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    Missionary Sex Dolls

    Since the dawn of time, people have been engaging in missionary-style sex. It’s an oldie, sure! But a goodie nonetheless.

    And why do people love this sex position? It’s a great way to really get in-touch with someone on a physical level, aka skin to skin contact. It’s also perfect for women who want to get a bit of clitoral stimulation, and it is the go-to when it comes to lazy sex.

    What is Missionary Style Sex?

    Missionary sex is the one where either the male or the female is ontop of the other, face to face, both lying down. This kind of sex has its perks, such as creating intimate moments between lovers due to the intense eye contact opportunity, and also the fact that it allows them to kiss sensually whilst doing the deed.

    And so, when it comes to a missionary sex doll torso, what’s the difference? Well, not much, actually! And that’s the beauty of these nifty sex toys for men! Let us engage you…

    What is Missionary Sex Doll Torso Sex Like?

    If you’re a lover of missionary sex, then a missionary sex doll torso is the perfect way in which to release sexual tension, practice your technique, and to have your way… anyway you want it!

    Today, you can enjoy a number of different styles of sex dolls when it comes to missionary sex. We just love these missionary sex doll torsos as they really allow you to customise and choose your favourite style.

    For example, if you have a preference for a petite and shaved pussy, Katie is an excellent choice. For pubic hair lovers, there’s Olivia, and for a very detail-orientated doll, and Jessica the Virgin offers you a very lifelike vagina, with all of its anatomy very visible.

    You too can choose if you’re interested in merely her intimate parts, by choosing a pussy toy or an ass toy, or if you’d like to include more of her body, such as the legs or boobs. Naturally, a great pair of tits go well when enjoying fun with a missionary sex doll torso, which is why we recommend checking out Greta.

    What is a TPR Sex Doll?

    What makes a missionary sex doll torso a fabulous addition to your play time, is the fact that it’s made from TPR (ThermoPlastic Rubber), which is extremely soft to the touch, and mimics that of a real-feel.

    This material is lightweight, has good abrasion resistance, and is able to withstand a few wears and tears. It’s also able to stretch to fit your pleasure, without losing shape or elasticity. What does that mean for you? Many a fun day with your missionary sex doll torso that will be just as fantastic as the very first time.

    Our missionary sex doll torsos are layered with ridges, folds, curves, and anatomy that resembles a true woman, using TPR. This material also gives off an extremely life-like touch, making it a sex doll that’s hard to keep your hands off of!

    Traditional Meets Modernity

    In a beautiful contrast, the way in which you can enjoy your sexual trysts with a missionary sex doll torso is like a perfect collision of traditional meets modernity.

    Missionary style sex is as old as time, and today, we’re looking at so many different misisonary sex doll torsos, a fairly new concept.

    Enjoy the best of both worlds, traditional and modern, with a missionary sex doll torso.

    All the Pros of Enjoying Missionary Style with a Sex Doll Torso

    So, you’ve gotten this far and you’re even more intrigued about enjoying intimate time with a missionary sex doll torso. Well, that’s excellent news, as there are a lot of pros to enjoying this activity. For example:

    ● Your missionary sex doll torso is always available
    ● Using a missionary sex doll torso will reduce the chances of infidelity
    ● A missionary sex doll torso can help you to improve your sexual performance
    ● A sex doll torso comes with no strings attached
    ● While missionary sex is an intimate position, using a missionary sex doll torso means no emotional attachement nor intimate eye contact
    ● Using a sex doll torso can help bring confidence to those who are sexually shy or inexperienced
    ● You can enjoy your missionary sex doll torso without worrying about STI’s and other infections
    ● You don’t have to spend money on dating your sex doll torso

    Another perk of owning a missionary sex doll torso? The majority of them come with two holes, a pussy and an ass. You can have your own young tight hole at your disposal any time of day, and you can experience a true realistic adventure with its elastic material.

    As it stands, it would be rather impossible to say no to owning one of these sexy toys, wouldn’t you agree? And with the pros far outweighing the cons, it’s about time that you treat yourself to something absolutely delightful. We offer various kinds of life size masturbators, from anime missionary style sex doll torsos, to Asian or BBW. No more solo jerk off sessions, only blissful experiences with a a true-feel woman of your desires.

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