet as she screams, and your dick finally releases all the cum inside her ass.

About Aurora

She is life-size with a perfect female figure and exquisite body curves. As she has the size of a real woman, you can buy her sexy clothes: a red lace babydoll, a transparent chemise, a sensual corset, or a transparent bra that enhances her nipples with a tiny thong. Want to get more adventurous? Buy her a tight short dress or a blouse and skirt to start undressing her as you kiss and touch her body. What could be more fun than dressing her up as you like?

Thanks to her high-quality metal skeleton, Aurora can adapt to any position you’re craving for. You can bend her waist, hips and legs in realistic positions to fuck her in missionary, doggy, spoons and scissors styles. However, she loves being fucked doggy style while you slide your iron hard cock in and out of her pussy or ass. She can lie on her side, sit down and even lift her juicy ass at your preferred angle.

With an ergonomic golden angle design, he has the sexiest curves with big, round tits, a tight, elastic ass for you to spank while fucking her, a slim waist with perfect abds and the most beautiful legs you’ve ever seen. Her skin is solid yet elastic and delicate with pores and goosebumps.

Realistic anal and vaginal tunnels

Aurora has a double tunnel design with a super stretchy vagina and a tight anus for you to thrust your hard cock inside her and feel the most extraordinary sensations. Both tunnels feature internal ribs and raised nubs that will give you extra-lifelike sensations and ultimate pleasure.

Both vaginal and anal tunnels also feature a sealed design that create pressure and suction, adapting and embracing your cock with a tight sensation.

Aurora is always ready to swallow your entire dick with her vagina and asshole, providing you with a perfect, firm grip and a heaven-like suction for a fantastic experience. She never says no, she’ll just lie in bed, waiting for your order to taste some love anytime, anywhere.

Medical grade TPE material

Aurora is made of medical grade TPE materials, safe, non-toxic, odorless, this material is soft and can stretch without losing its shape and very durable, which can can make Aurora your long-term sexual partner.

Dress up fun

Aurora is a life sized doll, which means you can dress her up according to your preferences, we recommend size M underwear or tight lingerie. Please note that the TPE dolls are easy to stain, so please avoid choosing dark or easily faded clothes.

Key Features

❤ 3 In 1 Pleasure- Vaginal sex, anal sex and breast sex.

❤ Super stretchy tunnels- can be stretched without deforming. The penises between 6 to 9 inches can get a good experience during use.

❤ Tunnels are fulled with textured nodules and ridges on the inner walls, which will increase friction and irritation.

❤The sealed design of the tunnels creates a negative pressure and sucking sensation

❤ Elastic, human-like skin with realistic pores and goosebumps.

❤ Advanced skeleton - keeps her sturdy and allows for several sex poses.

❤ Life-size. 1: 1 scale reproduction of perfect female figure.

❤ Safe, non-toxic, odorless medical grade TPE material.

Body Measurements

❤ Total length: 34.2”

❤ Shoulder width: 12.2”

❤ Waist: 20.4”

❤ Bust: 31.8”

❤ Hip: 34.6’’

❤ Weight: 53 lbs

❤ Vaginal tunnel length: 6”

❤ Vaginal opening diameter: 0.4”

❤ Anal tunnel length: 5”

❤ Anal opening diameter: 0.3”

Matters need attention

In the normal state or when Aurora is not used, please keep her legs together to avoid damage to the joint skin.