Tantaly Britney 2.0 review, by Vasid

By u/Gemina_Lunarian

This review is based more on how Britney 2.0 fairs on her own opposed to comparing her to the original Britney, and if she comes as advertised. However, some comparisons cannot be avoided and are indeed warranted. I composed this review so that both someone new to sex dolls as well as those with previous experience with Britney can each benefit from it.

Britney has long been my favorite Tantaly doll. When I learned that Tantaly was releasing a 2.0 version of her, I was immediately intrigued and excited. However, there have been some issues with her that some customers and I shared. The main one was her LHP (love hole placement), and certain positions not being possible as a result of that. Tantaly cares very much about their customer satisfaction, and they desired to correct these issues while improving the doll and updating her to current tech and standards.

The improvements advertised are as follows:

  • Skin texture & navel(Real human skin full coverage).
  • More realistic wrinkled nipples and areolas. Tantabosom technology (gel breasts)
  • LHP & labia optimization.

On top of this, I noticed some other subtle changes to the doll. Tantaly has stated that nothing has changed with the overall shape and size of Britney, which is mostly true. Despite this, there are some updates including a slimmer neck and wider hips. Some boy shorts I use for my old Britney absolutely will not fit on Britney 2.0. Muscle tone has also been improved to give customers the impression that Britney has been hitting the gym.

Skin texture and Navel (Real human skin coverage):

Britney 2.0's skin is advertised as being more realistic to human skin to the touch and appearance. Being the most recent release, she is as close to human skin as they have come to so far. Of course, we cannot carry the expectation for TPE to truly feel and behave like real human skin, but in terms of doll skin and its appearance, this is really, really good. When you lift Britney and caress her skin, you can feel the new texture they have given her. It's subtle, and it feels really nice.

Something I would like to see improved is more resistance to friction damage, and this new texture has me wonder if it also makes the doll more durable. Since my Britney 2.0 is still new, this will need to take on the test of time. Whether a new or older doll, sticking to a good maintenance routine will reward your efforts with a very long lasting doll.

More realistic wrinkled nipples and areolas / Gel breasts (Tantabosom technology):

Britney's boobs have long been her signature feature. Britney 2.0 is the first doll I've owned with the new Tantabosom technology, and these breasts are crazy soft and supple. The nipples and areolas are absolutlely fantastic. They've increased the circumference on the areolas and placement slightly, which is a much welcomed update. I do wish they were a little more goosebumpy, but they have added a little bit of that as well. They could use a little more. But Britney 2.0's boobs will not disappoint the boob lover. The nipples and areolas also have more color out of the box, but sadly this quickly faded after her initial wash. This color can always be added back though with makeup, but it would be nice if the doll itself retained the color differential.

The most noteable update however, is Britney 2.0's boobs take advantage of the new skin texture. They combine and work in tandem to increase the pleasure when you suck on them, or slide your dick between them. The previous Britney dolls I have owned had ok breastplay and breast sex. The boobs were always too smooth to get proper friction for increased stimulus, which made getting off very difficult. This new skin has a texture to it that makes the breast sex very pleasurable. You can definitely feel the texture of the doll's skin against your hand or cock. I am very confident that a breast sex lover can be taken from start to finish with these new boobs and skin texture.

LHP & Labia optimization:

Now on to my favorite part of this review. This is the biggest change Tantaly has made to the doll, and it is also the best improvement over all. This modification is AMAZING! The pictures I've featured should showcase how perfect her LHP is now. It's like she is beckoning you to fuck her. Like you belong inside her. Plus, on top of this they also improved her labia. I could eat this doll out for days. You almost can't tell the difference between eating out Britney 2.0 and a real pussy. And it is such a perfect pussy too. The kind you dream about when you see that cute college girl in a short skirt, and all you can think about is lifting her skirt up, ripping her panties off and locking your lips against her pretty little pink clit.

You can also now have more realistic doggie style with Britney, and you can spoon her now too! Another position that is possible is probone. Some people don't realize this, but you can actually pull the leg stumps back and fuck dolls like Britney in this position. However, with the old Britney, you could only put it in her ass. Now when you do this, you can see and feel just how improved her LHP really is. All of these positions were previously not possible. If you thought Britney was a ball drainer before, the new Britney 2.0 will tell you to hold her beer.

In conclusion, the tl;dr version of this review is Britney 2.0 made me feel like I was 18 again. The tunnels of Britney 2.0 continue to have the high bar of standard as any Tantaly doll. But what really improves the pleasure and immersion of this doll is the optimized LHP. This really does make a world of difference.

The main drawback is Britney still leaves one wanting her to be just a bit bigger. Maybe not the size of Jennifer, Monroe, or Aurora 2.0. But if she was around the size of Candice, this doll with her current upgrades would dominate Tantaly's market even more than she has in the past.

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