How to Increase Your Libido While on Birth Control?

Birth controlBirth control is a fantastic product to help you practice safe sex without an accidental pregnancy. Still, almost every birth control method has side effects. The side effects may not be the same in every person, but many people have reported a decreased sex drive while on birth control.

The female libido constantly fluctuates, so that leaves us wondering can birth control lower sex drive. Environmental factors like pregnancy or mental disorders can also cause low libido.

During this feature, we look at how does birth control work and how it affects your libido. It is essential to find out what could be causing changes in your sex drive. A healthy relationship needs a normal libido.

Let’s get started.

Part 1. How Does Birth Control Work?

We know that birth control stops you from becoming pregnant, but how does birth control work so effectively? Before we ask how to increase libido while on birth control, we need to know what the popular contraceptive does to our bodies.

There are two types of birth control. Hormonal birth control makes changes in estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. When the drug changes your hormones, your ovaries are prevented from releasing an egg to be fertilized. This makes pregnancy nearly impossible, allowing you to have sex freely without fearing an unwanted pregnancy.

The following birth control option is a non-hormonal one. This means it does not change anyone your hormone levels. The copper IUD is a very common non-hormonal contraceptives. The IUD causes a chemical reaction that deteriorates the sperm and eventually kills it. This way, the sperm never reaches the egg to fertilize it.

Part 2. Can Birth Control Lower Sex Drive?

There has obviously been tons of research on birth control, but there are still many questions that some people have. Does birth control make you less horny?

Birth control can cause your libido to be at the same level or significantly lower. Because we are all different, we can not say 100% that birth control is the cause of lower libido, but it is possible. Birth control has various factors that need to be taken into consideration. Some birth controls lower your testosterone levels. Testosterone is an powerful sex hormone in men and women. Still, lowering the levels in women can affect their libido.

This is why increasing your testosterone levels is one of the best things to do when need to know how to increase your libido while on birth control. Other birth controls increase your progesterone levels which can lead to low serotonin. Serotonin is your happy hormone. When the levels are too low, you can become depressed, which leads to a lower libido. All the sex hormones in your body have certain lines where they need to be for your sexual libido to function correctly. For example, if your estrogen levels are too low, it affects the blood flow you your genitals which makes you less aroused.

This is why hormonal birth control is a risk. Your hormones struggle to return to normal if they are severely affected by the drug. If you are lucky, they might not change at all.

Part 3. How to Increase Libido While on Birth Control?

Low libido can take a toll on your relationship, and having no desire for sex might make your partner feel unwanted. But how to increase your libido on birth control might still be lingering in your mind. Do not worry. The following few tips are ways to help you improve your libido.

Natural Ways to Increase Your Libido While on Birth Control

Low libido is something that requires effort to fix. One of the best natural ways to increase your libido is with food. Food plays a role in your hormone levels. Too much anti-androgen food can make your libido even lower. Try to eat more aphrodisiacs like figs, bananas, and dark chocolate. Obviously, still eat these foods in moderation and do not overdo them.

You can also massage each other with essential oils that have libido-boosting properties. Sandalwood is a known aphrodisiac and can help pique a sexual interest. Sandalwood is used to regulate your hormone production, along with cinnamon oil.

You can also take libido-boosting supplements with herbs and other things to support sexual dysfunction. These additives can help increase your libido naturally. Always ensure your supplements do not clash with any other medication you might be on. Make sure to get all clear from your doctor or ask them for a suggested safe libido-boosting supplement.

Exercise is another natural way to boost your libido while on birth control. Exercise helps you cultivate a positive body image and improve heart health. It raises your testosterone, making you even hornier.

Try Masturbating Using a Tantaly Sex Doll

Masturbation is a fun way to increase your libido. By masturbating and having an orgasm, your sex hormones tend to level one another out. Masturbation is a great tool when your hormones are not well balanced. This also helps your body to stay in tune sexually. Tantaly offers various sex dolls, from she-males to big booty babes, to aid you in masturbation. Self-pleasure has many libido-boosting effects. It raises your testosterone, and your body craves an orgasm if you masturbate enough.

Medicinal Ways Just like men have Viagra, women also have female Viagra to help with low libido. Viagra raises your dopamine and norepinephrine levels, making you sexually excited. You will feel increased arousal and notice that your vagina is easier to get wet.

Lower Your Stress Levels
Practicing a stress-free life is one of the best things you can do for not only your body but your sex life as well. It has been proven that stress lowers your libido and takes away any desire for sex that you might have. Stress can also have other symptoms, like high blood pressure, which endangers your health.

Try to reduce your stress level by avoiding stressful events and taking part in stress management activities like

  • Easting healthy
  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Sleep optimization

Non-Hormonal Birth Control

As we know, regular birth control options almost always mess with your hormones. This is why we suggest finding a hormone-free birth control option to avoid a low libido while on birth control. A copper IUD is a great alternative, along with condoms, cervical caps, and a diaphragm. These options block the sperm from reaching an egg to fertilize. Non-hormonal birth control might not be as effective, but it will help keep your libido intact.

Final Thoughts

Can birth control lower sex drive? We all need to know that it lowers your sex drive due to all the hormones. Low libido is usually due to a biological or mental issue. Still, as we have discovered, there are ways to boost your libido.

With a natural way to increase your libido to lifestyle changes you can make, a low libido can be something you never have to experience. Focus on your mental and physical health to get your body into the best sexual shape. Keep your libido high by following these tips above, and if you are still struggling. Talk to your doctor. There is no shame in getting medicinal help to fix your low libido.

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